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What Kind Of Grooming Do Women REALLY Want? #Manscaping

What kind of grooming do women really want?

Is manscaping necessary?

What kind of grooming do women really want and is manscaping really necessary?

If you’ve looked at your hairy chest or other bits and parts and wondered: What kind of grooming do women really want? you might be surprised by the answer.

Because the reality is, that all women love certain specific personal grooming habits but the level of manscaping she prefers depends on something specific.

In this video, we’ll talk about:

  • Hair: where it is and isn’t sexy
  • Teeth: are you kissable
  • Nails: when filthy hands are A-ok
  • Smell: Eat you with a spoon BO vs Ewww…

And how watching adult content plays into her view of manscaping depending on that same specific thing I teased you with a moment ago!

So What Kind Of Grooming DO Women Really Want?

Let’s jump right in and work our way downtown Charlie Brown…


Head and Face

Just like you may have a preference for long or short hair, some women have a preference for hairstyle, but whatever style you have, your hair should be clean.

  • No greasy locks and if you’re bald, watch out for shine.

Wash or wipe, fellas!

As for facial hair, same thing, some women prefer cleanly shaven, and some like a beard or other facial hair.

But if you have facial hair, it should be trimmed well.

Just The Tip

Most women who do like facial hair prefer a 5-day shadow!

It shows rugged manliness without being ZZ over the Top.

I’ll give you older fellas a tip on if your beard is grey in a minute.

The kind of grooming women really want includes where to pluck, wax, or shave.

Where NOT To Hair

While there are always exceptions to the rule of thumb for women’s preferences, you’ll have the most options by heeding hair-ridding in these areas.

Get rid of hair here:

  • Nose: on or around the exterior of the nose, those gotta goes! And any long ones escaping the cave.
  • Eyebrows: got some long wisdom hairs? She doesn’t, so trim those babies!
  • Ears: Sorry, fellas, no hairs on or sprouting from your ears. #pluck #wax
    Shoulders & back: Wax your back; wax or trim your shoulders if you’re Sasquatch Sam.
  • Chest & Nethers: the one where age makes a difference. More on this in a minute!

If you stick with me, I’ll tell you why and how adult content has affected the preferences of younger women vs older women when it comes to body, booty, and plum hair!

But first, let’s look at…


Your smile, or lack of it, says a lot about you but when it comes to what kind of grooming women really want between your lips—it’s hygiene!

  • Get rid of stains!
  • Lose the plaque!

Surprise! Teeth that are a little crooked don’t matter if your smile is clean and stain-free.

If your teeth are really yellow, you may need to use a whitener.

Hint: Smoking, coffee and red wine are the biggest culprits of staining.

We’ll look at bad breath when we get to smells and odours.

But first…


She knows where you can put those fingers so you want to keep your nails as clean as you are.

Meaning, that even if you have a dirty job, don’t neglect scrubbing out the dirt under your finger and toe nails when you shower.

Make sure your nails and hangnails are trimmed because they scratch our delicate lady bits!

And it should go without saying, be sure to tend to toenail fungus and athlete’s foot before you reveal your stompers!


If you’re in blue-collar work clothes or in your yard work or woodchopping grubbies but somewhere off the job site, like a coffee shop, and your hands are dirty, that whole look can be a turn-on to her!

Women love a hard-working man.

Now let’s look at…

Odours & Smells

The way you smell is often a make-it-or-break-it consideration for women.

  • You need to shower often enough to not have bad BO, including down under.

But don’t be too quick to worry about sweating bullets, because some BO can be good.

More on that in a minute.

But first, unless she’s a hippy (and even then…), you won’t pass her sniff test if you have raunchy body odour or bad breath.

And brush your teeth and get your teeth professionally cleaned to avoid tartar build-up and bad breath, which is a major turnoff to all women.

Just The Tip

Sometimes, despite your best efforts to wash, brush and floss, you still have bad breath or body odour.

I’ve got a quick trick for you to know if your breath stinks. Watch the video to find out how!

Before I give you that bonus tip, know that body odour or bad breath can be a sign of serious health conditions or dental bacteria and gingivitis.

Don’t ignore it! Get that cracked tooth fixed STAT.

Good BO vs Bad BO

Just like when you’re a good-hearted but filthy… handed, hard-working man, a woman can tell the difference between good BO and bad BO!


True story.

When you’ve been working out at the gym or in the yard your sweat has a different chemical mix than when you’re nervous, stressed, or anxious.

Assuming you started out relatively clean without days of accumulated stink, that sweat smells strangely good to women!

What about the sports stink, Anna?

Good question!

And NO… most of the time the uniform will turn good stink into Ewwww, though she may jump you after your shower.

Hockey bag stink is the worst!!


Some women like it some have ultra-sensitive sniffers.

Don’t use it to cover up bad smells and don’t overdo it!

But whether or not to use it… You do you.

Speaking of doing it…

You’ve been very patient to find out how porn plays into the question: What kind of grooming do women really want?

So let’s look at that now…

How Porn Affects Grooming Preferences

The younger she is the less likely she’s seen adult content without all the actors being mostly or completely devoid of body hair.

And the younger she is the more likely she watches adult content regularly.

Older women who’ve watched porn have seen men in the wild… As in, men who haven’t plucked, shaved, or waxed their bodies and bits.

People learn to desire what they are exposed to often. (Advertisers count on this!)

To put it succinctly, we brainwash ourselves with what we watch on a regular basis.

So, younger women tend to prefer less body hair on men while older women have a wider preference range but…

Younger women who are attracted to older men tend to prefer what you’ve got as long as you’re not Sasquatch Sam.

Since styles and preferences change with time unless you really don’t like your body hair if you decide to go hair-free opt for shaving or waxing instead of more permanent laser options.

Now the part you’ve been waiting for…

Manscaping Your Chest, Ball Sack, and Back Door

If you’re over 25, you don’t need to be smooth as a plum unless she asks for it.

Even then, it’s your body, your choice. 😉

But, no matter what age you are, whether chest or elsewhere, she doesn’t want to be flossing her teeth while there.

If you can go into basket weaving, it’s time to trim the man-chest and not-so-short and squigglies.

Same with the back door. No woman wants a remnant sniff of a will-not!

Make sure your junk smells … yummy! (Or at least not crummy.)

Beards and Breath Tests


If you’re older and completely white in the beard, the longer your beard the more you’ll look like Santa and she’ll want to give you a cookie… but not necessarily her cookie. (Unless you’re a couple already or over 60.)

Keep it trimmed a bit shorter or get out of your comfort zone by shaving it off once in a while. (Unless you have no chin.)

As for the facial hair dying rule of thumb: your beard usually looks best if not a severely lighter colour than your head hair, if you have any.

If it is lighter, consider 5-day shadow or dying it subtly. Subtly!

Just like you have preferences, so do women.

The Breath Test

There’s a 5-second simple trick to know if you have bad breath at any moment.

The odour you smell will be slightly exaggerated to what her experience kissing you would be.

Watch the video to find out more.

Brush, floss, swish, smile!

And if you want to know the 3 things women instantly notice, watch that video here

God bless!

In case you missed some of my new short Sunday videos…





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  1. I stem from northern Europeans and I'm hairy. I have blond arm hair and black body hair. I have waxed, but I find that being hairless is approximately equivalent to ten degrees Celsius in Canadian winters. My body hair also functions as an early warning system for mosquitoes and biting flies. I've found that going hairless is a much bigger sacrifice than most people realize.

    1. Not all women under 25 prefer no body hair and most over 25 like your body hair as you are but are tidy in the nether regions and many don’t like back hair. Personally, I like a hairy chest and my girlfriends mostly don’t care one way or the other. And as far as the chore of waxing and shaving, women also find it inconvenient to shave legs, etc but those of us who do feel more feminine so it’s worth it to us …even in cold, Canadian winters! 😉 Do what feels right for you.

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