How To Build Confidence By Fixing Your Broken Spokes

Get Confident by Getting a Life, Dude

Here’s a super quick formula for how to build confidence and get a girlfriend:

Get good at things. Feel good about getting good at things. Get confident. Radiate confidence. Talk to girls. Get a bit cheeky with chicks—aka build sexual tension—and win her heart (and other parts). And BAM! Get a girlfriend.

You’re welcome. My job here is complete.

Wait! What do you mean by broken spokes, Anna?

How to Build Confidence by Fixing Your “Broken Spokes”

Let’s say your life is like a bicycle wheel, and each different area is a spoke of that wheel. So, for example, you’ve got eight spokes …

  1. Intimate partnership
  2. Friends and social life
  3. Career / work
  4. Finances and money
  5. Health
  6. Hobbies
  7. Spirituality
  8. Charity

… Now, how many of those spokes is kinda broken? As in, they’re scoring lower than the others. Or maybe several score low. Or all of them? (I’ll pray for you. JK JK!)

The more broken spokes you’ve got, the rougher the ride of life. The rougher the ride of life is, the less happy you are. And the less happy you are, the less attractive you are.

Not only all of that, but you probably don’t even feel worthy of the type of girlfriend you want. Am I right or am I right?


How to Build Confidence by Fixing Your Broken Spokes Takeaway

Having a full and fulfilling life in every area that we are in control of—which is basically all of them—makes us more confident, more happy and more likely to get a girlfriend.

How to Build Confidence Actionables

  1. Choose one broken spoke that needs the most improvement.
  2. Do one thing right now to fix that.
  3. Now, dude, now!

xo AJ

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