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5 BIG Reasons Why Men MUST Choose To Stay Single

5 BIG Reasons Why Men MUST Choose To Stay Single For Now (Or Forever)!

I’m sure you have a long list of reasons why men must choose to stay single, but what are the top 5 biggies?

As much as you deserve to find love, sometimes staying single is the best option for you, either for now or forever.

If you’ve been rejected, hurt, or heartbroken by women, you’re in the right place.

If you spent enough time in the pickup artist community to get good at it but feel empty inside, you’re in the right place.

Staying single doesn’t have to be forever but sometimes it should be.

Let’s look at when you should stay single temporarily whether you’re getting some action or not and when you must stay single forever…

Click on the image to play the video!

…so you can stop thinking about what women want and get on with your life and what you really need!

5 BIG Reasons Why Men MUST Choose To Stay Single

When You Should Stay Single (For Now)

Sometimes, it’s ok to take a break from pursuing women for relationships.

In fact, sometimes you need to.

1. Focus on Self-Improvement

Staying single can be a temporary option while you choose to focus on yourself, whether you’re younger or older.

You may want to focus on building or rebuilding your kingdom, developing yourself, or simply practicing monk mode.

More on monk mode in a minute.

If you feel you don’t have enough to offer the kind of woman you want, then you may want to stay single and work on improving those areas.

It could take months or years to do this depending on how high your standards are or what needs repair.

These might include:
  1. Finishing post-ed
  2. Moving out on your own
  3. Getting a solid job
  4. Paying off debt
  5. Losing 30 pounds of flab
  6. Gaining 20 pounds of muscle (don’t neglect your calves!)
  7. Developing confidence
  8. Building a social circle
  9. Rebuilding what divorce stole

If you’re not where you know you need to be to get the kind of woman you want, is staying single the best option for you?

It could be. For now.

You’ll be less likely to settle just to settle down… or catch the feels for a woman below your standards who was only supposed to be a good time, not a long time.

Now, what about monk mode?

This brings us to…

2. Detox Sex Addiction

Some men who’ve spent a lot of time in the pickup artist community become addicted to “landing a target.”

They may be good at getting some, but lack the skills to develop emotional intimacy.

Then they wonder why the only women they attract are hoes who aren’t able to provide emotional intimacy, monogamy, loyalty, or integrity.

They think all women are like that and wind up settling just to settle down.

But they end up in toxic relationships that end badly, which reconfirms their bias about women.

Pickup artists can become some of the loneliest men out there despite all those hoes.

If you’re addicted to the thrill of the chase, the capture, and the close but can’t get past that or end up in toxic relationships, you may want to take a break and choose to stay single and celibate for now.

This brings us to the third of the big reasons why men must choose to stay single for now.

3. Recover From Heartache

Staying single can be your best option if you’re recovering from a toxic relationship, a bad breakup, or the death of a partner.

You’re staying single to heal yourself before getting into another relationship.

If you haven’t properly healed, you’ll probably choose unwisely.

If you didn’t see or you ignored the red flags or you’re desperately lonely, you’ll probably choose unwisely and end up heartbroken again.

This isn’t a time to date, it’s a time to work on things that’ll help you recover your confidence and vitality.

You need to use this time to focus on what needs repair or improvement.

But there are a few times staying single forever might be the best option for you.

When You Should Stay Single (Forever)

4. MGTOW and Misogyny

It probably goes without saying but I’ll say it… if you hate women, don’t date them.

Not all men who identify with MGTOW are misogynists!

Men going their own way is more than a philosophy.

Because of fourth-wave feminism, few men want to date, never mind marry a new-age masculine, dominant woman.

Sure, some men appreciate an independent woman who isn’t a drain on their wallet, but like misogyny, I’m talking about women that look down on men simply for being male.

And social media makes it challenging for good men because even average women flaunt their wares online acting like God’s gift.

They think they have unlimited options because of all the simps and fake Chads sliding into their DMs.

Some men who align with MGTOW hook up with women but won’t settle down with any.

Others, prefer MGTOW monk mode. No sex at all.

Regardless, to feel truly happy you’ll still want to fix what needs repair in your life.

Be careful of online forums that shame you for making improvements and accuse you of only improving to better your chances with women.

They are not looking out for your best interests!

Nonetheless, if the juice isn’t worth the squeeze for you, staying single and maybe celibate could be your best option.

And this brings us to the last on my list of the big reasons why men must choose to stay single.

5. Religious and Spiritual Beliefs

If a man chooses to be a pastor, priest, or actual monk he vows to step away from intimate relationships for a relationship with our Divine Creator.

Fair enough. Enough said on that one.

Overall, only you can decide if you should choose to stay single, and I hope whatever you do choose, you make peace with that choice…

…and stop simping!

Simping hurts all men—and women for that matter.

It puts women on a pedestal and inflates their egos turning them into spoiled princesses who won’t even stay loyal to Chad.

If you’re not sure if you’re simping on social media or in real life or need a recap, watch my video on Simping!

Thanks for being here, God bless.


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  1. Always Amazing Insights Anna!

    Seems our culture(cultures..worse) with such permissiveness and abundance have a very selfish and entitled youth.

    Boys and girls refusing to grow up, take responsibility for their own lives, unfulfilled expectations…especially from the opposite sex….

    “Simps” trying to buy favors…totally unlike a True Sugar Daddy…who owns or possesses a girl by manipulation of providing “stuff”.

    We have spoiled brat princesses who have done nothing but party…sample the “ice cream flavors” expecting to find a husband to pay for their past, their mistakes including having a baby with a loser. Pretend that a relationship will still work when she puts her child to be more important than “her Man”. Thinking “she is all that” and should be pampered while putting both herself and child above “her provider”?

    Quickly becoming a “Self Coronated Queen” in charge of everything…while doing or contributing little or nothing in exchange? Bah!

    Best to be a “Step Daddi” one who wil not tolerate disrespect!

    “You don’t need to like me…but you will respect me” Attitude…Be full of self respect and self care…say “No”, balance “spoiling” our little girl…with consequences and even “”gentle punishment” to show who is The Man…who is The Boss…
    Not better than…nope…Just better at Leading for having a logical operating system…

    Girls are stuck with an emotional operating system…when emotions are only biological suggestions…Yup! We Boys have them Pesky Emotions as well…just far easier to overcome and Master!

    We still need each other…girls tend to see the whole picture with everything being connected…While “us boys” tend to separate (and conquer) tasks with intense focus…
    Great blend when successfully integrated.

    Takes 100% effort from both!

    Thank You Anna…You are so full of love for us…working on a solution to make our World Work! Yay!


  2. Very good Anna! I appreciate being able to "read" your advice, and not have to watch a video (although I do watch your videos from time to time because I love your expressions and straight up language).

    I applaud your stance that men are staying away from women who are extreme or militaristic feminist. I think American women (as opposed to European or Asian women in particular) are increasingly anti-male, and look down on men as toxic simply because they are male. I have read that younger men in particular are in crisis because of this, and lose confidence, even leaving the workforce altogether.

    On another topic, I wanted to comment on a typo: "…..flaunt their wears online…" I think you meant "wares".

    I'm one of those older gentlemen (ha, I still think of myself as one) whose wife left me after 13 years, and I still miss her (we are good friends still). I am currently working on improving myself to the extent possible at my age. Not sure if I will ever have another relationship with a woman, but I remain hopeful.

    Thanks for all you do and say in these posts Anna. You are so much more straightforward and honest than almost all the other dating coaches out there.


    1. I’m sure you notice feeling better in your life as you improve it, that’s half the battle! And thank you for a lovely compliment (straightforward and honest) and the note on the typo! #oops

  3. I sometimes think that for one generation, all men should stop dating and stop being involved with women. The dating world is toxic for men, and women's entitlement has reached an unbearable level. Let them have it. Effinism means liberation for both genders. Men: focus on your own education, financial well being, spiritual well being, health and make friends with like minded people.
    Simping men irks me a lot. Yes, it is ok to do something for one another but it ought to be reciprocated. What equally bothers me is the High School prom. When a girl doesn't get asked, everybody feels sorry for her. When a boy doesn't get a prom date, he is seen as a loser. Boycott this prom nonsense. Stay single young men and stay out of trouble. Obey the law (!) and enjoy life without headaches from a shrieking effinist. It's all legal…

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