How Do I Know If I Should I Kiss Her? [Video]

To Kiss or Not to Kiss—That Is the Question!

Warning: NC-17 content.

Knowing whether or not to kiss her depends on so many damn things—no wonder men are confused and nervous at the end of a first date.

The good news, fellas, is that she’ll give you subtle clues throughout the date to let you know if she might be open to that kiss.

You can also do things throughout the date so she can give you the kiss-me clues along the way, thereby avoiding some of the awkward not-knowingness at the end of the date.

Watch my “Should I Kiss Her?” video for details.

Should I Kiss Her Bonus Tips (Just the Tip?):

  1. If you’re still not certain if you should kiss her at the end of the date and you’re both standing there within kissing distance and wavering, you can nonchalantly move her hair off her face—obviously, it has to be in her face, like say, if it’s covering her eyes. If she doesn’t move back and/or maintains steady eye contact, that’s a good sign that she’s open to lip-locking.
  2. Crazy idea—ask her! A simple softly spoken “Can I kiss you?” takes guts, but if she does want you to kiss her, she’ll appreciate the courtesy and boldness. Make sure she says “yes” or nods a positive confirmation.
  3. Don’t eat anything earlier that’ll give you nasty-ass breath or that could be the reason she doesn’t want to kiss you, which you may wrongly assume is because of your personality or that goofy shirt you wore. (She may very well like Sponge Bob, but she won’t like bad breath.)
  4. At the same time, she may be a completely inexperienced dater and have chosen the extra garlicky Caesar salad. In which case, she may be self-conscious or embarrassed. (Ladies, take note: Wait until you be in good with the guy before subjecting him to god-awful garlic breath—taking breath-destroying food consumption liberties has always worked best for me when I’ve followed up with a BJ, which for me meant I was in a committed, monogamous relationship. TMI, but true.)
  5. No matter how expensive or long or good or not good a date goes, it never—NEVER—obligates someone to kiss you. Exchange of something for physical favours is called prostitution. If that’s what you’re looking for, Hun, you’re on the wrong site.

Should I Kiss Her Takeaway:

Kissing is amazo-awesome-sauce magic with the right person at the right time. At the wrong time with the wrong person, it sucks skanky balls—ewww. Don’t blow it or you’ll never—NEVER—get to the blow job.

Note: BJs are not necessary for a happy, fulfilling relationship. (That’s for those of y’all out there who ain’t into oral sex. And that’s OK! No judgments here.)

xo AJ

p.s. Fellas, keep your comments clean. I realize you may be distracted by all the fellatio references in this post. Pull yourself together, already!

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Ron Werner says September 11, 2016

Now that one was just too funny!
And some good points to remember.
How would you feel if you were sending all the right signals and the guy didn’t try to kiss you at all?

    Anna Jorgensen says September 12, 2016

    Ha! No idea lol

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