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Red Flags! (When to Walk Away)

Red Flags! (When to Walk, When to Run)

Whether you just saw each other from across a crowded room, are courting, date or in a relationship, watch out for these red flags and possible signs she’s emotionally damaged!

There will always be conflict and disagreements in relationships, the sooner you get over that fact the better you’ll feel.

But what are the signs you should walk away from her and when should you run?

By the way, most of these red flags apply to both men and women, so if you display any of these traits, best to work on that STAT.

FYI, WakeUP2Luv will help you overcome any bad habits you’ve got while making you the sexiest version of yourself.

Keep in mind many of these warning signs may overlap in courting, dating or a relationship.

Courting Red Flags ????

If you’ve just started flirting or you’ve just met and aren’t sure there’s mutual interest, there are still red flags you can watch for.

The key to spotting red flags in the courting stage is to pay attention to her words and actions and not the reaction to her in your pants, Sir!

If any of these signs show up early, it could be a shit test.

If you can handle her early tests well, the behaviours should disappear. If not, be wary of pursuing a relationship with her.

The video goes over 10 specific signs to watch for when courting.

Dating ????

When you’ve established mutual attraction and started to hang out together romantically, some of the signs may change a bit.

Dating is an important stage in discovering each others’ true character. Pay attention!

Depending on how alpha (not unkind) you are will determine how much testing she instinctively needs to do.

FYI, there is a biological and logical reason why women test men! Watch my playlist on Shit Tests to learn more.

Beyond natural, healthy testing of you, some of these signs will mean a woman either has: high standards, is high maintenance, or is emotionally damaged. #RedFlag

I’ll share the easiest way to figure out which it is later in this post. Stay tuned!

The video goes over 10 specific signs to watch for when dating.

Relationship ????

So let’s say now you’re a couple.

There’s a commitment, probably monogamy, a level of loyalty and the motivation to “make it work.”

If you ignored the early warning signs, it becomes more difficult to deal with them later.

We teach people how to treat us and it’s far more difficult to break a bad habit once it’s established.

The video goes over 10 specific signs to watch for when in a relationship, plus the one time you must get out no matter what.

When to Walk Away ????????????

If you’ve approached her with respect, gentleness and understanding about her specific bad behaviours and she won’t consider compromise…


If you’ve let bad behaviour slide right into the relationship stage, you need to ask yourself why you ignored those red flags.

Yep, accountability is a tough pill to swallow, but it’s also the only empowering thing you can do for yourself.

Read that again, my friend.

We are all a little wounded from what’s happened to us in life, but the good news is there is a way to make life and love better.

If you’ve made poor selection choices in the past, I highly encourage you to invest in my WakeUP2Luv program.

It’ll help you figure out why you self-sabotage without deep delving into painful past memories.

I’m rooting for you! You got this.


p.s. Thank you so much for your generous donations and for buying my memoir even though it’s silly drivel! 😉

Why She Tests You:

Anna Jorgensen

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Vancouver dating coach for men who love women! ❤️
(Not PC and not a feminist.)

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  1. she was controlling and verbally abusive.. Yes she’d come home from work and slug me.Needless to say, I am divorced for 25 years. Oh! dating a woman who is more educated than me. I am thinking of one who is professionlly educated. Masters or above. and me with only A BS in Health care Administraton? any thoughts. I am retired.

  2. I have only recently ‘discovered’ Anna J, (Wingman) – and I am mightily impressed at the reality.
    I have been studying the gender differences for 45 years and have many hundreds of pages of considered notes. – (In my opinion) the destruction of decent relationships really started with the (fanatic) feminist movement and their use of Political correctness (with media help) to control biased information, (just propaganda), and to gain control over men; seriously aided by using the ‘very flexible’ promise of sexual activity.
    Two things have helped me a lot, – a. My Aunt (who was a Maths teacher at an exclusive all boys college), prepared a “Guide to women” (12 points) to give to “her boys” as they headed for university and regular female associates, (for the first time). #1 on the list was – “There are just as many bad women as there are bad men, but the women do things differently, and then mostly lie about it”. – b. Being a (Partner) Dancer (and a good ‘leader’), and thus having access to many women, and being able to quickly ‘hold’ them with just 5 words – “would you like to dance?”; knowing that they have ‘watched the dance floor’.
    Your work is very refreshing in this day and age.

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