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Why do women discriminate against short men?  I am a new subscriber and would like to commence by expressing how I appreciate your honesty and candor. I respect you mature and neutral unbiased perspective and you call things straight down the middle hence why I am a new sub.

Therefore as I know you are busy so I will go straight to the point.

Why do women discriminate against short men? Especially if they exhibit all the qualities of a decent guy but hes short.

Why do women like men with money even if they're jerks? My next question is hypergamy which means that women again would prefer a guy with a 6 figure income who doesnt respect them than a guy who has a noble economic status & a non 6 figure income who will treat them better but will lose out becoz of hypergamy .

Dating a Co-worker? So here is what's going on. There is this girl that I just recently started to work with, and have became interested in. She smart, quite and just has that real likable personality about herself. I know that people say we shouldn't date at work but, so often do we find someone who has a very genuine and sweet, personality. Were are also both college students who are working part time at our current job. Would love to hear from you.