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How To Know If You’re Dating A PROMISCUOUS Woman! 9 Stunning Signs!

How To Know If You’re Dating A PROMISCUOUS Woman! 9 Stunning Signs!

… and one sign she’s really and truly reformed!

How to know if you’re dating a promiscuous woman is critical, whether you’re just getting to know her or already dating her.

She may seem wholesome but if she’s spent a lot of time in Hoeville there’s a much greater risk she’ll cheat on you and crush your soul like an evil demon!

The fact is slutty clothing, provocative behaviour, and sexual activity are not the only reliable indicators of Slutsville.

Let’s look at 9 signs she might still be a member of the In & Out Club aka…

How to Know If You’re Dating a Promiscuous Woman

And, what to look for to know for sure she’s packed her bags on Tramp Town and might, just maybe, be worth the effort.

Are you interested in or suspect you’re dating a promiscuous woman?

It can be difficult to know if she’s promiscuous, especially if she doesn’t really look the part or tries to hide her behaviour.

Well, here are nine stunning signs that may be indicators of a promiscuous woman, as well as one sign that she might be reformed.

The more of these signs you see, the more likely you’re dating a promiscuous woman.

1. She admits to cheating but blames the guy.

If she’s been unfaithful in the past and blames it all on the guy, even if he actually was a jerk, rather than taking responsibility for her actions, this can be a sign of a more promiscuous woman.

At a minimum, she should be able to own up to her choice to cheat instead of working on the relationship or leaving.

If she can’t admit that she’s not ready to take responsibility where she can and should.

And she’s at high risk to justify cheating on the next guy she’s with if he does something “wrong” in her eyes.

2. She has had a lot of one-night stands.

It’s one thing if she’s been with more than one guy in semi-long term relationships, with breaks in between—aka no cheating.

But a string of one-night stands shows you a girl who’s not looking for any kind of commitment or long-term relationship.


She’s indoctrinated by pro-hoe feminism and is emotionally damaged goods, traits shared by many promiscuous women.

She doesn’t have high standards for who has access to her body or even brags about her high body count.

If she’s proud of a high-body count, you can count on not being her last conquest.

This brings us to…

3. She’s not as selective about her partners as she should be.

Ok, so what about if she’s had a string of shorter-term relationships but has had breaks in between?

She picks up a guy and dates him for a few weeks or maybe even months but then breaks up with him and finds a new guy the next weekend.

If she never really takes into consideration who she brings home or engages in sex with…

This could be another sign that she’s a slllll….oppy second and you’re dating a promiscuous woman who will punt you soon.

This next one may also disappoint you…

4. She talks about sex… a lot!

Ooh la la… watch the video to find out when that’s not so great and the other 5 (plus a saucy bonus tip)!

You’ll also find out how to know for sure she’s hung up her hoe shoes.

The answer might disappoint you, but it’s one you need to know to avoid a straying woman!

On that note…

If you’re already suspicious of her behaviours and want to know if she’s going to cheat on you soon, watch my video 12 Urgent Warning Signs She’ll Cheat On You Soon.

Thanks for being here, God bless.

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