Benefits of Staying Single as a Man

Benefits of Staying Single as a Man! (5 Times You Definitely Should Stay Single!)

Are the benefits of staying single as a man enough to outweigh not staying single? And when should you absolutely stay single?

Let’s explore!

With the rise of third wave feminism and the decline in available high quality women in the dating market plus the incredibly inequitable effects of divorce on men, it’s no wonder many a good fellow are choosing to stay single.

And I don’t blame them.

The interesting part is that while I’m a dating and relationship coach for men who want to be in a romantic relationship with a woman, the advice I provide is remarkably similar.

My general philosophy is that if you build it—they will come!

What I mean is, if you build a life you’re satisfied in and proud of, you’ll naturally build your confidence and become more attractive to women.

That’s the foundation for my WakeUP2Luv program!

But building a life you love and having confidence doesn’t mean you have to be in a relationship.

If you do all the things I’ve suggested in many videos (and/or my WakeUP2Luv program) to improve yourself, you will be happier whether or not you choose to be in a romantic relationship.

So, if you’re not interested in a romantic, intimate relationship, you will still benefit from my suggestions on self-development.

The bonus is when we take actions toward achieving any kind of goal, our sneaky, tricky brain releases the feel-good hormone dopamine.

So without further adieu…

The Benefits of Staying Single as a Man

1. No woman, no cry

When you’re not emotionally invested in a woman, she can’t break your heart.

Over 60% of unions in the western world end and almost 80% of those breakups are initiated by women.

As well, if you choose to not pursue women at all for any reason, you also won’t have to deal with the inevitable rejection you face no matter how awesome you are.

2. No woman, no pay

When you’re not in a relationship, the only person you’ve got to think about investing your hard earned cash on is you, baby.

As well, you never have to worry she’ll divorce you or go after all you’ve worked so hard for.

If you want a babe on speed-dial, well, some of your options aren’t legal but there will always be a willing trollop who’ll go for some type of financial benefit you may be able offer. #dinner #drinks #bootycall # yourcall

Some even give it away for free thanks to feminism. #chad

3. Variety is the spice of life

If you still crave physical intimacy (sex), you can try as many different flavours as you want without judgment or having to answer to anyone.

Except yourself.

Also, “wrap it up” so you don’t get any unfortunate surprises like unwanted offspring or spotty cock. #diseases

4. Time… is on your side

You’ll have time to do whatever you want with whomever you want whenever you want.

Game all day in the PJs you’ve worn for a week?

You bet!

Leave your pizza boxes with their concrete crusts all over your place for days?

Sure thing!

Openly check out her sister/best friends/MILF?

Sure, why not! You can do whatever you want!

Which brings us to…

5. Freedom!

You’re 100% free in your life from having to answer to or consider what even an emotionally healthy partner would reasonably require.

You are the king of your castle.

You’re also 100% responsible for any choices you make, but there’s also a freedom in that. #noshame #noblame

When you minus one, you have a lot more time, money and opportunity to work on making your life the best it can be.

When You Should Stay Single

1. Newly Single, Not Ready to Mingle

If you’ve just been broken up with or lost a long time love you thought was your forever person, it’s not only ok to stay single at least for awhile, it’s healthy.

No matter how it ended, grief takes time to process.

You don’t honour your grief by rushing into a new relationship before you’re truly ready.

2. Bitter Pill

If you’ve come out of a toxic relationship and think all women are (insert negative adjective here) you need to take some time to get back to a better frame of mind.

All-women-are thinking leads to attracting more of those kind of women.

After all, what do you think of women who are bitter toward men and think “all men are ___”?


3. Broker

If you’re financially destitute—whether or not directly because of a break-up—you need to get your finances sorted out before bringing in things that cost money.

Relationships cost money.

Not because “all women are” gold diggers but because couples tend to do things that cost money… eating out, events, travel and yes, gifts.

And if you’ve managed to get a good woman—yes, there are a scarce few out there—you will likely want to spend some money on the relationship.

If you don’t, that’s probably another good sign you should stay single.

4. Desperately Lonely

This isn’t an answer you were expecting, was it?

But the truth is if you’re depressed and/or desperately lonely, you’re going to settle for someone who might not be good for you just to be with someone.

In time, you’ll suffer more in that relationship than had you chosen the path of suffering through what it takes to become content in your singleness.

If this is you, I encourage you to get my WakeUP2Luv program so you can get to a place where you’re not desperate, you are attractive and you can get a good girlfriend.

On the contrary is…

5. Unsettling

What do I mean by unsettling?

Your life is so good you wouldn’t for an instant dream of compromising a single thing to add a woman to your life.

You are not willing to settle on anything to settle down.

In fact, your standards are so high you’re looking for a unicorn that doesn’t even exist.

Settle into single hood, my friend.

And whether you want to go solo or just take a break from chasing women, figure out what’s going to make you happy in the other areas of your life and then starting pursuing those things.

Again, if you want a step by step guide to figuring out what those things are and what to do first, get my WakeUP2Luv program.

Even guys who want to say single will benefit from it by focusing in the non-relationship areas and the section on understanding women will help you in other areas of like like with family or at work.

For the win! (Your win.)

Bonus Tip

If watch the whole video, you’ll find a bonus tip on the one time you should make having a relationship with a woman part of your life’s goals. 😉

xo AJ

About the Author Anna Jorgensen

Vancouver dating coach for men who love women! ❤️ (Not PC and not a feminist.)

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Dennis Gibbo s says July 21, 2021

Love the stay single video

Tony Barzak says July 21, 2021

When to stay single synchronizes with me and your description compliments and confirms my own choices. I am over 70 years now and have been single my entire life by choice. Howver, it was sparked by infancy through age 4 wounds and an unmentored growing up with multiple marriages all bad around me.
Got a vasectomy as soon as I exited the military at age 26 — so no children.
My problem has always been, no passion for what most folks have passion for and no solid profession. I strongly opposed having a relationship I could not be financial contributor for and never allowing a woman to raise a child I had fathrered without my being there also — hence the vasectomy.
Next problem remains, I mostly divorced my mother;’s family — the only family for me since I am a bastard. That means I am more of a loner that most.
Howver I have had wonderfully good friends, all men except two women. Most are moved away or have died now —
No one escapes the chance to be alone — one of the parners usually dies ahead of the other leaving a period of aloneness.
Sex is still a draw and I do feel I miss it not be availalble for long periods. But, finding a passion and mission to work toward something diverts away from lust and that CAN help.

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