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A Modern Dating Mistake Men Should Avoid!

A Modern Dating Mistake Men Should Avoid: Simping!

Today, we’re diving into a modern dating mistake men should avoid: simping.

You’ve probably heard this derogatory term thrown around, but do you really know what it means?

Well, simping is when a single man goes to extremes to shower a woman with attention, affection, gifts, or money, hoping to win her attention or romantic or sexual favour.

A simp is someone (usually a man) who engages in simping behaviours.

Key point!

Not all acts of kindness or genuine affection and attention fall under the umbrella of simping.

Simping is all about the self-esteem of the giver and the intention behind the actions.

In the video, I give you two ways to know if you’re simping or simply being masculinely chivalrous, which is attractive.

Remember, simping never gets the girl, it only gets the guy used, abused, abandoned, hating women, and feeling even less worthy.

Simping’s been around forever but has gained popularity in recent years.

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty and find out what simping is all about, how it differs from chivalry, and why it repels the keepers and attracts the throwbacks, users, and narcissists so you can avoid this modern dating mistake!

Watch the video now >> <<

Remember, you deserve someone who loves and respects you for who you are but you have to like and respect yourself first and no one will respect you more than you do, so start behaving like you do.

You got this!

Beyond The Modern Dating Mistake of Simping


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Nothing changes if you don’t (change)… in ways that serve you!

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I believe in you.

You got this!

xo Coach Anna


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