5 Best Books for Shy Guys (video)

Best Books for Shy Guys (To Get Over Shyness)

Sorry, fellas, you don’t just get to wake up one day and be confident. I know, that sucks. But it is possible to get over shyness and the best books for shy guys will help you do just that.

IF you follow some of the advice in the books, of course.

Now, if you’re not that into reading a whole book, don’t fret!

I’ve read them all and have distilled the information down into what works best for shy guys to build confidence.

Remember, I used to be ridiculously shy, like painfully so, and I learned how to get over shyness.

So you can too!

However, some people learn better through books and frankly, all the information is right there in one place (or actually, five.)

So, watch the video to find out what I think are the best books for shy guys to build confidence, self-esteem and get over shyness for good!

After you watch the video, let me know in the comments which of these books you might read! (Or already have!)

As well, what are the best books for shy guys that you’ve read?

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You deserve love.

I believe in you!

xo AJ

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Norman Holcomb says June 18, 2020

Are looks more important than courage ?

    Anna Jorgensen says June 22, 2020

    Overall, no. A brave ugly man will have better chances with 80%+/- of women than a handsome man who’s scared. There will always be some women (20%+/-) who will only always go for looks. You don’t want those ones, anyway.

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