How To Compliment a Woman Without Looking Like a Douchebag [Video!]

How to Compliment a Woman Depends on…

Is she “hot?” Is she “not so hot?”

The best way to compliment a woman depends on her looks—

WOAH! Ladies all be getting their backs up on that statement.

But I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to educate and inform, and sometimes that means making politically incorrect and seemingly insensitive, anti-feminist statements that get attention.

Reality land is that our world is made up of visual stimuli. We see, unless we’re blind—which can be “seen” as a relief from the constant bombardment of media-driven imagery designed to make us hate ourselves and therefore buy stuff to “fix ourselves.”

What has this got to do with how to compliment a woman? Only pretty much everything.

If we must live in this shallow reality land of what we look like, we might as well learn from it.

Watch the video―you’ll get what I mean.

Note and warning: If a “hot” woman—not your wife or girlfriend—does enjoy being called “hot,” she’s probably insecure and/or high maintenance.

Ladies: Learn to love your(real)self—our looks don’t last forever.
Gents: Ask yourself why you be looking for a “looker” with no substance—her looks won’t last forever!

How to Compliment a Woman Takeaways:

  1. All women (people) have something physically beautiful about them—and despite media, we have different preferences. Whew.
  2. Women smell insincerity a Chanel mile away.
  3. Choose compliments wisely.
  4. No matter what you look like on the outside, get more beautiful on the inside.
  5. When we start to love our guts—as opposed to hating our guts—we have more guts to approach people with genuinely attractive qualities. (Dual meaning.)

Thank you for reading and sharing—I love your guts!

xo AJ

About the Author Anna Jorgensen

Vancouver dating coach for men who love women! ❤️ (Not PC and not a feminist.)

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Ron Werner says September 11, 2016

You have one of the best humours I’ve seen in a lady. Your facial expressions make me chuckle
I could see where a conversation with you could go anywhere!

    Anna Jorgensen says September 12, 2016

    Always does! (And thanks)

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