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Step by Step Guide for How to Kiss a Girl

Step by Step Guide for How to Kiss a Girl

(Make Her Want You!)

There’s a right way and a wrong way for how to kiss a girl.

Get it wrong and she won’t want to be intimate with you.

But if you get it right, sparks will fly, she’ll go weak at the knees, and she won’t be able to keep her hands off of you.

And we both know what that will lead to! (wink at camera)

Whether it’s your first kiss with her or the 10 thousandth, pass the kiss test with this step by step guide for how to kiss a girl that will make her want you now.

If you get the sequence wrong by going too fast or way too slow, she’ll bail and you’ll fail.

But if you get this sequence right, she’ll melt like butter in your arms and you can move on to the steamier stuff!

Because if she thinks you’re a good kisser, she’ll also think you’re good in bed. So kissing well makes everything else easier for you.

So stick with me on this short and sweet journey to becoming the best kissers she’s ever locked lips with.

The Kiss Test

But first, what’s the kiss test, anyway?

Basically, the kiss test is the feeling she gets before, during and after you kiss her.

Psst…Y’all fellas in committed relationships can use these suggestions to make her want you more (or again, if things have waned)!

Does she feel weak in the knees?

Butterflies in her heart?

Tingly all over?

Wet in the… well, anyway, you get the picture!

Let’s assume you’ve already been on a date or spent enough time with her to know she’s into you. (Maybe even married to you!)

If you haven’t kissed yet and you’re not sure if she’s ready for you to kiss her watch my video How to Know If You Should Kiss Her.

Dating 101: First date, first kiss how to kiss a girl
Dating 101: First date, first kiss

When you’re sure she’s open to locking lips with you, this step-by-step guide for how to kiss a girl in a way that makes her want you will work wonders!

The key to an amazing kiss is sexual tension and buildup of anticipation!

So, without further adieu, here are the do’s and please-don’ts of kissing…

How to Kiss Her

This sequence assumes you’re pretty sure you know she wants to kiss you if you never have.

Or, if you’re in a relationship, you’re not in the middle of a major disagreement!


  • Hold steady, sultry eye contact (creates sexual tension)
  • Gently brush her hair out of the way (breaks touch barrier)
  • Whisper to her that she’s “so beautiful” (validates her femininity)
  • Softly and slowly caress her cheek (builds anticipation)
  • Look from one eye to the other to her mouth and back (shows intent)
  • Lightly hold her head in both your hands (makes her feel vulnerable to you)
  • Let her see you subtly lick your lips in preparation (prepares her)
  • Lean in and kiss her with butterfly pressure (release and anticipation)
  • As she responds positively, softly and slowly introducing your tongue
  • As she responds more vigorously, pull away (teases her, makes her want more)

Now that she’s hot and bothered, make sure you don’t turn her off by doing any of the following…

Please don’t

  • Continue any steps if she pulls away or indicates “no” in any way
  • Be afraid to ask for consent (it’s not a turn off if you’re confident about it)
  • Skip steps unless she does first!
  • Use firm pressure (this is not a bruising contest)
  • Go in too quickly with your tongue
  • Jam your tongue down her throat or use it to aggressively investigate every filling

From here you both get to decide what happens next. 😉

Seduction 😉

If you’re kinda new to making out, then you might need a few pointers beyond how to kiss a girl and more on the stages of seduction.

You need to have the right moment to give her that Hollywood kiss women dream of.

There’s nothing worse than a guy who kills the sexual tension by running in too soon.

If you go too fast you’ll turn her off and risk a #metoo situation.

But if you go too slow, she might lose interest and dry up.

That would suck. (Insert naughty joke here, my lovelies!)

But if you get it right, you’ll get to enjoy wonderful moments of intimacy making out in each other’s arms.

You’ll make her feel like she’s in a romance novel and she’ll be much more likely to want a relationship with you, or stay in your current one.

So, to be sure you’re following the right recipe to her cookie, watch my video on the 12 Stages of Seduction below.

Now go forth, my Frenchies, and swap spit!

xo AJ




how to kiss a girl

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  1. That’s a mistake I have made and been told about, including my very significant other. She like it, the tongue, to be brought in slowly and after a lips contact for a bit. I now tease her a bit until she goes tongue in first. Kissing is so intimate, not rushing is key. I like looking into her baby blues first before kissing her, and telling her how attracted to her I am. With your guidance Anna, I located the person I’d wanted in my life. I’d never imagined before I’d be with a younger and compatable partner like her. Thank You.

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