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The best conversation tips to attract women and what women want to hear might surprise you!

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve actually managed to start a conversation with a woman you’re attracted to but then you don’t know what to say?

You start getting nervous.

Your heartbeat increases and your stomach feels queasy.

Suddenly your mouth goes dry and your thoughts freeze up.

Meanwhile, she’s looking at you waiting for you to say something.

This only makes it worse!

Soon, you’re both looking around for somewhere to escape.

You blew it.

But the good news is these conversation tips to attract women actually make talking to women fun and easy.

Because what women really want to hear isn’t how amazing you are or how much you’ve accomplished—it’s not what you think at all.

Let’s look at what the real best conversation tips to attract women are and what women really want to hear…

… so you can stop suffering socially and start having conversations that make women comfortable, curious, and wanting more!

Click on the image to play the video!

The 7 Best Conversation Tips to Attract Women

Women mirror your feelings about you.

And, they also mirror your feelings in general.

So, if you’re nervous you’ll make her nervous.

And one of the best ways to feel less anxious is when you feel comfortable with someone.

This brings us to the first of the best conversation tips to attract women…

1. Conversation, not conversion

The reason you feel nervous is that you’re afraid of rejection.

But you can’t get rejected if you’re not after anything but a conversation.

If you’re only thinking of converting the interaction into getting her number or a date, it’s going to feel forced and you won’t be present.

When you make the goal of having a mutually satisfying conversation then it can flow more naturally.

She won’t feel like you’re after something because you’re not.

This doesn’t mean you can’t convert if it’s going well, but that’s not the goal.

In fact, when you’re only there to provide her with a stimulating interaction, there’s a much better chance she’ll want more.

And a great way to make her feel like you don’t want more is to open by saying, “You only have a minute but…”

This way she’ll instantly feel at ease knowing if the conversation is awful there’s an end coming soon.

When you go in with having fun as your goal then it’ll be easier to apply conversation tip #2.

2. Use your real voice

I talked about this in a video many years ago.

Often, when you’re nervous your voice goes up a few octaves.

And your statements and questions come out sounding strange and uncertain, even if she’s never heard you speak before.

Many moons ago, an actor friend of mine told me that to find your real voice, you start by saying, “Hmm…”

Whatever comes out after that should be your real voice.

Trying to sound confident when your voice is fake or shaky makes a woman nervous because it’s incongruent.

A guy approached me when I was walking one time and because I knew this, I was able to tell he wasn’t using his real voice.

I told him and challenged him to try the “Hmm” which he did and then he sounded totally different.

He sounded like himself.

In fact, it’s so obvious to the trained ear, I’ve accurately predicted dozens of first dates because of this one thing.

A couple will be walking by me going the opposite way and I can hear it’s their first date because of the tone of voice they’re both using.

They always ask how I can tell and I say, “You’re not using your real voice.”

This closely ties into #3…

3. Use her name

When we feel comfortable with someone, we use their name naturally and casually.

Not only that, but we all love hearing our own name being acknowledged by someone else.

When we hear our name, we feel seen and validated.

Listen to the difference a name makes…

“What do you like about this particular coffee shop?”


“So, John, what do you like about this coffee shop?”

If your name is John, you heard the difference.

The Ashleys of the world will hear it, too.

Plus, it’ll make you stand out because most guys don’t say her name so when you do, that automatically shows confidence.

And the best way to get her name if you don’t know it?

“Hi, I’m John. What’s your name?”

Bold. Confident. Attractive.

This brings us to the next best conversation tip…

4. Bold eye contact

Already you’ve established that you’re non-threatening (convo not conversion), authentic (real voice), and familiar (her name) so making and holding eye contact will feel more natural.

Even if you’ve just met, if you’ve used her name, she’ll feel more comfortable with you than if you hadn’t.

So bold eye contact won’t feel creepy to her.

Instead, it shows more confidence and interest in who she is and what she’s saying, not just what she looks like.

What is bold eye contact?

It’s holding your gaze for another second or two and not looking away at the first feeling of tension or intrusion.

Bold eye contact is also blinking less, which comes from a place of presence.

Presence happens when you’re fully engaged in the moment, not in your head trying to think of what to say next.

When you’re in your head, you’re nervous and your blink rate goes up.

Women unconsciously pick up on subtle body language because we are constantly scanning for signs of danger.

And while bold eye contact shows confidence and creates some necessary tension, the next of the best conversation tips to attract women reduce that tension in a good way.

5. Casual body language

Casual body language happens when you’re totally at ease in your surroundings and not self-conscious.

It happens with good friends and close family.

So, when you allow your body to relax, you act naturally and this makes a woman feel safer with you.

Women mirror your feelings.

When you’re at ease, she’s at ease.

Pretend she’s a bratty little sister, cousin, or friend’s little sister.

You’ll also want to pay attention to her body language.

If she’s showing signs of interest or disinterest you’ll either want to continue or abort the mission.

Remember, you’re engaging for the sake of conversation, not conversion.

Another great way to put her at eases is #6.

6. Touch her

I know what you’re thinking… “Anna, that’s a recipe for a #metoo situation!”

Um, yes it is if you just walk up to her and touch her with some form of engagement first.

We’ve got to use some common sense here.

After you’ve established she’s safe to talk to and you’ve built even the tiniest bit of rapport, then you touch her—casually and briefly.

The only goal is to break the touch barrier, not to make her feel weirded out and unsafe.

A great way to introduce touch is by using it to add emphasis to a statement, tease, or joke.

For example, touch her elbow and say, “Look at that guy over there, what do you think he does for a living?”

More on how, where, and when to touch her appropriately in a minute.

But if you can work touch into a joke then you’re combining it with the next of the best conversation tips to attract women.

7. Unrestrained laughter

Unrestrained genuine laughter is contagious!

Laughter releases feel-good endorphins in you and her that she’ll associate to being in your company.

Unrestrained laughter also shows confidence because it shows you’re not afraid of what anyone thinks of your laugh or your sense of humour.

So find something to laugh heartily about. It can be anything.

And don’t worry about if you’re not good at any laughter never mind unrestrained laughter, any new skill or habit takes time to develop.

Start with a smirk, grin or chuckle if that’s where you’re at.

The goal isn’t perfection, the goal is practice.

Perfectionism is procrastination masquerading as quality control. ~ Chris Williamson

The best conversation tips to attract women are really about keeping it light, fun, and playful.

You want to reel her in with your vibe before you start getting into whether or not your values match up.

Bonus Tip

The best way to get better at conversation is to practice with everyone everywhere.

Just like when you learn to drive, at first there’s a lot to think about but soon it becomes second nature.

Practice having conversations where it doesn’t matter so when it does your subconscious mind can take the wheel.

What’s the Wingmam motto?

Right! Always leave them wanting more.

If you want to know how, when, and where to touch her to make her want more, watch my video THE 3 T’S OF GREAT FLIRTING, HOW TO FLIRT WITH A WOMAN YOU’RE ATTRACTED TO.

AND If you want to avoid an awkward rejection then watch my video on SIGNS SHE’S NOT INTO YOU.

Thanks for being here, God bless!


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    1. Thank you for the many tips and YouTube videos. I'm 75 and single and I have learned many news ideas and tactics about dating from you. Thanks.

  1. Always Awesome Anna!

    Problem with rejection is rather than seeing that someone disagrees with “some thought” we have…which might be negotiable…a topic for further discussion…something to openly explore!

    What makes you say that? Share…listen to their “experiences”…consider authentically…then explain why we hold our view…
    Who knows…maybe we both can grow? Yay!

    We take it as a personal affront or attack!
    “I’m not good enough” shows up…and we are lost…

    Thanks Anna…for loving us the way you do!


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