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Top 2 Amazing Reasons Why Women Have DOUBLE STANDARDS!


The two main reasons why women have double standards may surprise you!

Double standards exist for both men and women and not all double standards are automatically “bad.”

Naturally, you notice the double standards that negatively affect you instead of the ones that don’t.

Let’s look at:

  • Two surprising reasons why women have double standards
  • Double standards in your favour and the ones that frustrate you
  • How you can school her on unacceptable double standards
  • When her double standards are a sign to walk away
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Why do women have double standards that are so hypocritical?

Reasons Why Women Have Double Standards

1. Women encourage double standards (for women).

Modern feminists tell you they’re fighting for equality, but they’re only fighting for equality where it benefits them.

In fact, much of the time they’re fighting for equity not equality.

They want the same pay as men but they don’t want to put in the same hours or do the dangerous jobs you do.

Social justice warriors get on board and social media brainwashing ensues with frilly, pink marketing targeting the susceptible by offering community.

As a result, many men have bowed out from dating modern women and formed their own “men only” communities. #MGTOW #Incel

Unfortunately, without male and female balance, both communities become highly biased against each other.

No one really wins.

And this leads us to the second reason why women have double standards.

2. Men allow double standards (for women).

I know that’s not the answer you like, but it’s the truth and the truth can empower you.

You teach people how to treat you.

If you allow bad behaviour, you’ll get more of it.

And if you reward bad behaviour, you’ll get a lot more of it.

The interesting part is when you don’t allow bad behaviour you weed out the throwbacks and the real keepers respect you.

To be fair…

You have some double standards that benefit you as a man simply because you can.

So what are some double standards that are in men’s favour?

And which ones only benefit women?

Double Standards Examples

First, let’s look at some double standards in your favour.

And let me say, these double standards exist for reasons I happen to agree with.

Sugar Daddy vs Cougar

A wealthy, older man with a much younger, attractive women is admired, whereas a wealthy, older woman with a much younger, attractive man is still looked at questioningly.

As a man, you’ll never be judged for wanting or having a young, beautiful woman… other than by jealous women.

And the truth is, most men don’t really want an older woman, even when she’s rich.

Slut vs Stud

A woman who’s hung out in Hoeville is considered a slut, whereas a man who’s laid a lot of pipe is a stud—to both men and women!

If you’re interested in and good at pickup skills, you can get some and, when you’re ready, get the one you want.

But even though the younger generation of women are accumulating body counts, they’re still looked at as damaged goods when it comes to relationship material. (And for good reason.)

Few men want to settle down with a woman who’s seen more pipe than Seattle Slue.

And when you do find a keeper to start a family with…

Mothers vs Fathers

A mother is expected to pick up a crying baby before the father is or be the first to get up in the night to change a diaper.

Times are changing but this double standard still exists.

The double standards women have that you don’t like might be around…

Her Money Is Her Money

She earns a lot but wants a man who earns more than she does.

Or she earns more than you but expects you to always pick up the check for everything.

She Can You Can’t Socializing

She goes out all night with her friends but you’re not allowed to.

Communication Rules for Thee But Not For She

She doesn’t text back for days but you have to reply back stat.

Or when she raises her voice it’s because you upset her but when you do, it’s emotional abuse.

How to School Her

We teach people how to treat us.

This means you’ve got to have standards, set boundaries and follow through on consequences.

Women get away with what they do because you let them.

People get away with what they do because you let them.

The sooner you school them, the quicker they learn.

Wait too long and you won’t be able to turn the ship around.

She may not even realize she’s got double standards.

You probably don’t know what all yours are, after all.

And, as mentioned, not all double standards are necessarily bad.

But if she’s got a double standard that does bother you, you’ve got to address it right away.

I’ll share how to do that in a minute, but now that you know why women have double standards, let’s look at…

When To Walk Away

It can be frustrating not knowing if her double standards are worth throwing away the whole relationship over.

She may seem like a wonderful woman in so many ways, but then there’s those pesky double standards.

Like maybe she does go out with her girlfriends and doesn’t return texts because she’s not paying attention—or doesn’t want to be distracted.

But if you go out with your guy friends, there’s a curfew and you have to reply to her texts immediately or suffer the consequences.

Double standard!

Exceptions Apply

Now, if you’ve agreed to conditions because you messed up big last time you went out, that’s different.

You messed up, she didn’t. She shouldn’t be punished for your mistake.

And vice versa.

But if you didn’t mess up and she won’t acknowledge there’s a double standard and make an effort to change her behaviour either—

She’s damaged goods. #selfish


Your values and beliefs don’t align. #mismatch

If you’ve talked to her about your concerns and she responds disrespectfully or apologies and says she’ll change but doesn’t even try…it’s time to walk away.

It won’t get better and you’ve just taught her that your needs don’t matter.

You rewarded bad behaviour.

If you’re not sure if she’s testing you or she’s damaged goods watch the videos in my Shit Test playlist and Red Flags playlist below.

And if you want to know how to ask for what you need in an effective way, loving way with the best chance of getting it, then you’ll want to follow the specific 3-step-request conversation outlined in my Love Sammich video below.

Hope you enjoyed this vlog on why women have double standards and are more prepared to teach them how to treat you.

Thanks for being here, God bless!


why women have double standards

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  1. Spot on Anna!

    We certainly create our own problems…seems so many women “need” for a man to solve the problems and mistakes from their past…while avoiding responsibility or having a clue that those mistakes belong to them?

    Adult males refuse to grow up…try to “buy” the affections of a woman…letting bad, spoiled brat behavior slide without consequences…which only empowers a brat to get more daring and “be” even more of a spoiled brat!

    We all need to be put in our place…we need to be challenged to be the best version of ourselves…

    There are healthy and unhealthy ways to do this…

    Rewarding bad, spoiled brat behavior…IS NOT HEALTHY!

    Seems with all our great technology…communication being extremely prevalent…if a woman doesn’t get her way…she has multiple options for the next “simp”.

    Yet body count has a tremendous downfall…cute for a while until it becomes empty…
    I hate to say it this way…but I believe it more damaging for a woman to have body count…

    Men tend to come to the emptiness and just want one woman…to have an exceptional relationship, with the most beautiful girl in the world…the one we choose to “Love, Honor and Cherish”
    Being fully developed of “Character”…Truly Be-Coming A Man…having healthy boundaries…Integrity and Honor…
    We will Honor Ourselves…our Emotions Mastered…

    With Eight Times the Emotional Receptors…Living in An Emotional World…I believe women have a much more difficult experience…

    Without a strong leader…to gently guide them…emotional states wreak havoc…
    Doing what “feels right” rather than what we know is right usually leads to disappointment and dissatisfaction…the thrill of the moment ends up in betrayal…

    Destructive for either party…

    Thanks Anna!

    I have so grown from your wisdom!


      1. I had sex with an embarrassing number of girls when I was younger…

        I believe partly because I was molested when I was nine…I can only speculate (time travel is dangerous) that I was trying to prove my manhood?

        I tried to “like them”…many I couldn’t remember their name…I even tried dating girls with the same name, having experienced calling them the wrong name…or just calling them all “honey”.

        It was all about me feeling good about myself…caring little or nothing for how they felt…

        It became so empty and meaningless…I used them to feel good about myself…such an ass!

        Men can truly have sex without it meaning anything…except false pride…with all the women I had sex with…two or three best, two or three worst…

        Now it is about giving woman the best experience…make them orgasm for me…endlessly…

        I just want one…to keep…I know who I am…I know I am skilled…I am large and in charge…The Prize…

        Unfortunately…In learning all of this…I gave too much…without consequences for bad behavior…caught in the same old trap of solving her problems…the more I paid to correct…the more she created for me to solve?
        Upon being discarded…when she knew I had figured it out…“I’m not a heartless bitch”…
        She will miss me…she will need to repeat or take responsibility…

        My life will be Awesome and Amazing! I won’t settle or compromise My Integrity or Honor again…kiss what?

        You are Awesome Anna

        James l
        Just say NO hoe! You will love yourself for it!

        However, women living in their emotional world…it means something…

        1. Wow, thank you for sharing such an intimate and heartfelt comment — Bravo! Say no to the hoe, indeed. You got this!

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