Stop Going For Hot Mess Chicks

How To Get the Girl: Avoid High-Maintenance Chicks and Drama Queens

Just like women who love bad boys—I’m a recovered bad boy picker—I’ve heard many stories from men who can’t help but get drawn to a high-maintenance woman aka Hot Mess Chick.

First, what is a high-maintenance chick?

Warning: Political incorrectness—and the ugly truth—ahead, but there’s still time to bail on reading this post before getting your knickers in a knot!

A high maintenance girl or Hot Mess Chick is a female in an alluring package that—

Is stereotypically pretty with genetic good looks and/or …

Has a sexy, provocative style specifically intended to distract and entice and/or …

Seduces by flirting and teasing mercilessly and …

Has learned to master the art of seduction with the—conscious or not—intention of controlling.

These tricks of the modern high-maintenance seductress are why soft-hearted suckers are drawn to Hot Mess Chicks and ignore the red flags of what’s sure to be a rough ride!

How do you know this, Anna?

I used to be a Hot Mess Chick! (I’ve already apologized to all my exes.)

If any brave lady birds have got this far, first thank you for being open-minded.
(Or if you’re pissed off but can’t help reading this “anti-feminist” crap.)
And second, know that women don’t do this MANipulation game on purpose. They’re simply damaged goods

And so are the guys who go for them.


And! We all got broken bits!

Men who go for high-maintenance mischief makers are caught between two psychological conundrums of nature vs nurture:

  1. Nature. Men’s innate need to protect, provide for and procreate with.
  2. Nurture. Shitty, but familiar, childhood memories, often involving primary caregivers

In other words, dudes want to be our heros. Awesome! But! Some men are attracted to a potential partner if she displays the negative yet familiar qualities of mom—or dad—or sister or whoever made an early impact on them.

People love love love their comfort zone even if it causes pain and suffering!

This applies to women, too!

There are steps we can take to avoid high-maintenance Hot Mess Chicks and Bad Boys!

The basic steps are in a previous post here: How to Fix Your Picker and Stop Picking Fixer Uppers and a YouTube video. Subscribe to WingmamTV to be notified when my highly talented videographer, Jamie, makes the video pretty and posts it!

Takeaways on How to Avoid High-Maintenance Girls and How to Get the Right Girl

When we figure out why we’re attracted to certain not-good-for-us types, we can fix our pickers and stop picking fixer-uppers!

xo AJ
Reformed Hot Mess Chick and Bad Boy Picker

p.s. If you want a road map with the shortcut to real love, check out my online study-in-your-cozies WakeUP2Luv program. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

About the Author Anna Jorgensen

Vancouver dating coach for men who love women! ❤️ (Not PC and not a feminist.)

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Bruno Germain says February 24, 2017

keep it up, I love reading your updates every Friday to kick the week-end off


Duke Stevenson says April 30, 2018

Two words…. Hot Mess ?

Great work, keep the writing up.

    Anna Jorgensen says April 30, 2018

    Thanks for reading and commenting, Duke!! xo AJ

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