Compliment Girls Without Being Creepy!

How to Compliment Girls Without Being Creepy

How to compliment a beautiful woman starts with knowing how to compliment girls without being creepy.

Women don’t like creepy.

Bad boys? Sometimes sure, women like ’em bad, but creepy? No way. Neverrr.

Compliments are not only a great segway to flirting, which I’ll get into later, but also if compliments are delivered with skill they’ll make her feel good.

And she will associate feeling good with being around you. Win win.

But there are different strategies for different settings, how well you know her and how hot she is—or isn’t.

In this blog and video, you’ll learn how to compliment girls without being creepy in different settings; whether you know her or don’t know her; and whether she’s hot or not.

Plus, you’ll learn how to turn an innocent compliment into flirting!

And if you’re curious, I’ll share what my own personal favourite (and least favourite) compliments.

Let’s get into it…

How to Compliment Girls Without Being Creepy

1. Situational

There’s a big difference in what type of compliment to give a girl if she’s in a book store vs a nightclub.

Generally, if she’s not in a nightclub, you’ll want to veer away from physical compliments that can be construed as sexual. More on this shortly.

Whether she’s in a book store, grocery store, on the street, on the tram, at a nightclub or anywhere else, you can safely compliment girls without being creepy if you think about what her intention is for where she’s at.

And, what her intention is or could be for what she’s wearing.

You’ll understand what I mean as we go along.

2. Hot vs Not

Attractive women get a lot of compliments on their looks. Ugly chicks don’t.

Yah, yah, we’re all perfect in the eyes of God, but Reality Land is you and I aren’t the Big Cahoona.

We’re biological creatures with certain tendencies, preferences and influences.

The Hot or Not Rule of Thumb for how to compliment girls without being creepy is to compliment attractive women on their personality and less attractive women on their physicality.

More on this coming up!

3. Do You Know Her?

Does the rule of thumb change if you know her?

If you’ve never met before and you’re either cold approaching or happen to be standing near enough to talk to her, like waiting around for the barista to make your coffees, you’ll want to go with the Hot or Not Rule of Thumb.

If you know her and know she’s fond of you generally, even if you’re in the friend zone, you can test the waters on more physical based compliments.


Never outright compliment the T&A (yep, tits & ass) zones unless and until… (I’ll give you the “unless and until” later if you stick with me.)

4. Be Sincere

Women can always tell if you’re complimenting her to get something from her. If your compliment isn’t genuine it will come off as manipulative and creepy.

Choose something specific you really do like about her to compliment her on.

Here are some appearance based compliments:

If you don’t know her, you might say, “I don’t know you but I know that colour looks amazing on you and really makes your eyes sparkle.”

If you know her, you might say, “I’ve known you for awhile but I have to tell you that new dress is really flattering on you. You look great.”

If she’s your girlfriend or wife, say something like, “Babe, you look beautiful every day but you look extra beautiful today. I really like that colour on you.”

We’ll get into non-physical examples soon, I totally promise.

5. Be Original

If there’s something obvious about her that’s attractive, whether she’s hot or not, she’ll be used to hearing about it.

Find something unique to compliment her on.

It could be about something she’s proud of that you “admire” or “respect.”

“Wow, Ashley, I admire your dedication to the project. Respect the way you must’ve put in the extra hours to get X finished.”

“Chloe, I admire that you don’t follow trends but have great style. Respect.”

Who doesn’t appreciate respect and admiration?!

6. Redirect

If you’re meeting a girl for the first time or don’t know her well, you’ll want to redirect the conversation right after making the compliment and getting her response, whether positive or less so, to avoid awkwardness.

If she’s completely rude, abort mission entirely.

Using the last coffee shop example…

If she says thank you or something neutral (but nothing negative or angry), you can follow up with:

“I should try something different but I always get the same thing. What about you, is there a drink named after you or do you like to switch it up?”


“I’m going to grab a coffee, do you want one?” — or “…will you join me?”

If she’s already your woman you can say,

“Did you do/say/wear that just for me today?” And add a mischievous grin and/or wink.

You’re welcome!

Make sure to stick around because you still want to know when to compliment her T&A without being creepy.

But first, let’s look at #7.

7. Her Smile or Laugh

If you can get her to smile or laugh, or see her smiling and laughing, compliment her on her smile or laugh. (Not both, that’s too much.)

This is one of three physical compliments that is pretty much safe to share with any woman.

The other two safe zones for physical features to compliment are her eyes (windows to the soul) and hair (feminine but not overly sexualized).

Along the lines of smiling is…

8. Laughing

If she makes you laugh, regardless of how well you know her, how hot she is or where you are situationally, tell her she’s funny or witty.

You could say, “You’re funny. I like that in a woman.”

When you tell a woman she’s funny, you’re actually complimenting her on the way she thinks—her brain.

Most guys don’t compliment her sense of humour so it’s original and, bonus, she’ll want to make you laugh more.

Side note: Laughing is contagious and releases oxytocin, which is the same hormone that’s released when you… Oooooooh Myyyy G… #Orgasm

She will associate that good feeling to being with you.

However, this next compliment strategy will turn her off!

9. Manipulation

If you only use canned compliments to get something from her—like sex—she’ll feel that and it won’t feel good.

And she will associate those bad feelings with being around you.

Just before I share with you when to compliment her bits and parts, and along the lines of bad compliments, let’s talk about backhanded compliments.

This tip is contrary to what some of the pickup community teaches…

10. Backhanded Quips

Don’t use a backhanded compliment!

How to compliment girls without being creepy definitely means excluding backhanded compliments.

What’s a backhanded compliment?

It’s when you’re seemingly giving a compliment but you’re actually insulting her.

Backhanded compliment, “You look amazing in that dress, are you hoping to get extra attention again today?”

Playful teasing compliment, “ You look amazing in that dress, are you hoping to get extra attention from me today?” Wink.

The former suggests she seeks external validation. #Insecure

The latter suggests she likes you. #Savvy

You get the idea.

And that brings us to the part where you learn how to take a compliment and turn it into flirting.

From Compliment to Flirting

Give her a compliment and if well-received, follow up with the assumption she did it, said it, wore it—just for you!

Side note: Many of these compliments work slightly modified via text, too, by the way!

Whenever you tease her about potentially having done something just for you, you’re introducing sexual tension in the interaction, which you need to avoid the friend zone.

Now, what we’ve all been waiting for…

T & A

There are three times when it’s not only ok to compliment a woman’s sexual parts, but it’s welcomed.

When you don’t know her but she’s in a situation where she’s dressed to the 9s and flaunting the specific parts you cannot take your eye off.

Example: Night club, photo shoot, in your bed.

Be careful in clubs! Just because she puts it all out there doesn’t mean she wants to be overtly objectified.

Bad example: “That dress makes your t!ts look amazing!”
Better example: “That dress is really flattering, but also really distracting! What did you just say?”

2. She’s asked for your compliment either explicitly or by thrusting her goodies in your face and saying, “What do you think of my dress?”

In which case, you could use either choice in the last example, depending on the vibe and your personalities.

3. You’re in bed together.

Whether it’s your first time or 500th time making whoopee with your woman, always compliment her bits and parts. Be specific.

See Steps of Seduction blog.

Compliments I Loathe or Love


“You’re hot.” #lowbrow

“You’re beautiful.”
“…have great style”
“…like your personality/sense of humour etc”

“I appreciate the info you share.”

“Your coaching has changed my life, here’s how…”

However! I try to give some love to all those who are giving me compliments because I know that they come from a good place in the hearts of good men like you.

Except for the T&A ones! 😉


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