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Sigma Men: Dating Secrets & #1 Obstacle to Love

Sigma Men: Dating Secrets (NEW Video Added)

Let’s drop some Sigma men: dating secrets for the mysterious gents known as lone wolves. These mysteriously sexy fellas often find it challenging to meet and connect with anyone, never mind women who meet their high standards.

However, there is a path to love for these solitude-loving souls!

In this video, we’ll cover ten unique challenges Sigma men face in looking for love along with some simple but unconventional solutions to make finding the right lady a lot easier.

If you’ve struggled to find lasting love in your lone wolf ways, stick around because we’re diving deep into the world of Sigma men and their path to lasting love.

Much of this video will be helpful to all men looking for love and useful for non-sigma men who attract Sigma-esque women.

Watch the NEWvideo here >> <<

Watch the video here >> <<

If you’re not sure what label to give yourself, the video below may help.

While few people love to be labelled, if you’re especially resistant to being categorized, you likely do have some sigma traits. 😉

Beyond Sigma Men: Dating Secrets & Personality Types…

Testosterone! (TRT)

If you lack assertiveness in addition to being a loner by choice, you may actually need a TRT boost!

Lack of drive, ambition, general assertiveness, and decisiveness may be about your hormones, not your Sigmaness.

You may benefit from hormone therapy.

There is nothing wrong with taking auxiliary hormones if your body needs them, but do make sure to check with your doctor.

You might want to get your testosterone checked.

You can find out about low levels of testosterone and how to get tested from the comfort of your own home here.

But only if you want to, of course. 😉

Online Therapy

Sigmas don’t tend to open up to many people, but sometimes even a strong sigma man needs someone to work through certain internal issues with.

If you feel you don’t deserve a woman with the essential qualities you want, it might be time to give yourself the gift of therapy.

There is nothing shameful about hiring a professional to guide you.

Professional athletes don’t hesitate to hire a professional coach to find their weak points and improve their skills.

Same thing with therapy.

Find out more about the online therapy company I recommend here. It’s the only one I trust for men.

And if you’d rather see if you can work through some of your stumbling blocks solo, consider starting with my WakeUP2Luv program but know there are some suggestions you’ll find goofy and uncomfortable. Fair warning.

Whatever you decide is right for you, I hope you embrace your sigma nature.

xo Anna



sigma men: dating secrets

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