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25 Ways Women Flirt with You!

“Does She Like Me??” (Ways Women Flirt)

If she gets a check mark for more than 3 of the first 15 ways women flirt signs or any of the last 3 signs, then she is pining for your attention.

All you’ve got to do is make your move, Mat!

Because men don’t speak hint, I’m often asked the question of, “How can I tell if she likes me?”

Well, fellas, the “Does she like me?” question is about to be answered.

Why Her Flirting Matters, Matty

Duh! Because it’s so much easier acting confident with a girl you like if you know she likes you, too.

When you know a woman is flirting with you, that’s like getting the green light to approach her with ease and confidence.

No one feels that awkwardness of potential rejection and the conversation can flow much easier.

It won’t even matter if you mess up your lines, because she’ll just think that’s extra cute.

Often the ways women flirt and show interest in men is much subtler than what men perceive, so use this list as a guideline to help you read the signs.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never met her or if you know her from work or if she’s already friend zoned you and has changed her mind.

The more signs she shows that she likes you or is flirting with you, the better chance you’ll have of winning her over without having perfected any cheesy pick up lines.

High five, dude.

xo AJ

So, what do you think? Know of anyone who’s been flirting with you under the radar?? Do tell!

Did I mention, I love reading your comments?? I so do!

Oh, yeah, also! If you wanna know how to get and keep the girl then you gotta get my WakeUP2Luv program:

p.s. I am writing this with a “snubbed up” nose. I have a cold. :((

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional therapist. Info is for information and entertainment purposes. You are responsible for your actions. Obey the law wherever you are. Smile.


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