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5 Surprising Reasons Why You FAIL Getting Women!

Why You FAIL Getting Women

The REAL reasons why you fail getting women isn’t just because you don’t know what women really want.

But that might be part of the reason. The bigger reason may surprise you!

Let’s say you’re meeting women, engaging with them and maybe even going on dates.

But before long she’s not messaging as often or her texts are getting shorter and you can feel her losing interest.

You start to panic like you’ve done something wrong so you try harder only to have her ghost you, or worse, say, “You’re such a nice guy…let’s be friends.”

What Women Really Want

If you’ve ever been ghosted or friend zoned, knowing why you fail getting women will help you understand what good women really want.

And, if you watched my video 5 reasons why you’re not even meeting good women you know it’s not because you’re not 6’ tall with 6-pack abs and a thick … wallet. 😉

However, if she’s not a good woman, then yeah, she might be in her Chad phase.

Why You Fail: Is It You or Is It Her?

You can only do what you can do.

And we’ll explore that part in a minute, first let’s look at why you fail getting women if…

It’s Her Not You!

Sometimes, the reasons why you fail getting women is because you’re going for the wrong women.

And there are a lot of them out there.

Sadly, because of women’s sexual liberation and social conditioning, too many women falsely believe they’re higher value than they really are.

1.She’s delusional about her value.

This applies more to women the younger they are but there are older women who’ve bought into the idea their shit don’t stink.

But, yes, the younger they are, the more they’ve grown up in a society that conditioned them to believe they’re queens.

When in reality they’re just acting like spoiled princesses.

They get support from other women who tell them how amazing they are and what they deserve.

But they don’t get called out on bad attitudes and nasty behaviour that are not attractive.

Women are not doing each other any favours by perpetuating the she-deserves-better-no-matter-what trend.

She may string you along while she’s looking for what she—or her friends—think is a better option.

Watch my video is She Playing Hard To Get Or Stringing You Along.

2. She’s in her “Chad” phase.

Depending on how old she is or what stage of life she’s in, she might be in a pump and dump phase.

If she’s young or if she’s just gotten out of a long term relationship, she might be playing the field.

Now, not all women go through this phase but the younger she is the more she’s been socially encourage to do it.

Even though slut shaming is shamed by feminists, psychologically women don’t want to be the only one of their friends to wear the label.

And if she’s not ready to settle down, even if you are Tyrone, she may play with you but she won’t be loyal.

Watch my video on Signs She’s Going To Cheat On You Soon.

Harsh Truth

Just like it is for men, when it’s only about sex, women are as likely to go for physical attraction over your amazing personality.

That’s not to say you can’t get a woman for a short term hookup if you’re ugly!

Plenty of unattractive guys get laid by using seduction skills but the girls they’re picking up easily aren’t girlfriend material.

Before you get discouraged, there is hope, stick with me!

Okay, so right away now you should know if you get rejected it might not be because of you.

If you just want sex, that may be disappointing but…

If you want a meaningful relationship with a keeper, you’re not losing out if you’re rejected by delusional, promiscuous women.

Which brings us to reasons why you fail getting women when…

It’s You Not Her 🙁

If you are getting rejected by the keepers, then it might be something you’re doing.

There’s one more reason a keeper might reject you, I’ll share that shortly.

The most common two reasons why you fail getting women when it’s you not her are…

3. You lack confidence.

If you’ve allowed disillusioned, promiscuous women who reject you to influence your self-esteem, no wonder you lack confidence.

Lack of confidence shows up in your:

  • Body language
  • Voice
  • Eye contact
  • Hesitation

Essentially, the way you present yourself to the world and in particular women.

If you know you lack confidence, I have a solution for you coming up.

Along the same lines, if you do get a fish on the hook, you may try to reel her in too fast!

Which brings us to the second most common of the reasons you fail getting women.

4. You act needy, desperate or clingy.

When you feel like you’re not worthy of her or that she might be out of your league, you may try too hard.

If you put her on a pedestal, she will look down on you.

Acting needy shows up as:

  • Always initiating contact
  • Being overly complementary
  • Agreeing with everything she says
  • Being too available

Finally, why you fail getting women when…

It’s Not You OR Her!

5. She’s just not that into you.

If she’s simply not interested, it could be for a variety of reasons that have little or nothing to do with you.


She might be focusing on her studies without having time for a real relationship and she’s not into casual flings.

Or she might be taking care of a sick family member and doesn’t have the emotional capacity for someone else.

She might be going through a breakup or divorce and wants to get past that before getting involved again.


Just because you like the looks of her doesn’t mean you’re her type.

That doesn’t make you ugly!

Or along the way she’s discovered things about you that don’t align with her values, beliefs and goals.

That’s not only ok, that’s actually good!

You don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t align with your values, beliefs and goals.

Men are far more likely to ignore the important aspects of personality because of physical attraction.

If she figures out you’re not compatible first, be thankful!


She’s having a bad day. Or she’s on the rag. Or whatever.

Don’t worry about it.

But if you do worry about it and you lack confidence or end up acting too needy as soon as she throws you a crumb…

…that’s something you can work on.

Work on fixing the reasons why you fail getting women.

You can only do what you can do.

How to Boost Confidence and Reduce Neediness

  1. Get my instant confidence cheat sheet.
  2. Watch my Mega Confidence playlist. (See below.)
  3. Start developing confidence habits. (See below.)

Confidence Habits

Interestingly, the way to develop confidence habits is by focusing on you not women.

By rounding out your life where you need to—and where you’ll most benefit from—you’ll automatically gain more confidence and act less needy.

The side effect is you become more attractive to the kind of women you want.

So, if you to be confident and not needy and you want her chasing you a great place to start is by watching my video 9 tiny habits to help you get a girlfriend!

Or if you want a step-by-step map with what-to-do-first and what-to-do-next, especially if you lack confidence or act needy, then get my WakeUP2Luv program.

See what others have to say about my program here.

Remember, you are the prize!

Big hug and God bless!

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