When to Reply When Your Ex Girlfriend Breaks No Contact! (Vlog+)

Do You Know When to Reply When Your Ex Girlfriend Breaks No Contact?

The answer to the question of when to reply when your ex girlfriend breaks no contact comes as a general guideline.

The reason for the guideline is simply to save you from being overly anxious and replying too soon and thereby looking needy or…

Waiting too long to reply and coming off as uninterested, pouty or passive-aggressive.

Rule of Thumb

The rule of thumb is fairly simple: for every day she’s been gone, wait an hour to reply.

If she hasn’t contacted you in two days, wait two hours; four days, wait four hours etc.

But, is there a limit to the number of hours you should wait?


And do you count the time you’re sleeping?


Should you reply before going to sleep??

Depends what time she contacts you.

Detailed answers are in the video. It’ a short one, so you’ll find out in a jiffy, Jeffy!when to text a girl

Bonus Tips for When to Reply When Your Girlfriend Breaks No Contact

Turn off “Read” Receipts

Make sure all your text, IM, email and any other digital forms of contact are said to “private.”

This way she’ll have to wonder if you’ve seen her message while she waits for a reply.

There are way too many things that can go wrong if she sees you’ve read her message and haven’t replied, none of them good. Trust me.

Turn off Social Media Notifications


Yes, you read that right.

Turn off all your social media notifications so that you’re not constantly disappointed when your phone says you’ve got a message.

Because 99.5% of the time it won’t be her and you’ll be disappointed whenever your phone dings, beeps or plays your favourite sappy love song to alert you someone connected.

Also, this forces you to focus on whatever else you’re doing. Hint: You should be doing something other than waiting for her!!

Disconnect While Working

Here’s a chance for you to increase productivity and decrease pining for her.

Focus on work while at work.

If you do not absolutely need your phone to work, then shut it off during work hours.

Yes, shut it off. Completely.

Setting this boundary for yourself will force you to focus on the present and getting work done.

Consider it an opportunity to get ahead at work and impress the boss, or get your own business to where you want it to be sooner.

You and I both know there’s a strong chance you’ve slacked in your career over-investing in the chick.

Hint: A man with career drive and purpose is hot. Not a slump who she can easily distract.

Never Lose A GF Again

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Glad you asked!

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Thank me later. 😉

xo AJ

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional therapist. If you’re considering self-harm, please please please reach out to a crisis centre. You will get through this. Big hug.

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