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Why do women discriminate against short men?  I am a new subscriber and would like to commence by expressing how I appreciate your honesty and candor. I respect you mature and neutral unbiased perspective and you call things straight down the middle hence why I am a new sub.

Therefore as I know you are busy so I will go straight to the point.

Why do women discriminate against short men? Especially if they exhibit all the qualities of a decent guy but hes short.

Why do women like men with money even if they're jerks? My next question is hypergamy which means that women again would prefer a guy with a 6 figure income who doesnt respect them than a guy who has a noble economic status & a non 6 figure income who will treat them better but will lose out becoz of hypergamy .

Dating a Co-worker? So here is what's going on. There is this girl that I just recently started to work with, and have became interested in. She smart, quite and just has that real likable personality about herself. I know that people say we shouldn't date at work but, so often do we find someone who has a very genuine and sweet, personality. Were are also both college students who are working part time at our current job. Would love to hear from you.

Is it OK to PU girls while promoting my project? I'm an actor with a play coming up. How can I pick up girls on the street while telling them about my play? Is it possible to get two birds with one stone or do I have to pick one or the other?

Does a man's shoes influence women? Why do women use the shoe a man wears as an indicator of the type of man he is. What is the significance is what I am trying to ascertain?

Why dont women go to where the men are? Get a job on a oil rig on the northwest shelf, do men jobs, find jobs where there is a very large ratio of men in that occupation. Women would be flooded with choice. Trade jobs, etc???? The further a women goes into the country the more men there are and the fewer women.