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If You Have “These” 7 Red Flags in Dating…Stay Single

Stay Single If YOU Have These Red Flags

We all have blind spots! If you have these red flags they may be your blind spots holding you back from love. The best thing you can do for yourself is stay single until you heal these hidden wounds.

Details in my NEW VIDEO, If You Have “These” 7 Red Flags in Dating…Stay Single:

3 SHOCKING Reasons Why MOST MEN Think They Should STAY SINGLE | WRONG!

There are three reasons why most men think they should stay single and they may surprise you.

Have you been heartbroken by a woman?

Rejected so many times you feel bitter?

Do you feel used, abused, or abandoned by women?

You might think going your own way and swearing off women forever is the only answer.

But the real reasons why most men think they should stay single aren’t always based on reality.

Click the image to watch the video! Special thank you for watching to the end, it really helps my channel! ❤️

Let’s look at 3 reasons why most men think they should stay single and why they’re not always true — the last one may surprise you!

3 Reasons Why Most Men THINK They Should Stay Single

There are times when choosing to stay single forever might be the right choice for you.

But there are some reasons why most men think they should stay single that simply aren’t true.

One of the most common reasons you might think staying single is better is cognitive bias.

What is cognitive bias?

It’s when you believe something so firmly you can’t see the evidence that refutes it.

Your brain looks for and only allows you to process information that supports what you already believe.

This brings us to the first of three reasons why most men think they should stay single.

1. Bias: No Woman is Good Enough

If you think there are no good women left in the world, you’re right.

Let me explain.

If you’ve been so hurt by women, either in relationships or by being rejected you might think “all women are [insert negative trait].”

So you jump into online communities chiming, “The juice ain’t worth the squeeze.”

You never let your guard down and you only pay attention to evidence that supports that belief.

Your negative bias that no woman is good enough puts you in situations that only attract the exact types of women you think “all women are.”

“All women are…




“Gold diggers!”


“Only interested in men with the three 6s: 6’ tall, 6-figure income, 6-pack abs!”

If you think all women will level up and divorce you, taking your hard-earned cash, that’s exactly what you’ll attract and then you’ll believe no woman is good enough.

But… and here’s the shocking part…

The bias of “all women are…” isn’t true.

But the reason you believe this is actually ingenious…

An “all women are” mentality is a psychological safety mechanism meant to protect you from bad women.

I don’t blame you for feeling that way!

There’s no question divorce laws do not favour men in western society.

Men often lose their money, their house, their kids, and their dignity in painful divorces.

There are a lot of manipulative, selfish women out there.

But not all women are.

Key Point!

What I’ve found is good men who end up with bad women didn’t see the red flags because they’d never imagine doing what those women did.

Key Point!

Often those good men unconsciously don’t trust themselves to see the red flags so it’s easier to simply not trust women.

But being bitter is like drinking poison to hurt someone else.


Get better, not bitter!

And sometimes, a good man does see the red flags but ignores them…

…hoping his affection, attention, and love will somehow heal her.

But really it’s he who needs healing.

This brings us to the next of the big reasons why most men think they should stay single.

2. Not Feeling Good Enough

Some of y’all don’t think you deserve a loving, supportive, beautiful woman by your side.

Your cognitive bias is you’re not good enough, so you unconsciously look for evidence to support that.

Maybe you had a traumatic childhood or a bad relationship with a parent who made you feel unlovable.

My heart goes out to you!

You think because you’re not Chad or Tyrone, you don’t have enough to offer a good woman.

But, perhaps shockingly, not all good women want to settle down with Chad or Tyrone.

Just like you might look at a super sexy woman and want to bone her, women can look at a sexy guy and want to get boned by him.

But! Boning a relationship does not make, my friend.

If you look around, you’ll see many happy couples who don’t look like Chad and Ashley.

No, most men aren’t going to get a supermodel playboy bunny, but most men don’t need that to be happy in a relationship.


Stop comparing yourself to the Chads and Tyrones of the world and start working on improving what you can from where you are.

Now, the third of the 3 reasons why most men think they should stay single is a real shocker.

3. Life is Easier Being Single

Not true.

This is another bias your smart brain has created to make life easier for you if you are single.

The reality is, life is hard—with or without a woman.

But the good news is, none of us is getting out alive.

Seriously though, life is a lot of work often punctuated by painful and stressful experiences.

When you have someone who loves and cares for you, a true team MATE who’s got your back when those painful experiences show up…

…life does become a little easier to get through, maybe even worth it.

Many worthwhile things in life take time and effort, but it’s how we look at that time and effort that colours our perspective about it.

Being fit and healthy feels amazing!

Getting fit and healthy takes time, effort, setbacks, skill development, and commitment.

Being financially fit feels amazing!

Getting financially fit takes time, effort, setbacks, skill development, and commitment.

Having friends and family who are uplifting and you can count on feels amazing!

That takes time, effort, setbacks, skill development, and commitment.

And yes, having a wonderful woman by your side feels amazing!

So, I ask you…what does getting an amazing girlfriend take?


It takes time, effort, setbacks, skill development, commitment, and a tonne of courage.

You don’t have to make the effort to get fit or financially secure or have a rich social life or good connection with your family.

Or get a girlfriend.

But if you don’t, don’t trick yourself into believing life will be easier.

It won’t. You’ll just be alone to deal with it.

Maybe it’s time to change your stinking thinking.

Thanks for being here, BIG HUG, God bless.


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