What Women Want from Men

Women’s Needs Are Different than Men’s, But Kind of the Same

Good news, guys! What women want from men is actually not that different than what men want to give women!

Wait, what?what women want from men

Look, here’s the dealio …

We may think we’re evolved, but we’re really not that evolved where it counts.

When it comes to sexual chemistry and love, our primate brain (the amygdala) runs the show.

No matter how logical we want to be about love, that Neanderthal part of our brain jacks our common sense and makes us do dumb stuff when we’re attracted to someone.

But what women want from men really is what men want to give us —

Men have a basic instinct — not the psychological thriller film kind — to:

  1. provide for,
  2. protect, and
  3. procreate.

And, guess what?

What Women Want from Men Is …

For y’all to:

  1. provide for us,
  2. protect us, and
  3. give us damn good orgasms.

The only thing these days is that women think we shouldn’t want or need those traits from men. But sorry, kids, that’s just the way we’re built.

It’s not just about social upbringing and unjust gender suffering. Nope, it’s because that’s how our brains were made by Hey-Sous (say that aloud).

Let me elaborate.

Some Differences Between Men’s Brains and Women’s Brains (that Affect What Women Want from Men!)

  1. Men’s brains produce a ton more testosterone than women’s. Testosterone is the primary sex hormone. Men are naturally hornier than women. And that’s fricken awesome, IMHO! It’s also part of why women are so irritated with men.
  2. Women’s brains produce a ton more estrogen than men’s. Yep, that’s where we get our T&A. Estrogen and the bigger emotional centre of our brains make us way more emotional. #TrueStory … part of why guys are frustrated with women!

So, already you can see that Jesus — or his more famous Daddy, God — had a sense of humour.

Women were given the parts that men lust over! But y’all have to get there by triggering our bonding emotions.

Dang, hey?

Whether we want to admit it or not, women need the same things from men that men want to give us … Um, epiphany!

What Women Want from Men, But How We Want It

Protect Us

Make us feel safe. Women want to feel safe — emotionally and physically — and we want to feel taken care of.

You can do this several ways without having to beat up every guy who doesn’t move to the side of the sidewalk when you and your ladybird walk by. In fact, punching out every Pushy Paulie who disses your chick would put you in the unsafe category. (You going to jail does not make a woman feel safe.)

But you can walk on the outside of the sidewalk. You can guide her to the restaurant table by standing close to her and placing your hand on the small of her back. Or you can hold her hand and lead her through a crowd.

Or by verbally defending her idea at the staff meeting. If there’s a modicum of relevance to the idea, of course. If you defend a stupid idea, lose the girl and go straight back to “Unsafe Boulevard.” She’ll think that you obviously can’t be trusted to make smart decisions, and you’ll both wind up living under an overpass.

Provide for Us

NO, I am not talking about gold diggers here. Or, if I am, then all women are gold diggers.

Sorry about that little insight. Now, do you still want pussy or not?

Oh, you do? Great. Read on.

Look, it’s not our fault that you no longer bring home the bison like in the old days, but our primate brain still wants a guy who can provide for us and our offspring — even if we’re allergic to wee ones.

Remember the part where you notice every hot girl that walks by even when you’re in a happy sexual relationship because your brain makes you think about sex — like all the time?

Yeah, well, we don’t, but we do think about not living under an overpass. All. The. Time.

But you can provide for us in ways that don’t include bags of money and a Ferrari. In fact, again, a Ferrari might be a red flag for a girl.

Seriously, Anna?

Yep, because we consciously or subconsciously might interpret you owning a Ferrari as needing sexual attention from other women. Our brain tells us, “Oh, yeah, he’ll leave you one day, girl!”

So, instead, provide for us by making smart money decisions (financial responsibility), by listening to our woes and asking how you can help (emotional support), and yes, by picking up the tab at a restaurant. Deal with it.

Make Us “O”

As for sex, men and women are on the same page. Our primate brains agree that we want to make babies. Yep, even if we yell out “taser!” upon hearing the joyous laughter of small humans.

We’re Neanderthal wired that way.

So, you want to spread your seed, and we want to secure our man. Back in the Mammoth hunting days, reproduction worked for both genders. But those days are over. Or are they?

Although some couples are choosing not to mate like rabbits and reproduce, we still want sex.

Men, you’re just wired for it because sex feels gooooood.

Women are wired for it — after feeling safe — because it feels good but also because it’s how we bond.

How to procreate better? Well, you gotta prove that you’re not going to bail on us. That doesn’t happen on the first date.

And by the way, all that testosterone you’ve got flooding your body squishes the bonding hormone (oxytocin). Not so for us chicks. Making us orgasm ensures we’ll want more of you and may end up sending you needy texts by 10am.

What to Do?

Seduce her so she feels safe. Start by doing some of the shit mentioned in this post!

Also, follow WingmamTV because I be doing a “How to Seduce Her Safely Series” soon. Stay tuned. You’re welcome.


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