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Top 10 Signs You Are Dating An Emotionally Damaged Woman | True Story

Signs You Are Dating An Emotionally Damaged Woman!

Based on true stories from viewers and clients, let’s look at the top 10 signs you are dating an emotionally damaged woman.

Was she sweet and sexy in the beginning but now she’s only nice when she wants something?

Do you feel like you have to walk on eggshells because her temper flares up unpredictably?

Are you starting to question your self-worth and sanity?

Some of these might be signs you are dating an emotionally damaged woman.

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Let’s look at the top 10 signs you are dating an emotionally damaged woman, sometimes sneaky things she says and does to undermine your confidence if your love can change her, and a simple question you can ask to find out if she might be a narcissist.

The thing about emotionally damaged women is they are master manipulators.

They start out sweet and charming to hook you in.

You enter the relationship totally confident and self-assured but little by little she erodes your self-worth til there’s nothing left but self-doubt.

Top 10 Signs You Are Dating An Emotionally Damaged Woman.

1 She asks lots of questions about your past…

… only to use your answers against you later.

You think she’s super into you and genuinely cares about your life experience.

But really she’s gathering an arsenal of information to use against you when the time comes.

Her war chest of info on you gets bigger over time, she collects every failing from your past and since you’ve been with her.

And she is constantly using it against you.

Real-Life Example

You once mentioned you had a crush on Jessica in high school.

Next thing you know, your narcissistic girlfriend is demanding to see your messages on Messenger and accusing you of still wanting Jessica.

This is far from the truth but after an endless argument filled with her accusations and tears, you decide it’s easier to just delete Jessica.

One of the signs she’s an emotionally damaged woman is she uses your past against you.

2. She questions you about the same thing 1000 different ways…

… only to fly into a rage when you say you’ve already talked about this topic ad nauseam.

You feel like you’re being interrogated and when you mention it she freaks out even more.

Then she blames you for causing her to freak out.

3. She constantly threatens to leave you for someone better…

… and acts as she will.

Real-Life Example

She gets dressed up to the nines and goes out with her single or slutty girlfriends every weekend.

Sometimes, not showing up or go home til long after the bar has closed.

And if you question her about her whereabouts, she tells you, “It’s no big deal, just drop it,” and calls you insecure.

Real-Life Example

She’s got tonnes of male friends who all obviously are trying to get with her but she says, “They are just friends.”

Meanwhile, she’s texting them throughout the movie you’re trying to watch together.

And when you try to talk to her about it, she tells you, “Don’t be such a buzzkill.”

But if you have a female friend…. we’ll talk about that in sign #5 but first…

If she always threatens to leave you over the slightest thing and acts as if she will, that’s definitely one of the signs you are dating an emotionally damaged woman!

4. She gaslights you about the big stuff and the little stuff…

… because she’s a narcissist and if her lips are moving she’s probably lying!

Real-Life Example

She’s going out with the girls and says she’ll be home soon but when 3 am rolls around and she’s nowhere to be seen you call to make sure she’s ok.

Her phone accidentally answers and you listen to her getting chatted up by some Chad.

When she finally notices her phone and realizes you heard everything, she says, “You heard wrong and you’re just being paranoid.”

But she even lies about the little things.

Real-Life Example

She’s got a sexy new outfit and you compliment her on it.

But she says it’s not new or gives you hell for not remembering it.

You know you’ve never seen this outfit before—you’d remember it—and wonder why she needs to lie about it.

In fact, you could ask her what she had for lunch and she’d probably lie.

You start to think you’re losing your mind, which is exactly the point of gaslighting.


5. She’s a hypocrite with double standards…

… because all the things you get in trouble for—she doesn’t!

You’re not allowed to question her about her past or ask questions if her stories have holes in them.

Real-Life Example

She threatens to leave you every week, but when you ever even question the relationship she freaks out, gives you the silent treatment, or totally disappears for days, leaving your messages on “read.”

Of course, she’s allowed to have male friends but you’re not even allowed to go out with your friends if women might be there.

And you having a female friend, um, no, not allowed.

In fact, she’s found a reason for you to ditch all the female friends you had, even on social media.

And when you resist in any way, she says it’s because “You have feelings for that girl!”

Soon you’re making excuses with your buddies to avoid social events.

You don’t even want to go out because you know you’ll get interrogated about it or made to feel guilty for having a good time without her.

But she can go out with anyone, anytime. And does.

Hypocrite. Double standards.

6. She acts like an entitled, heartless Princess…

… but calls you the selfish one.

There always seems to be one set of rules for her and a different set for you.

This True Story Broke My Heart

It’s 2020 and the world is locked down and you get the news a close family member just died.

Because of restrictions, you can’t get to the funeral.

You’re at home alone and devastated and have a good cry. That’s healthy!

You look forward to your girl coming over so you can get a sympathetic hug and just be with her.

But when she gets there, she looks at you with disgust because your eyes are red and tell you “not to spoil my Saturday night or I’ll leave.”

Meanwhile, not long before this when she’d found out someone in her family was ill, you provided comfort and support.

But you’re the selfish one. Riiight.

7. Nothing is ever good enough…

… and it’s never her fault—it’s always all your fault.

You spend all your time putting out fires and trying to make her happy by buying her gifts, taking her out for fancy dinners, or on luxury holidays.

But even then she finds something to complain about.

She’s impossible to please.

Real-Life Example

It’s Christmas and you know she likes a certain perfume so you go out and buy the most expensive bottle they have, parfum—the pure stuff.

But when she unwraps it, it’s not the “right one.”

You bought perfume and she wanted eau de toilette.

She has a hissy fit so you try to exchange it, but the shop doesn’t take returns on perfume so you invest even more in buying the one she wants.

But instead of being extra thankful, she’s cranky because you “didn’t get it right the first time and ruined my Christmas.”

I know these are obviously abusive examples but they happen in much subtler ways, too.

Even if she doesn’t freak out, but just says, “Oh, it’s not the one I wanted. You never listen.”

The point is, whatever you do is never good enough and it’s always your fault.

8. She’s a taker, not a giver unless…

… she’s love-bombing you for her own selfish gain.

The only time she gives compliments, affection or anything is in the early stages or when she wants something.

Real-Life Example

You’re on holiday and it’s your last few days so you want to get a few gifts for friends or family back home.

Out you go together to do some last-minute shopping.

At the end of the day, you ask her what she ended up getting, and while she surely did buy a lot, it was all for her.

By this point, you don’t want to call her out because you know she’ll make a scene or give you crap for trying to make her feel guilty.

One of the signs you are dating an emotionally damaged woman is definitely calculate love-bombing.

Along the same lines…

9. She’s excessively vane and egotistical…

… and it’s your job to feed her ego.

It’s not a terrible thing for someone to want to present themselves well. We all want to put our best foot forward.

But if she’s always looking in the mirror and has a collection of expensive shoes or handbags you paid for, that’s a red flag if…

… you’re expected to compliment her on the daily or catch flack for not doing so but she never compliments you…


… you’re expected to pick up the tab on her overspending and she calls you stingy when you try to talk to her about budgeting.

Her vanity and ego only seem to be surpassed by one thing…

10. She trash-talks you to your face and behind your back…

… and says her friends do, too.

She does this to make you feel insecure around her circle of influence so you won’t spend time with them and they won’t see what a good guy you really are.

In order to keep you from regaining enough self-esteem to leave her nasty ass, she gossips about you and puts you down.

And you know this because, in any argument, she’ll pull out the put-downs others think of you.

Like: “So-and-so thinks you’re selfish.”

Or: “So-and-so thinks you’re not generous.”

And: “So-and-so thinks I’m too good for you.”

If so-and-so knew what you knew, they’d know that’s not true at all!

But they don’t because they only hear her side of the story.

Nonetheless, you feel totally awkward around her friends and family so you avoid them on the rare occasion you’re actually invited.

But, of course, you’re not allowed to even spend time with your own friends and family.

She isolates you so you feel you have no one because if you have no one you’re less likely to find out she may be a narcissist and leave her.

At this point, you’re a shadow of your former self and still hoping your love, dedication, and admiration will eventually make a difference.

Every time another incident comes up, you forgive her and try harder.

It never changes, it only gets worse.

And pretty soon you don’t know who you are anymore.

Can a narcissist change? We’ll look at that and the one question you can ask to find out if she might be a narcissist after the bonus tip from Mike!

Bonus Tip from Mike Whisky Tango

Mike writes “I have found a trick to discover a narcissist.”

During the love-bombing stage (the primary stage a narcissist uses to hook you in), when I occasionally used self-deprecating humour and put myself down jokingly, she (the narcissist) didn’t get it.

In fact, during the love-bombing, she would deny my negative self-claim and say it wasn’t true at all, as if I was totally serious.

When I’d say, “I’m only joking,” she had a vacant, confused look.

I think narcissists can’t relate to self-deprecating humour because they could never dream of putting themselves down not even jokingly.

I agree!

And then later when you’re hooked and put yourself down, she’ll not only agree with you but add something else she thinks is wrong with you.

The Question To Ask a Potential Narcissist

A good test to see if someone might be a narcissist is to ask them what areas of their life or personality they need to work on.

“What are your flaws?”

If she’s offended or scoffs, that’s a bit of a flag even if she’s simply emotionally damaged and not a full-on narcissist.

But if she is, be very careful. According to science, narcissists cannot be cured.

They can only learn how to “act” like a decent person.

Share your stories in the comments—you might save someone from an emotionally damaged woman or narcissist.

If you want to spot some other red flags before it’s too late, watch these two videos next.

And if you’re in a relationship with an emotionally damaged woman or narcissist and don’t know how to fix your relationship (or get out), please consider online therapy.

For details on the online therapy company I recommend, click here.

Thanks for being here, BIG HUG, God bless.


signs you are dating an emotionally damaged woman

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  1. According to science, narcissists cannot be cured.
    I will heed psychologist's insights, but science treated like a religion? Medical is not health and science never deals in absolutes. So, I hold that eventually, a way to help Narcissists will be found. What is thought today will be found erroneous in the future – that is science. It is a movement from verification to verification, with flaws in the testing and the assumptions of every hypothesis and theory. I love science.

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