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Improve Your Sexual Market Value (at Home!)

How to Improve Your Sexual Market Value

Before I share how to improve your sexual market value, you might be wondering what is SMV is anyway, am I right?

Well, just like there’s a housing market with buyers and sellers, or potential prospects for possible housing options, there’s a sexual marketplace as well.

Your sexual market value as a man is comprised of all the qualities you bring to the dating marketplace.

And just like everyone has an ideal home they’d like to live in, the more features and qualities that home has, the greater its value and the more competition they’ll be for it.

Same goes for you, Sir.

The more desirable features and qualities you have, the greater your value and the more women will want you.

Meaning: more women will want you and they’ll want you bad… which is good for you!

More options equals better options. Better options allow you to be more selective.

So whether you’re in mandatory isolation or you’re simply choosing to use your time at home productively, here’s how to improve your sexual market value…

Just The Tip 1

Bottom: Read my memoir! #NotPC

Okay, it’s not an educational book specifically about dating and relationships, but you may still learn something about women.

Plus, it’s funny. And we can all use a bit of funny these days!

Since there are plenty of financially hurting fellas out there, if $4.99US is a stretch for you right now, please use the COUPON best suited to your situation!

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Just The Tip 2

Listen to audiobooks or learning-based podcasts to improve your education or skills.

You’ll expand your knowledge and potentially improve your career options.


  • Podcasts (free free free)
  • Online Unis (many free options)
  • Audiobooks (free with library membership)

Just The Tip 3

Netflix and Chill (Solo).

Ok sure this one can be a simply good time waster, but if you watch something educational you’ll have something more interesting to talk about with a high value gal than what happened in the last Big Brother season.


  • A documentaries
  • Comedies (study how they get the audience to laugh)
  • Anything new!

Just The Tip 4

Learn how to play a musical instrument.

The three best ways to improve your brain’s ability and stay smart (or get smarter) are to learn to:

  • Play a musical instrument
  • Speak a new language
  • Play a new sport

Studies show that the instrument women find the sexiest is the guitar.

No00, not the skin flute. 😉

Which kinda brings us to the next suggestion on our how to improve your sexual market value…

Just The Tip 5

Learn a new language!


  • Sign language! (Extra points for your sensitivity to want to learn this one.)

Again, along the same lines in the learning department is…

Just The Tip 6

Learn a new skill.

This could be something you might use to advance in your career or just something you’ve thought about doing for awhile but didn’t have the time for.

Hint: You could even learn about women and which specific skills you might want to focus on to get the highest value women. #WakeUP2Luv 😉

Just The Tip 7

Create an at-home workout program.

Or go for a walk, run or a hike depending on your fitness level starting point. (And assuming you’re not in quarantine!)

Improving your health not only makes you more attractive to women, it makes you feel more attractive in general.

Exercise releases feel-good hormones, endorphins, that improve mood and gives you more energy for, like, sex and stuff.

No woman wants a man who’s a three pump chump because he’s out of breath after the first inning.

Speaking of getting hot and spicy…

Just The Tip 8

Learn to cook  or cook better.

Chicks dig chefs!

You don’t need to become a Gordon Ramsey, but if you can hone your culinary talents to mastering three unique dishes, she’ll be eating out of the palm of your hand (and then some).

Unless you’re allergic to a specific diet, whether by necessity or principal, find a dish that could work wonders on any unsuspecting gal whether she’s…

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Carnivore

If you are not open to dating someone outside of your preferred diet, then just go with your preferences.

But if you’re dating someone with a different food preference you’ll get bonus points for making an effort to make something especially for her.

Just The Tip 9

Start an online support group.

We know that women think leadership is sexy, so why not combine that with helping yourself and others who struggle with the same “thing” you do.

Connection is critical and you’ll feel even more rewarded by helping others.

Plus, your own support group can be as specific as you need it to be and you get to run the show.

Super bonus is that when you do get a gal (or if you already have one), you won’t have to dump all your troubles on her, which can be a big turn off.

(More on that in an upcoming video and blog. Subscribe so you don’t miss it!)

Just The Tip 10

Join a special interest group.

Maybe you don’t feel like being responsible for a group. Ok, fair enough.

But what about joining a group that speaks to your passion, whatever that is?

Benefits include:

  • Connection
  • Learning
  • Making friends

You might even be able to bring some of those friendships into the real world at some point.

Men need male friends. Your woman (or woman to be) cannot be your whole social life. #NotSexy

Check out 21 Studios University.

Just The Tip 11

At-home repairs and maintenance.

Oh joy!

Just kidding. But shit’s not going to fix itself.


  • Feels good to accomplish something
  • Improves skillset if it requires learning
  • Impresses the landlord and the ladies

Hint: If it ain’t your place, make sure to ask for permission from the landlord first!

Just The Tip 12

Spring cleaning.

Whether you’re purging old junk or all those sappy love letters you wrote to your ex who never came back, getting rid of stuff is cleansing.

Can’t remember where I got the idea, but somewhere it’s suggested that you hold the item in your thoughts but feel in your heart if it brings you joy or pain.

If it doesn’t bring joy, chuck it, Charlie.

You can also rearrange furniture as a sort of metaphor to better arranging your life.


  • Feng Shui!

Along the same lines for how to improve sexual market value at home…

Just the Tip 13

Organize your digital files.

Sort, sift, purge, organize; files, folders, photos.

Yeah, yeah, I can hear you thinking, “How is this sexy to women?”

In case you didn’t notice, women notice everything!

So whether your sweetheart is seeing you making good use of your time or you’re telling a potential sweetheart how productive you’ve been, she will take note.

What’s more impressive to a woman:

  1. A guy who sat around getting fat and depressed while watching video games
  2. A man who found ways to improve his life and make positive choices?

Hint: That was not a trick question.

Her evaluation becomes pretty obvious, doesn’t it?

Just The Tip 14

Start your writing project or YouTube channel!

I think everyone should write a memoir.

It’s a cathartic process and if you ever have kids, it’ll provide information they’ll always regret not knowing if you should kick it unexpectedly.

Plus, how many guys can say they’ve finished a book? Or screenplay? Or business plan?

Chicks dig commitment.

Just The Tip 15

Start your side hustle.

Maybe you’re out of work or “temporarily unemployed” or maybe you loathe your job and can’t stand working for someone else.

Either way, if you’ve got some extra time on your hands, use those mitts to research, make a plan and take action.

Taking the initiative, taking risks and having a purpose with passion are high value traits that women swoon for.

“Ohhhh, that’s why they like successful guys. I just thought they were all gold diggers, Anna.”

Your sarcasm is noted.

Sure, some women are simply hoes for fat wallets, but any high value woman appreciates the qualities that lead to success more than the actual money.


Along those lines…

Just The Tip 16

Create a budget. Do your taxes.

It’s not going to create itself!

Sometimes, life throws us curve balls. Learn how to adjust your swing or strike out in life (and love).

The important part to a woman isn’t as much that you lost your job, for example, but what you’re doing to mitigate the damages.

She doesn’t want a dependant.


Hint: You’ll feel better, too.

Just The Tip 17

Reconnect with loved ones.

Reminder: She can’t be your everything. That feels like pressure for her and it’s not healthy for you.

Reach out to people in your life that you value and/or to friends or family you’ve neglected for far too long.

Make amends if you need to. This requires courage. Courage is sexy.


  • Social media
  • IM / text
  • Email
  • Phone!
  • Skype / Facetime / WhatsApp etc

I know, right? Shit just got real.

Just the Tip 18

Create a visual goal board.

Whether you cut up car, fitness, travel or success magazines or create a digital version, when we see our desired future in front of us our subconscious mind conspires to help get us there.

Wayyyy too much to go into here.

Hint … WakeUP2Luv 😉

Just The Tip 19

Create a To-BE bucket list.

Not a “to do” list! (Though the to-do part might be included in your vision goal board.)

To-be stuff is based on character and personality not necessarily achievements.

Wayyy trickier than achieving outwardly measurable things.

So what is she looking for in the character of a man and what qualities do you need to develop to become that kind of man? (Assuming you want to.)

#BeBrave #WakeUP2Luv!

Just The Tip 20

Binge watch my videos!

Well, I think this one is pretty straight forward, ain’t it?


xo AJ

p.s. For those who’ve been asking, I’m good, thank you! New readers: thank you for reading and watching my videos, please subscribe! I answer as many public replies in the comments of my blogs and videos as I can. Stay safe, sanitized and sane!


improve your sexual market value

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  1. Great tips! Glad to hear you are better. Had a back and stomach injury recently so getting my core back has been affecting my love life a bit from a pain perspective. ling walks, stretching have been rebuilding my torso and relieving pain. Improving by the day. I use many of your tips every day, love the new video formats and topics. look forward to seeing them weekly! Keep up the great work.

  2. I just had to start a YouTube channel, for those who want an escape from reality! Search Abraham van der Breggen, and see what happens!

  3. I do most of these things: I listen to loads of podcasts whilst I’m out running. I also exercise by working on my smallholding. I am learning Spanish and Welsh. I’m also learning to cook and how to make my own bread. In addition I’m in a number of Special Interest groups. One contact I have made through online dating rejected me as I was too cultured – what can you do?

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