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3 Mindset Hacks To Make Flirting With Women Easier!

Mindset Hacks to Make Flirting With Women Easier!

Plus 7 Subtle Ways To Flirt With ANY Woman

Modern dating is hard! Use these mindset hacks to make flirting with women easier, and learn subtle ways to flirt with any woman.

But before we get to that, you’ll want to watch my brand new video 7 Ways to Flirt With ANY Woman!

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Let’s jump right in!

Mindset Hacks To Make Flirting With Women Easier

Mindset #1 You are the prize!

The trick to appear confident and natural is by convincing yourself she is under review for you.

The mindset of you evaluating her instead of worrying about her catching her eye has a whole different energy.

Remember, overconfidence makes you seem egoistic, which comes across as trying too hard or insecure.

And nobody wants that. So, try not to overdo confidence.

In tip #4, I’ll give you a great way of showing confidence without overdoing it.

And to make flirting less nerve-wracking, remember Mindset #2…

Mindset #2 The only goal is to have a fun interaction

This is fun with no stakes for you. No one owes anything to anyone.

Ultimately, she’s just a person like you.

This brings us to the other mindset to make you feel more at ease.

Mindset #3 Act like you’re talking to your bratty little sister or cousin.

Or your best friend’s little sister.

“Treat her like a bratty little sister.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne

If you’re playful about it, this works at any age.

Then when you’re calm, don’t be afraid to move naturally.

By that I mean, if you want to give her a slight touch on her shoulder or break the touch barrier in another appropriate way—like you would a cousin—go for it!

So the next tip for how to flirt with any girl is scary for a lot of guys (and girls for that matter).

Remind yourself…

  1. She’s the one under review.
  2. The only goal is to have fun.
  3. And treat her like a bratty little sister.

If you go in with these mindsets, your actions will become less contrived, less invested, and more playful and natural.

Start implementing these flirting mindsets and you’ll instantly feel more at ease which makes her feel at ease!

And if you missed the more in-depth vlog on these 3 mindsets plus additional tips, check out How To Develop True Confidence With Women | YOU Are The Prize here.


hacks to make flirting with women way easier

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