Signs She’s Emotionally Damaged (15 Red Flags!)

15 Signs She’s Emotionally Damaged?

Is she a narcissist or simply rude or just insecure? These sorta subtle red flags are some of the common signs she’s emotionally damaged.

The more of these signs she’s emotionally damaged she shows you, the more you should pay attention!

We all have insecurities and don’t always act kindly toward others (or ourselves for that matter), but when someone’s bad behaviours are chronic and out of control, these could be warning signs she’s emotionally damaged beyond “normal.”

It is not your job to fix her!

In fact, you can’t.

If She Shows Signs She’s Emotionally Damaged, is She “Fixable?”

You can’t fix her, you can only determine your standards for what you want and need in a relationship, manage your expectations, set boundaries and follow through on consequences.

Even if she wants to get over these relationship red flag traits, the effort to make changes must come from her.

Yes, you can work on a plan together, but if she’s unaware or unwilling then nothing is going to change.

If you watch for these 15 warning signs she’s emotionally damaged beyond what’s reasonable, especially in the early stages of courting or dating, you’ll save yourself a lot of headache and heartache later.

And yes, some of these signs could mean she’s a narcissist, but she might not be.

She may feel guilty for doing these things. If that’s the case, she’s more likely emotionally wounded but not a narcissist.

Nonetheless, these are still warning signs she’s high maintenance with little return on your emotional investment.

You deserve better than that and you can do better than that!

So what are the signs she’s emotionally damaged?

Subtle Signs She’s Too Wounded, Dude

  1. Rude to servers
  2. Trash talks exes (or others)
  3. Avoids your “tribe”
  4. Always right
  5. Too gung-ho
  6. Insults & sarcasm
  7. Refuses accountability
  8. Apologizes with a “but”
  9. Attacks you when…
  10. Never cheers for you
  11. Drama Queen!
  12. A taker
  13. Beta orbiters, no femme tribe
  14. Attention Ho but misanthropist
  15. Radical Feminist!

Check out the video to see how I expand on these traits and provide a bonus tip that should never be ignored if you want a long term relationship with any woman!

If you don’t think you deserve better or can do better, then you really need my WakeUP2Luv program. Big hug.

Love is the answer, people! Don’t give up. DO. NOT. GIVE. UP. HOPE!!!

Remember these signs she’s emotionally damaged and if she’s displaying more than a few red flags consistently, you’re cruising for a bruised heart, my friend.

Bonus Info on Sending a Digital Intro to a Women You’re Interested In (Because You Subscribe to My #JustTheTip Blog and Deserve It!)

If you’re going to try to build rapport with a woman who’s never met you in the real world (or online), remember that women’s primary need is to feel safe.

An uninvited random text from an unknown number saying only “Hey Anna” is not only creepy and boring but makes her wonder who you are and how you got her unlisted phone number.

Even if a woman gave you her number, always put your name in your initial text. She may not have your contact info saved in her phone for whatever reason.

Also, if you’re emailing a woman who’s never met you, make sure to include some hint of her finding out who you are via a quick internet recon so she doesn’t wonder if you’re a Shreddies Killer.

With this in mind, I encourage you to reach out to the women you’re interested in (except me lol), because the only for sure “No” you’ll get is if you don’t even try and the only “Maybe” or “Yes” you’ll get is if you do try!

You’re welcome! 😉

xo Anna

p.s. Health update (in case you give a care): A couple more weeks of “jaw physio” and then I get my night sleep guard! I haven’t been this excited since last week when I bought a bag of Cheezies®! In case you’re not familiar with this All Canadian cheesy snack, well, they’re a Canadian cheesy snack. My favourite from childhood. Anyway, still working through the health stuff, nothing new to report.

p.p.s. Please leave your thoughts in the comments (preferably on the YouTube video, but only if you want to!). Sadly, I now filter emails ‘cuz some fellas still don’t read the “read this before emailing” bit on my Connect Page, and are still sending me their love resumes and photos. Reminder, I don’t offer matchmaking and I’m not available to date. 

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