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7 Reasons Why Modern Dating Is Hard For Men!

7 Reasons Why Modern Dating Is Hard For Men (How To Fix It)

Feminism is just one of many reasons why modern dating is hard for men.

With the glamorization of boss babe status, women are more educated and financially successful than ever before.

They proudly shout their independence declaring, “I don’t need a man.”

No wonder so many men are bowing out.

Furthermore, with at least double the number of women than men entering post-secondary ed, this is definitely one of many reasons why modern dating is hard for men.

And the successful educated women that do want men, want men who earn more than they do and are at least as formally educated.

But if you’re a man who wants to eventually settle down without settling, there is hope.

Let’s look at seven other reasons modern dating is hard for men and how to fix it without giving in to woke and broken ideology…

Why Modern Dating Is Hard For Men

1. You can’t make her ready

Women are staying single longer.

They want to go to college or Uni.

In the old days, women dreamed about their wedding day. Now they dream about their University grad day.

They want a career.

In the old days, women wanted a decent job until they could stay home and be moms. Now, they want to be CEOs and skip the bambinos.

They want to be independent and test the ice cream flavours.

In the old days, women had some level of chastity and looked forward to the day they could give it up to that one special guy.

Nowadays, they’re celebrating notches on their bedposts.

2. You can’t eliminate her perceived competition…

Even if she’s not all that, men simping make her think otherwise.

Note: simping is basically worshipping a woman who doesn’t reciprocate.

Men simping on social media give her sexual validation and make her think she’s got a lot of good options.

In the old days, a woman got a limited amount of unphotoshopped, real-world attention based on how attractive she was physically and personality-wise.

Nowadays, it’s all about photoshop tricks and there is a whole world of desperate guys online fawning all over her.

In real life, needy men simp and chase her; and occasionally, a Chad hooks up with her, further deceiving her into thinking she has unlimited options.

Again, in the old days, average women had to make an effort. Nowadays, even average women think they’re God’s gift to men.

And all her woke friends encourage these ideas by telling her how amazing she is and how she shouldn’t settle, because they’re just as disillusioned as she is.

3. You can’t fix her

Feminism, single-parent households, social media, and woke Hollywood indoctrination damaged her idea of reality.

Modern feminism teaches women to dislike masculinity, everything male becomes toxic.

In the old days, women loved being called feminine, it was a compliment, and they appreciated gender differences.

Nowadays, they’re trying to destroy differences, and the ones they can’t they call toxic.

The single mom’s bitterness toward her baby daddy influences her and her daughter’s attitude toward men.

In the old days, only the really bad dads weren’t invited to be a part of their kids’ life.

Nowadays, not only is the divorce rate through the roof (mostly initiated by women), but women are punishing even the good dads by limiting or eliminating their time and influence on daughters.

Social media reinforces these ideas and tells her she’s the prize just for existing.

I know it sounds dire, but stick with me there is hope, I’ve been doing this long enough to get a lot of success stories now.

You can’t undo the damage promiscuity caused her — studies show the more partners she’s had, the less happy she’ll be in a long-term relationship.

Reality land: the more partners anyone has had the less satisfied they’ll be in a long-term relationship.

In the old days, only the Chads and Tyrones were getting all the action mostly with a few “easy” women.

Nowadays, if you develop effective PUA skills, you too can get some, because a lot of women are bragging about their tally.

They’re not all hoes, but the younger they are, the more likely they might be.

When she’s young and getting some quality (attention), she thinks the tap will flow forever.

In the old days, if she was promiscuous, she was looked down on by potential mates and her peers.

Nowadays, her peers cheer her on and she doesn’t realize the damage she’s doing to her future relationship market value until she’s hit the wall and it’s too late.

Not only that, but when she is finally done with HoeVille, it’ll take her time to undo that damage—and some never do. #DAMAGEDGOODS

4. You can’t make her the right one

If her values don’t align with yours, don’t waste your time.

If she treats you mean, she’s mean.

And if she uses you, she’s a user.

This hasn’t actually changed since the old days, but there are a lot more mean women who will use you for all the aforementioned reasons.

Your adoration, attention, affection, and love won’t change her values.

You can’t convince her to like you or change with logic — whether by nature or nature women are more emotional than men.

Men are more logical than women.

Your positive traits that all women like won’t influence her if you have to convince her to like them.

In the old days, women understood and were flattered when a man bragged a little. It showed he wanted her and wanted her to know he was worthy of her.

Nowadays, women experience logic as boring and see any form of validating yourselves to her as weakness and insecurity.

Using logic to prove your high-value announces your low-value status.

5. You can’t avoid rejection

And it will sting until you use the solution (coming up)!

Men have always faced rejection.

Modern women are less empathetic because of aggressive pickup artists (PUAs).

But here’s the rub (so to speak), PUAs are more aggressive because they know so many young women visit Hoeville.

There are more creeps making moves on women than good guys like you. No wonder her perception is skewed and she’s a little standoffish.

Ok, so these are some of the reasons why modern dating is hard for men, but what can you do about it?

The good news is there are good men like you finding, attracting, and keeping good women.

How do you become one of those lucky guys?

5 Ways for How to Fix It

I’d love to wave a magic wand and fix all the broken women out there.

I can’t and neither can you.

There’s no point wallowing in the negativity of reality.

So the best thing is to do what you can do.

1. Become your best you for you

Work on any and all areas of you and your life where YOU would benefit from improvement.

  1. Health
  2. Career
  3. Finance
  4. Social etc

Do this for you.

2. Know what you want and don’t want

Knowing specifically what you want and don’t want will help you notice the red flags when they show up.

Otherwise, attraction, chemistry, and great sex will influence your logical mind.

Make your list, check it twice!

3. Throw back the Throwbacks

There are a lot of throwbacks nowadays. There’s no point in trying to change or fix the broken ones.

Do not try to be a hero, do not go for a fixer-upper or damsel in distress.

And don’t reward bad behaviour!

Call them out and if there’s not an abrupt and sincere change in her behaviour, walk away.

4. Accept the process

Real life isn’t like a romantic comedy or action hero movie.

Life is hard. Change is hard.

Accept that improving your life requires effort, and building relationship skills requires effort.

When you approach, talk to, and ask women out, there’s going to be rejection.

Everything worthwhile requires effort.

Accept that—embrace it if you can.

If you accept that as part of the process you’ll build resilience.

5. Detach from the outcome

If you embrace the process of life and its challenges, you become a dangerously attractive man.

This is what I mean when I say, “Maintain your frame.”

Nothing throws you off, especially not women.

Nothing affects you negatively.

Your motto: I act as if I chose it. What can I learn from this?

In Summary

Even though there are many reasons why modern dating is hard for men if you focus on fixing what you can…

…you’ll have way more options than guys who have a bad attitude, are doing the same old same old, or are bowing out of dating because they don’t want to make an effort.

If you want to know what true high-value women, the real keepers of the modern dating world really want, watch my video on What Makes a Real Man to HER.

Thanks for being here, God bless.


why modern dating is hard for men

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