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What Modern Women Really Want In A Man | Alpha AND Beta

What Modern Women Really Want In A Man | Alpha AND Beta

Contrary to popular belief, what modern women really want in a man will surprise you.

It’s not just alpha males who can get the girls.

Men who are more in touch with their Beta side can also be successful in getting the kind of woman they really want.

But to become the best of both worlds, an alpha AND beta male, and to attract the kind of woman you really want is going to take courage…

Let’s look at how Kevin discovered what modern women really want in a man and which specific alpha and beta traits you’ll benefit from developing regardless of any woman.

Watch the video here >>

How Kevin Discovered What Modern Women REALLY Want

Kevin had always struggled to find a girlfriend.

He felt like he was too nice, and often got taken advantage of because of it. He was treated as a pushover, or worse, invisible.

Kevin wanted to be respected by women, but at the same time, he didn’t want to become the overly aggressive alpha male that so many men seem to think they need to be in order to be attractive.

He sought out advice from friends, family, and online forums but nothing he found seemed to help him much.

That was until one day when he stumbled across something that changed his life forever: the secret of what modern women really want in a man.

As it turns out, the kind of modern women you desire don’t want an overly-aggressive alpha male who drives them away with a domineering attitude.



Instead, they’re looking for someone who can combine the best qualities of both an alpha and beta man.

What Women Really Want In A Man

  1. Confident yet compassionate
  2. Successful yet supportive of her ambitions
  3. Exciting yet reliable
  4. Assertive but loving
  5. Has standards yet can communicate them lovingly
  6. Can take charge but also values others’ opinions and contributions

Armed with this knowledge, Kevin set off on a journey of self-improvement and discovery.

He began working on his confidence by:

  • Hitting the gym
  • Studying career success strategies to advance his career
  • Taking risks more often like sharing his less popular opinions
  • Learning how to be both spontaneous and predictable like making impromptu plans with workmates and showing up on time

When Kevin started taking care of himself physically as well as emotionally he felt like he could provide stability for a potential girlfriend down the line.

Little did he realize at the time what a difference these changes would make for him never mind anyone else.

He felt more stable and ready to take on the world!

He even worked on being less “vanilla” with women by playfully teasing them and sometimes disagreeing with them, things he’d previously avoided for fear of rejection or appearing confrontational.

At first, he wasn’t sure of his opinions, but with time he learned he did feel strongly about some things while remaining open to hearing others’ ideas.

Slowly but surely it all paid off!

As Kevin began embodying these qualities more and more people, particularly women, started noticing him in ways they hadn’t before.

They were drawn to his confidence without feeling intimidated by him or feeling like they had met an arrogant or overly aggressive alpha male.

Instead, they saw someone who genuinely cared about them and was able to provide both excitement and stability in equal measures—something invaluable in a long-term relationship.

He was developing the perfect balance of not being overly invested or needy with a safe, fun, take-charge attitude.

The best part is Kevin discovered doing all these things actually made him feel better about himself, regardless of anyone else.

And while he still occasionally has moments where he slips back into old habits due to lack of practice (like anyone else), overall his newfound balance between alpha and beta has been incredibly liberating for him.

Not only are more women interested in him than ever before but now when people try taking advantage of him due to his kindness he’s quick enough on his feet to respectfully set boundaries so it happens way less often!

Key Point!

Through knowledge, effort, and dedication, Kevin discovered—KEY POINT>>—what modern women really want in a man is the same things men respect in each other and themselves.

The positive traits of both alpha and beta are what modern women really want in a man!

  1. Protective to make her feel physically safe.
  2. Caring and understanding to make her feel emotionally safe.
  3. Assertive and can take charge when needed.
  4. Sensitive and compassionate, and great at listening.
  5. A sense of humour so you can laugh together.
  6. Physically fit, taking pride in your appearance and style.
  7. Exciting and spontaneous to keep things stimulating for both of you.
  8. Loyal and faithful and can be counted on.

And bonus, if you have a pet, especially a dog because they need more…

9. Nurturing—caring for your pet is a plus if you both want kids one day because that makes her see you having good father potential and makes mommy want to “cuddle” with daddy! 😉

Kevin became an ideal combination between alphas’ confidence and physicality AND betas’ compassion & supportiveness.

Someone who’s working toward success yet stable; exciting yet reliable; assertive yet loving; and can be independent while being open to commitment.

A perfect balance between masculine strength & vulnerability enables true understanding, connection, and intimacy in any successful long-term relationship.

Now, not only do those around Kevin respect him but most importantly he respects himself.

As I’ve said in other videos, respect precedes attraction!

If you can provide the best of both worlds by embodying the positive traits of your alpha AND beta sides, you’ll be able to attract the kind of woman you truly desire by your side.

And if you’ve been called a “nice guy” one too many times, you’ll definitely want to watch my video on why being “too nice” is always an instant turnoff!

Thanks for being here, God bless.


what modern women really want in a man

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  1. Dear Anna – I was looking to see if there was somewhere to reach you directly with comments, don't know if this reply will arrive but I'm glad to be able to respond to this. I saw some video you did on the Alpha male awhile back (that's the one that does absolutely what he wants, ignores "the pack" trend followers (like those fish that all swerve the same way in a school) I have that right?). It's funny, but I have developed for a long time you 1-6 above for "What Women Really Want In A Man". I am 66 but operate physically & mentally like a 30-yr old, tall, thin, still a nice face (I'm told), make mid-6-figures, no debts, footloose as a remote worker, and yet it is astounding to me how apparently hopeless it is to get women to get interested. I have just given up on dating sites and frankly, I don't do gyms. Not sure what it's going to take, sex can always be got one way or another, if not a sane stable relationship, but I saw this article recently, now 4 years old, and I think it de-mystifies a lot of what's going on in people's heads these days. Rather depressing to read, for basically it appears that everyone has replaced the daring act of live communication and previous behavior standards with all the twisted stuff that's come out of the internet:

    When women forego having a guy in their life in favor of sending each other naked pictures of themselves (that's women to women, yes), and guys choke girls during sex as a default sort of behavior, then we are (un)screwed. I have had plenty of fun with women, even though I've had to come to a zero-tolerance for craziness and "emotion dumping", and if I never get another stable girlfriend (ha…that would be first I guess), it's too bad, but I feel especially sorry for the younger guys. Age can be a factor, but I have read posts that indicate there are whole swaths of young guys who have simply given up on dating because they are weary of being "on show", measuring up to some constantly shifting arbitrary ideas, and being "place-holdered" until the number of swipes might turn up someone "better" (as if there is endless time to keep shopping). It's turned into a very bizarre arena and who knows how bad it will get. I'm glad I grew up in a simpler age where nothing had to be filtered through electronic screens first. Good luck to all, and try being brave and actually talking to someone in the elevator instead of just looking at your phone (see article).

    1. The age of Internet certainly has many drawbacks, relationship being just one. Not all “progress” is good. All we can do is what we can do. Be our best real selves, take some risks (speak up in elevators!), and let the cards fall where they may. Thanks for watching my videos!

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