How Do You KNOW She’s “The One?”

How Do You Know She’s The One?

5 Signs She’s The One & 1 She’s NOT!

So you think you found a great girlfriend and everything is amazing but how do you know she’s the one?

Here’s what happens…

You finally meet a girl worth dating and so far she’s not like any other girl you’ve dated.

She asks you about your day and remembers your favourite meal and respects you’re not keen on spending a lot of time with her rambunctious nieces.

You disagree on some stuff but she doesn’t become a raging crazy lady.

And the sex is amazing!

You’ve both declared your love for each other and now you’re wondering if you should take the next step to advance the relationship.

Whether that’s moving in together or something more serious.

She may be hinting or asking for more or you may just be wondering what’s next.

So how do you know she’s the one?

Well, if you’ve taken my WakeUP2Luv program you’ll already know the answer to this question and should have no doubts!

But if you haven’t, then you need to be careful.

If you’ve been burnt in the past, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

It’s easy to be fooled by your emotions and fall head over heels in love.

Then she turns out to be a psycho and breaks your heart.

And you spend the next few months at home in your man cave before you can muster up the courage to even talk to another woman again.

Warning: Red Flag!

However, you can avoid the emotional rollercoaster of love and get things right from the start by watching out for one trait in particular.

This behavioral red flag makes you think she’s the one. Yet it’s really a trap some women are masters at playing.

The good news is, when you’re aware of this, they won’t be able to play you any more.

I’ll reveal what it is at the end, so make sure you stick around until then.

For now, let’s review the three biggest signs she’s the one!

The 5 Biggest Signs She’s the One

1. You both want what’s best for each other even if it’s not being together.

This one may feel like a stretch if you’ve never experienced it but when you really love yourself and you really love her you’ll want what’s best for her —

Even if that’s not you because —

You know if you’re not right for her you’ll be okay and there’s someone else better for both of you as painful as that may be to think about.

But that probably won’t happen because…

2. You both feel like you’re “the lucky for” for having the other.

You tell yourselves you’re the lucky one and you tell each other you’re the lucky one.

And you don’t necessarily tell others you think you’re the lucky one but others can see you both feel that way and everyone throws up a little bit in their mouth because it’s just so sweet.

Stepping out of la la land and back into reality land…

3. You have compatible values, beliefs and long term goals.

This one may seem obvious, but way too many people don’t discover any of these critical compatibility factors until it’s too late.

You rush in because of attraction and chemistry and ignore some of the practical and necessary considerations for a healthy long term relationship.


You want kids asap and she wants kids asap and she wants to wait 10 years (or vice versa).

Maybe it’s that you want to live in a small town and she loves the city.

Or you’ve got opposite political beliefs… etc.

If these aren’t dealbreakers, no big deal but if they are then you’ve got a bumpy road ahead.

But here’s the other thing…

So often you think you know what your dealmakers and deal-breakers are only to discover you need something completely different!

Again, my WakeUP2Luv program will walk you through a step by step process to figure out what your real deal breakers are so you don’t have to suffer through another bad relationship and painful breakup!

4. You know you’d be ok without her but you can’t imagine life without her by your side.

This is not the same as you’d be lost without her.

No no no, my friend.

If you can’t imagine being without her and you know you wouldn’t be able to function without her, that’s not true love, that’s codependency.

And if the thought of losing her makes you want to exit stage left, you’ve got some work to do on yourself before you can know for sure she’s the one.

AJ Interjection!

If this has ever happened to you, I urge you to consider getting my WakeUP2Luv program.

You’ll learn how to become the kind of man who will never be needy again.

If you know you need this but don’t know where to start, my program is perfect for you.

It provides daily, weekly and monthly exercises and activities.

Basically, it provides a road map to becoming the kind of man your dream girl wants to be with, even if that’s the girl you’ve already got, and gives you the confidence to know you deserve her.

And to learn how to be truly alright if things go south.

Ultimately, deep down you must know you’ll be ok on your own no matter what, which is why the #1 sign she’s the one is so key…

… and then I’ll share the one sign everyone thinks is so important but can actually be keeping you in a relationship with someone who is not the one!

5. You feel like a better man just by being with her.

You’re inspired to be your best self because the way she is in the relationship makes you feel she’s worthy of that from you.

Not to be confused with feeling motivated to improve yourself because you don’t feel worthy.


Let’s say you’re living together and she wants new appliances but they’re not in the budget right now.

She’s working a few extra hours or spending less on things she normally does so she can get those appliances sooner.

— or handbag or whatever —

You decide to put in a few extra hours at work to contribute because you want her to be happy.

Not because you’re afraid she’ll resent you if you don’t.

Or you decide to lose the covid belly you gained in the last couple years because you want to be your best fit self for her.

Again, not because she’s complaining or because you’re afraid she’ll leave you, but because she’s kept herself fit and she deserves someone who’s committed to health, too.

If you’ve got all these three signs, this is how you know she’s the one.

Now, what about that sneaky sign that makes you think she’s the one but really is just keeping you with someone who’ll eventually break your heart?

The Sneaky Trickster Potential Red Flag is…

Amazing sex.

Yep, that’s right, if the sex is amazing but you’re missing most of the above signs she’s the one, there’s a good chance she’s not.

When you have amazing sex with a girl who really is the one, that’s a huge bonus.

If amazing sex is the only thing keeping you coming back for more, that’s a relationship red flag.

And you definitely need to get my WakeUP2Luv program because you’re not just at risk of getting your heart broken, you’re also missing out on finding a great partner.

Because nothing compares to being intimate with a good woman who ticks all the boxes.

Then, you won’t just be having great sex, you’ll have a relationship without all the drama and it will last longer.

And the best part is, it’s easier than you think.

In a few weeks from now, you could be in a great relationship with a great women and having the best sex of your life.

So the investment is more than worth it.

To find out more, take a look at my WakeUP2Luv program, click here.

Bonus if She’s Got Some of These Keeper Qualities!

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