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Do Bad Boy & Pickup Artist Tactics Really Work? NEW Video Added!

Do Pickup Artist Tactics Really Work?

New Video Added!

So, do pickup artist tactics work? Yes and no. It really depends on what you’re looking for.

I’ve heard from men who’ve gone from being shy or socially awkward and always getting rejected to becoming the life of the party and picking up women every weekend.


After a while, they start believing all women are sluts and cheaters or emotionally damaged and toxic.

Eventually, deep down inside, most men want a woman they can enjoy spending time with when they’re not having sex with her.

They hope they’re wrong about women but they can’t consciously admit it, because that might mean there’s something wrong with themselves.

But here’s the good news…

Most men in this situation are good men and there’s nothing wrong with them, but there is something wrong with the pickup artist tactics they’re using…

…because tactics to get short-term action don’t translate as well with women who are high-value, girlfriend material.

Let’s find out how Josh went from a shy guy getting no action to the life of the party getting lots of action to lonely and wondering where all the good women went.

We’ll reveal the 5 reasons pickup artists’ tactics worked for him for hookups and short-term relationships and the 5 reasons why they worked against him for attracting and keeping a high-value girlfriend…

… and the biggest reason high-value women don’t stay with PUAs as discovered by a PUA friend of mine who learned the hard way.

What Josh Learned About Bad Boy Tactics

Josh had always been attracted to the idea of being the life of the party but felt socially awkward and sometimes shy.

So when he heard about pickup artist tactics, he was all too eager to try it out for himself.

After joining a pickup artist community and practicing his new skills for several months, he did become more confident, and outgoing, and learned how to charm women.

He started by going out to bars and clubs, trying his best to come off as bold and confident.

He would approach women with intriguing yet mysterious stories that kept them guessing and wanting more from him.

And it worked! He got some dates.

His spontaneity also played a big role in his success—often times he’d show up late or do something unexpected that caught their attention.

And Josh made sure to flaunt his social status as much as possible by wearing expensive clothing, having the newest phone, and driving a car he really couldn’t afford as proof of an affluent lifestyle.

The chicks he met at the clubs loved this stuff and would eat it up.

At first, Josh found success in picking up women who were easily seduced by the tactics.

This was fun for a while but deep down he felt kinda lonely and wanted to find a woman he actually liked spending time with.

Most of the women Josh got together with were users or full of drama, not girlfriend material.

And while he wanted a great girlfriend, Josh was starting to believe she didn’t even exist.

Nonetheless, he maintained a sliver of hope. He didn’t want to become one of those jaded guys complaining about women’s hypergamy and the “juice not being worth the squeeze.”

It was time for him to find a high-value girlfriend, but that task seemed much trickier.

He realized the chance of him finding her in bars and nightclubs was pretty low so he stopped shopping in those places.

Instead, Josh joined some co-ed clubs and started trying to talk to women in everyday places, like grocery stores and coffee shops.

But because he was using his tried and true pickup artist tactics,
most of these women could see right through his facade.

Without the loud music, lights, and alcohol of the clubs, his techniques came across as forced and insincere.

He wasn’t able to make a real connection with women in the real world.

Not only that but what the club women saw as confident, the high-value women felt was overly aggressive and they were intimidated or turned off.

Frustrated and embarrassed, he sometimes crossed boundaries and disrespected them if they refused him.

Others saw his arrogance and attitude after being rejected as rude, which further ruined any chance of developing a connection.

When Josh did manage to get close enough to date a high-value woman, which only happened when he let his guard down and wasn’t using tactics, things still didn’t go very far.


He’d think she was too good for him and his possessive nature and neediness within the relationship would eventually push her away.

Because of his experiences with the club girls and his own insecurities, he feared she might cheat on him so he acted out before she could even think about it!

After several failed attempts at finding love with someone of high value using pickup artist tactics alone, Josh realized that picking up women this way is only good for casual hookups.

Pickup artist tactics are not suitable for a long-term commitment, something he truly desired but couldn’t seem to fully attain no matter how hard he tried!

Frustrated, Josh went back to picking up chicks in bars and clubs and became bitter for a long time.

Eventually, he found a dating coach who had a different approach.

No tactics, no lines, no performance-based strategies, or expensive proofs of status.

More: be yourself, like yourself, and build a life you enjoy, and when you do you’ll stop acting needy because you’ll stop being needy.

You’ll stop seeing yourself as lower value to those high-value women you desire.

Then you’ll develop standards and a genuine curiosity of people, not just of women.

Josh got really good at those things—figuring out who he was, not just in the eyes of others—and he gained a quieter but more honest confidence.

He actually got curious about women, and people in general, and was able to really connect with them on a deeper level because he wasn’t trying to get something from them.

Josh still went through a few relationships, but they weren’t as turbulent, and he learned from them.

Eventually, Josh found his high-value keeper.

What can we learn from Josh’s story and why high-value women don’t stay with PUAs?

The 5 Reasons Pickup Artist Tactics Work

There are the aspects of pickup artist strategy that are positive and benefit both men and women.

Work on including these in your self-development.

  1. Boldness and confidence
  2. Intrigue and mystery
  3. Fun and spontaneity
  4. Proof of social status (in the form of having friends, not things!)
  5. Care about their appearance (without being overly vain!)

And then there are aspects of pickup artist tactics that are less positive!

The 5 Reasons Pickup Artist Tactics Don’t Work

Work on eliminating these traits. They don’t serve you or others.

  1. Forced or insincere (fake)
  2. Too aggressive; disrespecting boundaries (pushy)
  3. Acting rude after rejection (ego)
  4. Being possessive or needy in an LTR (insecure)
  5. Feeling paranoid and sabotaging or acting aloof in LTRs (bias)

I have a friend who’s a pickup artist.

He’s not only a master of pickup skills but for a long time had a roster of women he dated at the same time.

They all knew he wasn’t exclusive.

After a while, like many others in the PUA community, he wanted something more meaningful.

My friend had a major realization that totally changed his life and now he’s with one amazing girlfriend and he couldn’t be happier.

I share that secret and the biggest reason why a high-value woman won’t stay with a PUA long-term in my review of The 33 Secrets | Women Don’t Care About You video.

Watch that now to find out what my friend discovered!

And if you want to find your keeper this year, get my WakeUP2Luv program and do. the. work.

Thanks for being here, God bless.


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