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High Maintenance vs High Standard (New video added!)

High Maintenance vs High Standard Women (10 Examples!)

Before we get into high maintenance vs high standard, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

Questions for You

  • Does the kind of ideal woman you want really exist?
  • Are you offering what she would want?
  • Should you lower your own standards or up your game?

If you’re not sure what she wants or if you want to improve your sexual and relationship market value to where it needs to be for her, you need to do my WakeUP2Luv program.

WakeUP2Luv will help you determine what kind of gal is really right for you—what you think you want and what you really want aren’t usually the same.

And it’ll help you determine which things you want to change about yourself to get that kind of woman—and which things you won’t change.

Hint: Even if you decide to stay single forever, WakeUP2Luv will give you a great sense of satisfaction in life and respect of yourself as well as from others!

Okay, now let’s look at high maintenance vs high standards when it comes to women.

The Difference Between High Maintenance vs High Standards vs High Value

High maintenance comes from a shallow place of insecurity, selfishness and entitlement.

High standards comes from a place of high self esteem based on morals, values and an ability to satisfy our needs by our own means.

In both cases, whether high maintenance or high standards, the woman may require more effort than someone who is low maintenance.

The key is whether or not she’s worth it!

Then we’ve got high value vs low maintenance. The former is ideal; the latter can be a red flag!

A woman’s intentions, attitude and actions help you determine if she’s high maintenance vs high standards in her needs.

How to Tell the Difference Between High Maintenance and High Standard Women

Texting / Calling

High maintenance women need you to text or call all the time. Insecure, controlling.

High standard woman will ask you to reply within a reasonable time. Respect expected.

And high value and low maintenance woman makes no demands and simply accepts you’ll contact her when you want to but replies in a reasonable time reciprocates standards.

Keeping Track of You

High maintenance women demand to know where you are and who you’re with at all times. Controlling, insecure.

A high standards woman requests to know where you are and who you’re with IF you’ll be out later than is usual in your relationship.

And a high value and low maintenance woman says, “Have a great time tonight!” And leaves a snack and love note on the counter for you when you get home if you live together.

Key point: You’ve earned this kind of trust by—wait for it—offering details of where, when and who you’ll be with in advance without having been asked.

Or… you’ve come home early in the past or gone to your own home early in the past and sent a text saying you’re beat, home safe and had a great time but missed her!

Key point on the key point: You don’t stop going out because you miss her!

Autonomy is sexy! And perceived potential competition keeps her wanting you!

Food Preferences

High maintenance women will order a meal with specific and inconvenient alterations simply because she can.

Often she’ll act snooty about it and complain about the options.

Whereas a woman with high standards may make adjustments to her meal, either because she has food intolerances or simply preferences, but is apologetic about the inconvenience.

A high value gal may make adjustments but apologizes and leaves a big tip, while a low maintenance woman will simply order from whatever options are available without substitutions or complaint.

Low maintenance gals will take anything they get and be content.


If she’s high maintenance, she’ll expect expensive, fancy or popular restaurants out of her budget and expect you to pay. She might even say thanks, sometimes.

But a lady with high standards may also only want to go to high end establishments, however, she’ll offer to chip in and will always be gracious and appreciative.

And a high value woman might also appreciate the finer restaurants but will either insist on chipping in, offer to pay or make it up to you in some other meaningful way, perhaps by paying for the movie/exhibit or making you dinner etc.

Again, low maintenance women appreciate anywhere!

Change of Plans

High maintenance women freak out when things don’t go as planned and tend to blame you or anyone else even if the situation couldn’t be avoided.

High standards women expect a reasonable effort to commit to scheduled plans but can be flexible when life unexpectedly happens.

And high value women expect you to make an effort but are understanding when things go sideways.

Low maintenance ladies just roll with the punches.

Designer Brands

High maintenance women can expect to have flashy, designer brands they can’t afford but that you pay for. Selfish, entitled.

And while a high standards woman may also appreciate designer brands, she can afford to pay for them herself and does so or at least reciprocates buying similarly worthy gifts for you.

A high value woman can appreciate quality, whether there’s a known label on it or not, and buys her own stuff.

Low maintenance asks for nada.

Nice Home

You guessed it, high maintenance women want the nicest house in town but can’t afford it, won’t work toward it so you get to pay for it.

And yep, a high standards woman may want the same thing but she’ll work her butt along side you to get it.

A high value woman will work for it herself but appreciate if you contribute to her goal—if it’s something only she really wants.

Low maintenance gals will live anywhere.

Money / Income / Wealth

Gold diggers are the best example of high maintenance women when it comes to how much money they want a man to have. They’ve got nothing but their vah-jay-jay to offer.

High standard women may want a man with money but it’s because they also have money and don’t want to pick up the slack.

A high value woman may have her own money or maybe more than her man, but she always makes him feel like the lead provider and King of their castle.

Low maintenance? You guessed it, they don’t really care.

Health / Attractiveness / Style etc

A high maintenance woman will want a man who looks good because she’s shallow, even if she’s lacking in any/all of these areas.

On the other hand, a woman with high standards will want a man with any of these traits because she offers the same standard.

A high value woman may value these traits, can offer them herself but she’ll also work out with you, cook healthy meals and never take these traits for granted.

Low maintenance… yeah, you already know.

Intelligence / Humour / Charm etc

A high maintenance woman will want a man to have these qualities because it impresses others.

But a high value woman wants these qualities because it stimulates her. She can offer up the same qualities.

A high value woman not only appreciates these traits and has them herself but makes sure her man knows how much she appreciates them, while also making an effort to continue to be stimulating for you.

Yep, you may have figured out that sometimes low maintenance can mean low standards, which can mean low self-esteem and that can bring a whole host of other issues, especially if you have higher standards.

The gauge of whether a woman is high maintenance vs high standards is in her attitude, generosity and reciprocity.

Up your game and your standards with my WakeUP2Luv program and get the girl you really want!

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high maintenance vs high standard

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  1. Hello im jens I really need your help. I don’t now what to do anymore. My ex what’s me to come for chrismas dinner with her mother .after we broke up 4 months. Does that means she want me back or she just don’t want me to be alone with holidays

    1. Hey Jens, It could be either or both. If you still like her and want to go, then go. But watch my Get Your Ex Back playlist first so you have the best chance of making a good impression. And definitely watch my video coming out tomorrow at 3pm PST — it’s on getting her back when she blocks you but has some important points for any man who’s been broken up with!
      Thanks for watching my videos, see you in the comments of my newest videos on YouTube Tuesdays at 3pm! 🙂 AJ

    1. Next week’s video reviews high value vs low maintenance. The main thing is whether she’s high maintenance because she’s high value or just because she can get away with it. If you’re unsure if she’s worth it, watch my Damaged Women playlist and my Is Why Women Test You playlist.
      Thanks for reading and watching! 🙂 AJ

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