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The 5 Big Signs of EMOTIONAL ATTRACTION With A Woman!

If she’s ready for love and she’s keen on you there’ll be signs of emotional attraction!

Even if you just met her, some of these signs of emotional attraction might surprise you.

So if you’re at a time in your life where you are ready to find, attract and keep a keeper…

…you’ll want to pay attention to the 5 big signs of emotional attraction with a woman!

Because physical attraction, chemistry, and even connection aren’t enough for a happy, long-term relationship.

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And you don’t want to end up seven months or seven years facing a painful breakup.

To help you avoid heartache, let’s look at the:

  • 5 big signs of emotional attraction—YOU’LL BE SURPRISED BY #5!
  • The 5 Big Compatibility Factors
  • Sneaky questions women ask to know if you’re her keeper

Just before we get into the 5 big signs of emotional attraction with a woman, let’s recap what you need for a successful relationship aka The 5 Big Compatibility Factors.

Because these factors will help you see the signs of emotional attraction with a woman.

In addition to attraction, chemistry, and connection for a happy, long-term relationship you need the “big 5.”

The Big 5 Compatibility Factors

  1. Beliefs
  2. Values
  3. Long-term goals
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Temperament

These compatibility factors don’t need to be exactly the same, but they do need to be in alignment.

In other words, they can’t be so far apart you don’t respect each other.

Whether it’s political beliefs, family values, religion, whether or not to have kids, or to live in the city vs the country, you’ll want to make sure you’re on the same page for anything that is critical to your happiness.

Temperament is about energy levels and how conflict is handled. More on that later.

So, how does compatibility play into the 5 big signs of emotional attraction with a woman?

This brings us to a key point…

Key Point!

If a woman is ready for a long-term, committed relationship with the right guy, maybe you, she’ll have questions that relate to the Big 5 Compatibility Factors.

She’ll consciously or subconsciously want to know if you’re compatible beyond the physical and initial attraction.

And she’ll start asking questions related to them.

So, let’s decode the 5 big signs of emotional attraction and a few sneaky questions women use to decode you!

5 Big Signs of Emotional Attraction

(And the Sneaky Questions Women Ask)

1. She wants to know about your general history

When a woman sees you as having long-term potential—or hopes you do for her—she’ll want to know all about you.

When you start to like her for more than her looks and personality, you’ll likely want to know about her history as well.

Sharing personal experiences about childhood, parents, and siblings that go beyond basic demographic stats helps her establish what kind of beliefs and values you have about family and life.

A woman who isn’t emotionally attracted to you doesn’t need to know your general history.

2. She wants to know about your relationship history

Again, if she’s looking for long-term love, she’ll want to know where you stand on relationships.

But asking a man outright rarely elicits the truth.

Not because men want to lie, but because you often want the truth to be what you think she wants to hear.

She may ask, “When was your last relationship?”

Translation: Am I a rebound for this guy?

She might be but would you actually tell her that? Probably not.

She might ask, “Who broke up with who?”

Translation: Are you over your ex yet?

Again, if she asked directly and the answer wouldn’t get you closer to her, you’re not going to be 100% honest.

You wouldn’t say, “No, I’m not over my ex but I’m hoping to be with you will fix that.”

Or she might say, “What was the problem in that relationship?”

Translation: How did you contribute to the breakup?

Instead of saying, “My ex was a selfish narcissist” you’d have to say, “I chose my last girlfriend because she was sexy and great in bed, but she also acted entitled and flirted with other guys.”

That truth would mean you chose poorly based on superficial attraction.

As I’ve said in several videos, women’s primary need is to feel safe, physically, emotionally, financially, and the works.

Speaking of hot sex, this brings us to the next of the five big signs of emotional attraction and another sneaky question she might ask.

3. She wants to know about your sexual history

In today’s modern dating world, even most promiscuous women don’t ask about your sexual history even though they should.

But a woman who sees you as a potential long-term mate wants to know some of the dirty details of your sexual history.

She might ask, “How many women have you been with?”

Translation: Have you tried enough ice cream flavours to be ready to settle down?

Or, “Have you ever done a threesome (/insert any other sexual fantasy that won’t be on the menu with her)?”

Translation: Do you like the variety of ice cream flavours too much to be monogamous with her?

Depending on what stage of life you’re in, the truth might not make her feel safe.

And to find out more about what stage of life you’re in…

4. She asks about your long-term goals.

If she’s discovered enough of your beliefs, values, and temperament, then she’ll want to find out if you’re compatible with long-term goals and lifestyle.

When a woman is ready for long-term love and thinks you may be “the one,” she’ll want to know if your goals and lifestyle mesh with hers.

She’ll ask you how you feel about the things that are important to her.

In fact, she won’t just ask you a general question, she’ll be specific.

She may ask, “How do you feel about having children someday?”

Translation: She wants children. (Unless she doesn’t and it’s a test to see if you do.)

If she really wants to be a mother one day, she may ask you, “How many and when, and where, and do you see yourself raising a family in the country or the city?”

The details may not be dealbreakers, but having or not having kids is.

She’s experiencing emotional attraction and envisioning a future with you.

When a woman asks you questions about where you see yourself down the road, especially way down the road, that’s a major sign of emotional attraction.

When your beliefs, values, lifestyle, and goals check out she’ll really start developing an emotional attraction to you.

But because sometimes things are too good to be true and women need to feel safe, she’ll resort to #5…

5. She challenges you.

So far, by asking questions about your life experience and relationship, and sexual history, she’s discovered a few of your values and beliefs.

But in order to feel safe with you, she needs to know how you handle conflict with her.

Challenging you helps her reveal your temperament!

If she straight up asks you, “How do you handle conflict with a woman?” She knows you’ll downplay any negative habits you have around conflict.

You’re not going to say, “I raise my voice to try to get her to see my point.” Or, “I’m passive-aggressive and run away until I’m coaxed back with coddling.”

So, if she sees potential she’ll find a way to test you to see how you react.

Key Point!

All women test men.

I know you don’t like this but it’s actually a good thing.

This is how they check your temperament, and how you handle conflict, disagreement, and challenges.

If they’re emotionally mature, it doesn’t feel like a test and you’ll never even know it happened.

If they’re not so mature or you’ve done or said something that triggers her, it may feel like a test.

Some of you are thinking, “If she tests me, I’m out!”

That’s fine. Enjoy being single.

Not every man is cut out for a relationship with a woman.

We are difficult to be with!

If that’s you, watch my video on When You Should Stay Single.

But if you want a loving cuddle buddy to come home to at the end of the day who makes you feel less lonely in this crazy world, then you’ll have a chance of getting her because all the other guys give up too soon.

That’s not to say all tests are ok or all women testing men are worth the effort—hell no!

But how do you handle her tests when they’re annoying or feel like they’re never-ending?

There’s a way to handle all women’s shit tests to filter through and easily and instantly sort the keepers from the throwbacks.

If you want to know the other reasons why women test men and how to handle any woman’s tests effectively, watch my video Why Women Test Men and How To Test Her.

After all, you’ll want to know how she handles conflict, too.

And if you want to learn more about how temperament can doom an otherwise perfect match, watch my video on Your Relationship is Doomed: How Temperament Affects Relationships.

Thanks for being here, God bless!


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