Avoid These 5 Types Of Single Moms!

Avoid These 5 Types Of Single Moms! (True Story Of Single Momma Drama!)

Fellas, no matter how hot she is or how desperate you are you must avoid these 5 types of single moms at all costs!

This is a true story of single momma drama coming directly from a viewer’s comment.

Just the Tip 1

No matter how hot or amazing she seems, if she’s a single mom you must assume your value is automatically higher than hers.

Just the Tip 7

All single mothers are more selfish than single women without kids. They have to be.

Fellas, no matter how hot she is or how desperate you are you must avoid these 5 types of single moms at all costs!

So you definitely want to avoid these 5 types of single moms.

Let’s get into the story and I’ll reveal along the way how to avoid these 5 types of single moms and what this frustrated fellow should do!

Types of Single Moms

We’ll call our comrade, WTF… because … seriously, w.t.f.?!

WFT writes…

I’ve been noticing my girlfriend (mid-30s single mother) makes assumptions about what I’m doing and makes those assumptions fact….and demands they are facts.

Single Mom Type 1 — I’m Always Right, You’re Always Wrong

Right away we know he’s got trouble.

Any woman can have this “always right” attitude.

But when it comes to parenting her kid a single mother thinks only she knows what’s best for them.

There are also other reasons women in general will think they’re always right.

Watch my video on Why She Thinks She’s Always Right But Isn’t. Link at end.

Any woman, single mom or not, who is always right will make your life a living hell, but even more so when you’re dealing with a single mom, especially when it comes to matters with her kid/s.

WTF goes on to write…

So, I had a recent situation that went like this:

I’m working 3rd shift and my gf is talking about a pumpkin farm a month in advance.

She always brings her kids to the pumpkin farm every year.

She talked about the pumpkin farm a couple of times leading up to it but said if I couldn’t got to the pumpkin farm and needed to sleep for work, it’s ok.

AJ Interjection

So this is good. She’s a good mom for offering her kid consistency.

She’s appearing to be a good partner by offering understanding of his need for sleep.

Just The Tip 1

NEVER make any promises to a single mom you’re not willing to die to honour.

Especially if it has anything to do with her kid. Anything.

This is not unreasonable!

Hint: A maybe is as good as a promise to a kid or their mom.


Imagine you’re the kid of a single mom and she’s dating some dude who’s not your dad.

First of all, your world is already confusing and messed up—you didn’t choose to be the kid of a single mother.

But she’s trying to give you some sense of consistency and stability.

This means if you’re that kid and you’re told step-dad might do such and such then you need him to do such and such.

So, as a man, dating a single mom, you need to not make any promises or even say maybe unless you can commit 100%.

Just the Tip 2

Maybes that turn into nos are far more disappointing than a straight up no.

Like it or not, if you’re thinking of dating a single mother, your new motto is: Under promise and over deliver!

Let’s get back to WTF…

The day comes and she wakes me up and asks me to come along, but I need to sleep a little longer and she says we need to go right then  otherwise there won’t be enough time for me to come along.

I told her I needed to get more sleep, she was very upset, didn’t express any words but was upset.

Single Mom Type #2 — Silent But Deadly aka Passive Aggressive

Gentlemen, not that it’s necessarily the case here, but a woman who walks away quietly in rage will make you pay for it later.

If she gives you the silent treatment, you may think you’re getting off easy, but she’ll torture your soul in other ways.

If she pretends everything is ok, but then punishes you in other ways, like—

  • withholding affection but claiming she’s got a headache
  • going to her mother’s and taking the leftovers so you have nothing to eat
  • ignoring your texts and later saying she was busy or distracted
  • anything unusual but aimed to hurt you

—that’s a big red flag!

This woman gave him almost zero notice that morning about leaving (supposedly to let him sleep) but left immediately so he wouldn’t even have a chance.

Here’s what WTF says…

She just walked out and when I was getting up 10 mins later she texts me being very upset over the situation (she sometimes starts arguments over text, which I am starting to hate).

Single Mom Type #3 — Drama Momma

First, you shouldn’t be starting to hate that, you should hate that from the get-go.

Starting arguments over text is immature and a red flag!

But sometimes a woman is legit upset and walks away to calm down or to give herself a chance to ponder the situation.

The difference between a single mother nightmare and a good single mom is the latter won’t stay mad.

Just the Tip 3

Remember, women are emotional creatures. It’s ok that they have feelings.

We get disappointed from time to time, just like you do.

It’s not okay if they express those feelings in inappropriate or abusive ways.

But if she’s emotionally healthy, she’ll manage and moderate her feelings and discuss her needs maturely.

Fellas, if she likes to start fights via text, she’s an emotionally damaged Drama Mamma.

If you’ve watched some of my other videos, you’ll know I’ve said that women need emotional stimulation.

Whether by nature or nurture, we get bored more easily than you do.

Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m not the Creator!

But a single mother will typical have a lot of stimulation going on just by having a kid. Kids require a lot of mental capacity.

So, if she still needs to create drama with you… red flag!

WTF continues…

We get into it after. I’m being calm and try to be positive after she ends up bringing the kids but she couldn’t “fake” being positive as she put it.

AJ Interjection

Surprise! Not being able to fake being positive is not in and of itself a red flag, fellas.

You don’t want a woman who can fake feelings because that kind of woman is far better at manipulation and/or is more likely to be a psychopath!

But you do want a woman who can moderate her feelings appropriately.

Back to WTF…

She basically told me I hurt her by not coming to the pumpkin farm, she cried on the way home after seeing people together and me not being there.

I wanted to let her know I wasn’t just coming to the pumpkin farm to sleep. I told her that it was because of my job.

Type of Mom #4 — Read My Mind

Most women expect men to be hairy women.

In other words, somehow because women are keen to pick up on the unspoken nuances of emotions others display, they think men are mind readers, too.

Just the Tip 4

Women are more intuitive to expressed subtleties but they’re not always right about what those subtleties mean.

So, sure, she was disappointed, but she didn’t communicate to him in advance just how important this pumpkin patch event was.

And! She didn’t care that he’s a hard working man who needs some damn sleep.

If it was that important to her, she shouldn’t have assumed he’d know that and then punish him for not knowing it.

Just the Tip 5

Fellas, single mom’s expect you to step up for their kids as much or more than you would for them.

If that’s not something you can or want to do, do not date a single mother! It’s a package deal.

Stick with me because after we finish WTF’s story, I’ll give you some extra tips for types of single moms to avoid.

In the meantime, WTF continues…

We talked about this a couple weeks before. I work long hours, I can be exhausted after work, I handle hazardous chemicals and the testing we perform needs accurate results and I can’t report incorrect results, otherwise something bad can happen because of a chemical reaction.

I also fell asleep at the wheel the previous week and hit a curb waking me up.

I told her this after the fact and told her this is about my health and safety and she said no it’s not.

Type of Mom #5—me Me ME!

Yes, fellas, I too want to baby shake this single mother!!

Two things happened here:
  1. If he gave her a maybe about attending the pumpkin patch, guaranteed she took it as a yes, absolutely, that’s on him.

If he’s been dating her for any length of time, he knows his maybes give hope and doubly disappoint when they turn into nope.

Again, you just can’t get her hopes up especially when it involves her kid.

2. His job requires he’s slept well and enough and he should have told her about falling asleep at the wheel when it happened.

Telling her after the fact makes it seem like he’s making up stories to emphasize his point about needing sleep.

Just the Tip 6

You gotta take responsibility where you can, fellas. The more you do, the more she’ll trust your word.

You’re better off to disappoint her sooner than later.

WTF finishes with …

This really upset me and I’m starting to feel like she only cares about herself in this  relationship.

Just The Tip 7

All single mothers are more selfish than single women without kids.

They have to be. That’s part of what makes them good moms.

In fact, if she’s not acting in the best interest of their kid, she’s not a good mom and you should question her character.

But there’s a difference between an emotionally healthy single mom who can add value to your life and an emotionally damaged single mother who will destroy your life!

Do not date an emotionally damaged single mother. Full stop.

You will end up losing your mind, your money and maybe your freedom!

Not all single mom’s are damaged goods.

AJ True Story

My dad died when I was almost 12 and my mom remained single for 10 years before considered dating again.

At the time, I was still figuring out my life and living at home with her, so even though I wasn’t legally a dependant, I was still living with her and she was very protective of me.

This is a good mom!

But making a man pay for the sins of a woman’s bad choices of the past doesn’t translate into good mom behaviour.

Let’s finish off the story of WTF…

He’s getting the shaft even if he’s giving her his. 😉

He needs to figure out his standards, expectations and boundaries and kindly but firmly express them to her.

Key Point!

We teach people how to treat us!

If you don’t nip bad behaviour in the bud right away it’s much tougher to do down the road.

If a woman can’t have a mature discussion after the heat of the moment has passed—which I don’t have high hopes for in this case—a man should cut his losses and run sooner than later.


If a woman is emotionally damaged, a narcissist or a psychopath a man needs an exit strategy including proof so she doesn’t threaten, trap or wrongfully accuse him.

Sorry, guys, the laws are not in your favour, especially when it comes to single mothers.

If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve either dated a single mom in the past or thought about it.

I urge you to watch my videos, Don’t Date These Single Mothers and Only Consider Dating These Types of Single Moms below.

Watch those now… for you and for your sons!

Good luck, I’m praying for you, God bless!

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