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Attract a Woman Without Saying Anything!

How to Attract a Woman Without Saying Anything

Being attractive to women isn’t only about physical qualities. In fact, how to attract a woman without saying anything starts with mindset!

Of course women notice physical qualities, but they are as, or more, influenced by personality traits.

If you happen to be good looking by society’s standards as well, then sure you have an advantage.

But if you don’t have standard good looks then you’ll need to develop the character traits women actually fall for and stay for.

And the way to attract a woman without saying anything relies on what you don’t say.

The Allure of Mystery

Women love mystery. Mystery makes us wonder what you’re about.

All you have to do to believe me is look at any Hollywood movie where the woman is googly-eyed over the hero.

What do Superman, Batman, James Bond, Borat 😉 all have in common?

Setting aside their Hollywood looks, megabucks and super power/s they’ve got…


Mystery gives women something to work for—finding out the secrets we think you keep from the world.

If a woman can get you to be vulnerable with her, it not only gives her ego a boost but she feels a 00-special bond with you because of it, because she believes she’s special.

You don’t share those intimate vulnerabilities with just any woman, after all.

The equivalent coup for a man is when a he has to wait for or work for physical intimacy with a woman.

You want her to give it up quick and easy, but you respect her more when she doesn’t.

You feel special because you believe she doesn’t indiscriminately share her body with every Tom’s Dick who shows up.

Intimacy — In To Me See

Keep in mind once you’ve locked down the right gal, you’ll have to keep the mystery alive to keep the relationship alive.

You’ll want offer enough crumbs of vulnerability to keep her engaged and happy without overdoing it.

Women think they want to know all your secrets and have you express all your vulnerabilities and fears with them, but in reality they get turned off if you provide too much of that.


Maternal Mode

Because as soon as she feels you becoming insecure, needy or dependent she goes into maternal mode.

Women are natural caregivers.

Like it or not, PC or not!, women are still the biological mothers of the world.

We want to care for you and nurture you with our gentle femininity once in awhile, but when we’re in that mode our libido takes a back seat.

Healthy relationships require men and women to share their vulnerabilities, fears and hopes, but it’s a delicate balance if you want to also maintain mutual physical attraction.

To know how and when to express your vulnerabilities while maintaining masculinity in her eyes, watch my video on How to Balance Masculinity with Vulnerability.

So, let’s go into some of the things you can say—or rather not say— to attract a woman without saying anything.

You’ll need to display all of these when you’re courting and dating and most of them when you’re in a committed relationship.

Tips on How to Attract a Woman Without Saying Anything

If you can pull off all of the following, it’s going to show up in your body language before you ever share your first, “Hello, Sexy.”

That’s why it all starts with mindset!

  1. Not “am I good enough” but “is she right enough.”
  2. Stay grounded, centred, masculine.
  3. Be in the present don’t focus on the future.
  4. Text is for info not convo (talk in person).
  5. Turn off “Read.”
  6. No texting until after work; min 1 hr if not working; no reply after 9pm.
  7. Don’t reveal everything all at once (feelings, future etc).
  8. Always leave them wanting more. #mystery
  9. Playful teasing sexual tension keeps you outta da #friendzone!
  10. Do not talk about exes. Just say, “I haven’t met the right one … yet ;)”
  11. Never trash talk anyone.
  12. Take 100% responsibility for your life.

Remember, you are the prize!

Please leave your thoughts in a public comment, preferably on YouTube! 😘

xo AJ

Also remember not to take her for granted once you’ve got her or she’ll pull away or leave you.

If that’s happening, or to be proactive to make sure it doesn’t happen, watch my playlist on Why She Pulls Away and How to Get Your Ex Back.

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attract a woman without saying anything, how to attract a woman without saying anything

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  1. Anna Marie = in your video ‘what to do when LT Girlfriend wife pulls away’, you look like Sophia Loren… one of the great beauties of all time. So ! = even as smart and savvy as you are … being dropdead gorgeous does get attention of your potential customers, us, men
    warm regards

  2. Anna, thanks for more good advice. This’ll sound like sour grapes but I can’t take this advice too seriously anymore. I just can’t say I’ve met a women who came close to showing this equivalent amount of effort and it seems that fact is never acknowledged. Nobody addresses that in any video or article. Why would I try to put myself through the paces, mind, body and soul, including tons of your tips and checklists, for yet another women who won’t? For every “she cheated on me”, it’s always a “you should have done this”, never a “hey, this is just a bad person”. Wish you had a video for that. I’m not blaming you but it is what it is. Love you, Anna, keep doing you.

    1. We can only do what we can do, that’s why I produce those type of videos. Self-empowerment not victim-empowerment. Thanks for watching! (And reading!) 🙂 AJ

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