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How To Lose Your Virginity As An Adult Male | The Secret Formula!

How To Lose Your Virginity As An Adult Male!

Being an adult male virgin is something a lot of guys feel really ashamed or embarrassed about…even though every guy has been there!

Do you feel like you’re the only one who hasn’t lost their virginity? Or maybe you have a son or nephew this applies to…

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The secret formula for how to lose your virginity as an adult male will shock many of you.

Because, the fact is, 99% of adult male virgins do this one thing you think will help you (and takes the edge off) but is in direct contrast to what actually works.

Let’s look at Sam’s story of how he lost his virginity in the most natural, consensual way using his 5-step plan…

… and the top 10 tips you can learn from Sam’s story about how to lose your virginity as an adult male and have better bowchica with a chicka.

There’s so much gold in this one, you’ll want to take notes even if you’re not inexperienced!

How To Lose Your Virginity As An Adult Male

Sam felt embarrassed about his virginity for years.

As a 30-year-old man in the engineering field, he felt like he was the only one of his peers who was an “adult male virgin” and hadn’t experienced any form of physical intimacy.

As an introvert, Sam’s not socially outgoing or that comfortable around people, so the idea of dating someone seemed like a daunting task, never mind losing his virginity, especially at his age.

He did manage to get some dates but he was so nervous when it came time to kiss his date, he froze up and either didn’t follow up or got rejected for additional dates.

The Result… More Porn!

Sam spent countless hours with the Palm Sisters watching porn.

He did it for relief but also hoped to learn a few tricks for when the time came. So to speak.

For a while, he got stuck in a vicious cycle of watching porn and comparing himself to the male actors, feeling discouraged and a little disgusted by the women in the videos.

In fact, he realized he was starting to only pay attention to women’s body parts, which made him even more awkward around them in real life.

One day, after some soul-searching, Sam decided it was time to take action and move past his embarrassing feelings once and for all.

He knew there were a few steps he needed to take in order to make this happen.

First off, Sam needed to stop watching porn.

He figured out it was doing him more harm than good by creating unrealistic expectations that could never be met.

Instead of relying on sexualized content for inspiration, he decided it would be far better to just be upfront about his virginity when dating someone new—owning it instead of being ashamed of it.

What many an adult male virgin doesn’t know is that porn is a terrible instruction manual for real-life sex. The positions and camera angles are for the viewer not for a woman’s pleasure. Or yours!

Next, Sam decided to enlist help from men with more experience in this area.

He set his embarrassment aside and asked trusted friends and male family members for advice on how best to approach the situation.

Sam was thankful the men closest to him were understanding and encouraging even though they did rib him a bit.

But they share with him many valuable stories about their own experiences of losing their virginity.

Remember, every man has been in your shoes and many still are!

They also suggested asking single female friends “for help.”

They suggested inquiring about what kind of foreplay they enjoyed and learning as much as possible about what turns women on emotionally and mentally rather than just focusing on physical attraction and body parts.

After learning more about what women really want, which surprised Sam based on assumptions he’d gleaned from porn, he started talking to more women and asking them out.

He got rejected, but he kept learning and asking and he got some dates.

When going out on dates with women Sam made sure to take things slowly.

He knew that rushing into anything physical would likely result in disappointment at this point.

At the same time, he prepared himself for possible rejection if things didn’t work out as planned but he didn’t let it get him down or ruin any dates by having a negative attitude.

Sam maintained a level of self-awareness regarding who he chose to date; ensuring he was genuinely attracted both physically and emotionally and not just going for women who’d likely not reject him.

Despite facing difficulties with confidence due to still being sexually inexperienced Sam refused to allow these moments to define him or become too critical of himself.

After months of trial and tribulation with dating with many dates ending in rejection Sam finally had a breakthrough.

He realized the secret formula for successfully losing his virginity is self-confidence, not sexual skill!

If he wanted to be successful with women and finally lose his virginity, he needed to work on his self-confidence first.

So he put together a 5-step confidence-building plan.

He would spend some time each day working on boosting his self-confidence by:

  1. Getting healthier
  2. Taking pride in himself and his accomplishments
  3. Dressing better
  4. Speaking up more in social situations
  5. Having more interesting conversations with people.

At first, it seemed like an uphill battle.

His introversion made it difficult to open up to new people and make meaningful connections but little by little he started feeling more confident about himself.

And people started noticing the change in him and making positive comments about it!

Encouraged by this progress, Sam began flirting with more attractive women when the opportunities arose.

Soon he gained enough confidence to ask out the girls he really wanted to.

Something that had once scared him silly now felt like second nature and though he still got rejected sometimes, it didn’t bother him anymore.

With each date that passed and every conversation that happened, Sam’s confidence grew exponentially until eventually on a third date, and without any expectation, it led to something more than dinner or drinks…

It led directly to the bedroom!

His heart raced as he undressed her for the very first time… all those months of studying women to actually understand them finally paid off!

And while his performance wasn’t perfect, his date was understanding and it felt amazing.

As Sam and his date lay in bed together afterward enjoying their closeness, Sam ran through all the steps of his secret formula in his mind: boost your self-confidence; dress better; speak up more in social situations; have interesting conversations; flirt whenever possible… It felt like magic!

It wasn’t easy heading down this journey but ultimately it proved worth it and now Sam can enjoy physical pleasure without worrying about inexperience or embarrassment while at the same time learning first-hand what a woman’s physical needs and desires are!

From here forward, Sam knows nothing will ever be quite the same again! He will be as popular with the ladies as he’d like to be.

Let’s review the…

Top 10 Tips For How to Lose Your Virginity As An Adult Male:

  1. Don’t be embarrassed about your virginity.
  2. Stop watching porn! – It’s not real life and you’re conditioning yourself for performance malfunction.
  3. Be upfront and honest about your virginity when dating someone new—own it. Act as if you chose it!
  4. Ask for help or advice from trusted male friends or family members with experience.
  5. Ask single female friends “for help.” Women want men to know what they like and you never know if one of them wants the honour of popping your cherry—but don’t make that your goal.
  6. Learn as much as you can about women and what really turns them on—arousal starts with women’s emotions and imagination.
  7. When you go on a date, take things slow and don’t feel you have to rush into anything physical.
  8. Prepare yourself for rejection, but don’t let it get you down.
  9. Make sure you’re attracted to the person you’re dating—otherwise you might not get your mast up.
  10. Don’t be too critical of yourself during dates and don’t be pushy or aggressive feeling like you have to get it over with.

Remember, you’re the one with standards. You chose to stay a virgin until you found someone worthy.

Everyone is different, but if you embrace the idea that being an adult male virgin is your choice, the right woman will want to be your first.

To get the confidence and attractive traits of a bad boy without actually being a bad boy, watch my video on BAD BOYS: Why Women Love Them.

For a personalized step-by-step guide for exactly what to do to build sexy confidence in your own life specifically, get my WAKEUP2LUV program.

Thanks for being here, God bless!


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