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6 WAYS TO FLIRT With Any Woman! DON’T Overdo This…

6 Amazing WAYS TO FLIRT With Any Woman! But Don’t Overdo This…

Do you question your flirting skills because you don’t know how to confidently flirt with any woman never mind the one you really like?

Do you cringe at yourself after walking away from talking to her?

Or, do you avoid flirting altogether because you feel totally awkward?

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Well, you are not the only one, my friend.

Some men are naturals and effortlessly know how to flirt with any woman.

However, most men struggle with flirting and tend to avoid it.

Flirting doesn’t come easily to every guy or girl for that matter.

And even if you’re the most confident guy, when you’re around the woman you like, you often feel like you have all the wrong words.

But you don’t need to worry.

If you’re struggling with flirting, by the end of this video, you’ll know 6 ways to master the art of flirting that feel natural and even fun, and 1 thing you should definitely not overdo.

How To Flirt With Any Woman

Tip 6: Be Confident

To flirt with any woman, you absolutely have to be, or seem, self-confident.

Confidence is a skill that can be learned.

I’ll give you a flirting confidence hack in a minute.

Just know the beauty of acting confidently is that at some point you actually start to feel confident.

Key Point!

Studies show our physiology affects our psychology and our psychology affects our physiology.
In other words, it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it right away, if you keep faking it, it will happen.


Key Point!

Successful confidence building—like any skill—requires the investment of taking uncomfortable (unfamiliar) action not just thinking about it.

On a more practical point…


Try to stand upright, shoulders back, and maintain good posture. Don’t fidget too much.

Stick your hands in your pockets if you need to until you’re calm enough to use them for tip #2…coming up! 😉

Tip 5: Maintain Eye Contact

I know this one is intimidating to a lot of you.

If the girl you’re looking at catches you staring, you usually look away quickly so she doesn’t realize you’re watching her.

But if you can gather up the courage and maintain eye contact for 3 seconds you’ll show interest and confidence.

Three seconds may not seem long until you’ve locked eyes with her, then if feels like an eternity.


If she catches you looking at her, smile, nod, or wave—or if you know her, and she maintains eye contact, be bold and wink at her.

Then subtly laugh under your breath.

Throwing in the smile, nod or wave reduces the intensity and eliminates creepiness in those 3 seconds.

If she has a positive response, like looking shocked, or giggling or blushing, smile or laugh like you’re amused by her reaction.

It shows you are confident and makes her want to talk to you.

However, don’t continue to stare her down.

Either walk over to her or wave her over to talk to you.

Eye contact is a window to further fascinate her and let her know in a subtle, but confident, way you’re into her.

So, let her catch you looking at her and smile amicably or mischievously when your eyes meet.

Yes, this can work on a woman you’ve never met or the one you’ve had a crush on forever.

And if you’re not sure what her look means, watch my video on What to Do When She Looks at You. Link at end.

If you can be playful about it, then tip #4 naturally follows.

Tip 4: Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Humour

Flirting is all about building sexual tension in a playful, fun, non-threatening way.

Hint: Save the Mysterious Bad Boy stuff for when you’ve already seduced her, she feels safe and you want to re-ignite the spark.

Before then, use fun, playful flirting, and you can get further with a high-value woman of any age. 😉

Adding humour is a must when it comes to flirting rightly and lightly.

Some Restrictions Apply

1. Don’t overdo joking.

Too many jokes will feel forced and can fizzle her flame of attraction.

More on that in a minute.

2. Be aware of overly self-deprecating humour.

Humbleness is admirable but applied with humour can show you don’t value yourself.

Use self-deprecating humour to make fun of things that are actually positive about you.

Not things you’re insecure about which will be taken the wrong way.

And if she throws a barb at you in jest, don’t react, don’t defend…turn it into a positive.


You’re the same height as her or shorter and she says, “I prefer the guy I’m dating to be taller than me when I wear heels.”

You can say, “It doesn’t matter when a couple is horizontal.” Wink.

If she laughs, she appreciates your confidence. If not, no loss. Next.

And remember, if you overdo it, self-irony looks more like low self-esteem.

So, don’t keep talking about a perceived flaw, especially if it is something you’re sensitive about.

Move on like it wasn’t a real objection.

At the same time…,

3. Avoid insulting her.

It didn’t feel good to you, it won’t feel good for her.

Always laugh with her, not at her.

Key Point!

She associates the feelings you create in her with being with you and a true insult (neg) is a turnoff to many high-value women.

And again don’t make it all about joking, that gets tiring.

Rule of Thumb: Slip in three funnies per interaction, interspersed.

The way to avoid insulting her but keep the tension alive is to use tip #3…

Tip 3: Tease Her

Mess with her a bit. Not aggressively, but in a way to make her want to hit you playfully.

This tip does work best if it’s delivered with a compliment.

More on the best and worst compliments later.

Generally, if you think it can hurt her feelings, don’t say it.

But you can always find something to tease about out of anything that’s being talked about.

Example 1

She can be talking about how she has a sister and you can ask, “Is she as hot/beautiful/charming/smart as you? Is she single?” Wink.

Obviously, you’re not interested in her sister, but she’ll understand you’re teasing her while giving her a compliment.

If she likes you and has a sense of humour, she’ll laugh and maybe give you a playful, innocent shove.

And if she rolls her eyes, you can play along and say, “Too much? Yeah, I thought it was too much.”

Just roll with it.

Example 2

If she asks you how old you are. Let’s say you’re 37 but you respond with a confident “67” and a wink.

Or you might be 27 and say, “57.”

Or you might be 67 and say, “37.”

If it’s an obvious exaggeration, it should make her laugh.

Key Point!

Laughter releases feel-good endorphins she associates with being with you.

But if she asks again, be honest and tell her. Don’t take it too far.

“Sorry, I’m only 37. Are you disappointed?” Said with confidence, playful teasing and a bit of sarcasm.

Or! If you’re 67, you say, “I’m 37… life’s been rough!”

Again, if she’s enjoying the interaction, she’ll laugh at the audacity.

Then you can say, “Actually, I’m 67 but I don’t feel a day over 65.”

Exaggerating to an obvious degree when using this kind of humour ensures she won’t take you seriously and think you’re a liar.

Overall, humour lays the basis for stimulating interaction between you.

And it tells you if she has a compatible sense of ha-ha.

Key Point!

Remember, you’re evaluating her for compatibility. You’re not trying to impress her.

I’ve done a couple of videos with more examples of how to tease her without using attraction-killing negs.

I’ll link those at the end.

And if you’re doing a good job of teasing, it’s a great accompaniment to the next tip for how to flirt with any woman.

Tip 2: Appropriate Touch

Touch is one of the greatest flirting techniques of all time.

You can’t overdo touch IF you’re touching her appropriately and gauging her response.

If you aren’t using touch to flirt, you’re missing out on building that necessary sexual tension that increases intimacy and keeps you out of the friend zone.


When you leave, pat her on the side of her shoulder and give it a little squeeze.

Or give her an elbow or a bit of a knock when you tease her.

Don’t put your arm around her unless you can tie it in with a joke and think it’s appropriate.

And do not touch any part of her body inappropriately, this is an immediate turnoff if she’s not ready, willing, and wanting it.

As I’ve mentioned in my video, how to touch her to build attraction, play it safe at the beginning.

Think, “How would I touch my bratty little sister? Or grandmother?”

Then if she advances touch you can, too.

Key Point!

When you’re dealing with touch early on, you’re best to let her responses guide escalation.

Your touch should be light, random, and playful and it should be sending out a little message…
…you’re into her without being creepy.

One of the more surprising ways to flirt with any woman involves what to not do…

Tip 1: Be Careful With Sarcasm

When you’re flirting, some of the conversation needs to have tension.

And, while sarcasm is closely related to teasing, it can tend toward serious, sometimes mean-spirited undertones.

Sarcasm can make a connection easier if she gets your type of sarcasm, but not everyone is good at it.

So if you’re not naturally a sarcastic person, avoid sarcasm.

And if you are, know that women you don’t know may take sarcasm the wrong way early on.

In Summary

Now you have a pretty good grasp on how to flirt with any woman at any age.

Always keep in mind flirting isn’t meant to be dramatic or overly complicated.

It can be simple and natural.

Overall, flirting can be harmless fun. Don’t take it too seriously.

You don’t need to use all these tips. Use what feels right for you.

You’re just talking to another person in a fun and playful way, that’s all.

To feel less nervous and more natural using these 6 ways to flirt with any woman…

Now, what about compliments?

Almost every guy gets compliments wrong, they tell beautiful how beautiful they are just like every other guy does!

If you want to know a better, more effective way to compliment a beautiful woman, watch my video on how to compliment women so you can stand out from all the other guys she rejects.

Thanks for being here. God bless!


ways to flirt with any woman

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  1. More great stuff from you Anna. Something that's worked very well for me. If I can get my foot in position
    so the girl steps on it, I'm in. An ouch seems appropriate even if it didn't hurt. Right off the bat she's apologizing and embarrassed, and totally vulnerable to conversation. If she's taken, she'll soon be on her way. But most start saying "I'm such a clutz" And, if there's a bench to make my way to, she'll sometimes follow to see how bad she hurt me.

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