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7 Juicy Ways To GET A WOMAN OBSESSED With You!

7 Juicy Ways To GET A WOMAN OBSESSED With You! And Always THINK ABOUT YOU!

How to make all of these juicy ways to get a woman obsessed with you to work is to keep the tension and playfulness alive in your interactions…

…while not focusing on sex.

Because when you make her constantly crave you, she’ll always wonder if she’s good enough for you.

And when you’re in the driver’s seat, it’s much easier to teach her how to treat you.

Instead of acting like a spoiled princess who’s high maintenance, she’ll treat you like a King and look for ways to please you.

Surprise! This is actually a good thing for both of you!

You’ll see what I mean as we go through these 7 juicy ways to get a woman obsessed with you and always think about you.

Ways To Get a Woman Obsessed With You

Some of these juicy ways to get a woman obsessed with you have some overlap.

And I’m saving the juiciest one for last because … NC17!

Let’s see how one relate to the next.

7 Validate Yourself

Stop trying to get her validation. Validate yourself.

As I said in my video 2 Weird Ways to Get Her Hooked, your attitude is…

You are the prize!

And even though you obviously think she’s attractive—otherwise you wouldn’t be engaging with her—she is under review by you!

When her good looks and personality don’t automatically win you over you’ll see her start to pull out the seduction tactics—

  • wearing more provocative clothing
  • playing with her hair
  • paying more attention to her makeup
  • giggling or laughing coquettishly

—when you’re around.

6 Challenge Her

When you challenge her to meet your expectations… by subtly insinuating she might not meet your expectations, she’ll want to prove she can.


She’ll see you as a high value man.

High value men are discerning because high value men know they have options.

5 Tease Her

When you tease her in a playful and make her laugh her body releases feel-good endorphins she associates with being with you.

When you tease her in a way that’s outrageous but fun, she’ll think about it later and relive the experience.

Getting in her head is one of the best ways to get a woman obsessed with you.

It makes her crave spending more time alone with you.

4 Use Animation

Using animation and expressiveness to amplify your personality helps take her on a carnival ride of emotions.

Animation doesn’t have to be exaggerated if that’s not your personality, but if you can take her on a roller coaster of emotions, she’ll get that stimulation all women need.

Remember, women tend to need a bit more stimulation in relationships than men do.

The opposite of stimulated is bored Panda!

Women are naturally more emotional than men. #biology

Unless “the science” has changed, the emotional centre of a woman’s brain is eight times more sensitive than a man’s.

If you can stimulate a range of her emotions, she won’t be able to stop thinking about you, unlike the other boring guys who’ve tried to get her attention.

3 Keep Her Guessing

Wingmam motto: Always leave her wanting more.

That’s not to say leave her wanting something, anything.

No, give her enough, just a taste, to make her crave more.

How to do this?

Doing your own thing and not always being available in person or by text makes you intriguing.

When you’re out doing your own thing, you’re not only interesting, but you’re at risk for meeting other women.

If you watched my video on Instant Turn Offs you know perceived competition increases your perceived value!


If you’re out doing your own thing and not smothering her, unlike every other guy in her past, there’ll be a part of her that will wonder if you’re really interested in her.

Women are more attracted to men who’s feeling about them are unclear.

Along these lines, the next of the 7 juicy ways to get a woman obsessed with you and always think about you is to…

2 Touch and Retract.

Breaking the touch barrier falls into the intimacy category.

Touch her in a way you wouldn’t want your best bro touching her. Or you!

But to keep yourself out of a #metoo situation also touch her safely.

Touch her like you’d touch your grandmother, but do it early and often.

Then retract your touch and wait to see if she touches you.


You’re telling her a story…

When she touches you back, don’t be afraid to go back to playful teasing about it by saying something like, “…”

And, of course, the juiciest way to get her obsessed with you and always think about you is to…

1 Rom-com Kiss Her

In my video on How To Kiss A Girl So She Wants More, I give specific details for how to make her weak in the knees and thinking about doing a lot more with you.

Dating 101: First date, first kiss

Why do chicks love Rom-Coms?

It’s those Rom-Com kisses!

When you kiss her the way I’ve described in that video, she will always think about you!

More on that in a minute, but that, my friend, is how to get a woman obsessed with you!

Now for the…

Juicy Bonus Tip … Just The Tip!

Yep, when you do get to second base, third base and the home run…

You’ll want to give her just the tip… as in, tease her by using the touch and retract tip.

What do I mean?

You start with temptation, lead with passion and then pull back to make her come to you.

So, if you want to know the exact steps and how to kiss her so she wants more and fantasizes about what that’ll be like…

You’ll want to watch my video on how to kiss a girl.


There’s also one little word that works wonders on 99% of all women to make them automatically want you more.

When you say this word in the right way, you’ll have her chasing you and trying to impress you.

And when a woman chases you and finally gets you, she feels like the winner and will keep trying to please you to keep you.

So use this little word to get her and keep using it to keep her!

If you want to know what it is, watch this video now!

Make Her Crave You!

Flirting, Touching, Kiss-Kiss, Bang-Bang 😉


ways to get a woman obsessed

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  1. Such good info. Anna. This advice I’ll use going forward. With new girls and my former GF, who I’d like to reconnect with somehow. One thing I know is, I made it too easy for her, didn’t make her work much, and made her feel way to comfortable. Thanks for all.

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