No More Mr Nice Guy & Nice Guy Syndrome [video]

What is Nice Guy Syndrome?

No More Mr Nice Guy is a book written by Dr. Robert Glover about, you guessed it, “nice guy syndrome.”

Okay, but what is nice guy syndrome and why do you want to adopt the mantra of no more Mr Nice Guy?

Nice Guy Syndrome

Basically, nice guy syndrome happens when a guy is so insecure within himself that he is fake to the world. Often, he doesn’t even know he’s being fake!

A man with Nice Guy Syndrome fakes agreement and he fakes opinions.

A man with Nice Guy Syndrome fakes so much of who he really is that he unconsciously creates a malleable persona (identity) that is meant to please whomever he’s with in the moment.

And because women are uber super duper intuitive, we FEEL the truth in a nice guy’s falseness.

Woah, right?

In order to start saying no more Mr Nice Guy and stop pretending to be someone you’re not, you gotta discover who you really are. No small feat, my friend. But worth the effort.

In this video, I interview Connor Beaton about the book, No More Mr Nice Guy, by Dr. Robert Glover.

Whether you’ve got nice guy syndrome or are shy guy or just a guy confused by women who seem to like bad boys, you’ll want to watch this one!

Dude, you deserve to be loved for the real you.

To the very core of me I KNOW this to be true. It is the reason I do what I do. (I used to be a people pleaser, so I kinda get it.)

Your Creator didn’t put you here to be single and suffering. But, as My Little Mom (RIP) used to say, “God helps those who help themselves.”

(She also said that God doesn’t create junk! Yes, this means you, my nice guy friend.)

And, guess what else? You don’t have to believe in God for my dating advice to work for you!

Here are some more ways I can help you get a girlfriend — wait, not just a girlfriend, but your dream girl.

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