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Creating Deeper Connections With Women: Physical vs Emotional Intimacy

Creating Deeper Connections With Women!

A lot of men are interested in creating deeper connections with women but confuse physical vs emotional intimacy.

Intimacy. It’s what we all want whether we realize it or not.

Many men confuse intimacy with ‘getting’ jiggy with it and although physical and emotional intimacy are closely related, intimacy is so much more than the physical connection two lovers make.

And! Intimacy isn’t reserved for romantic partners. It can be created by anyone.

If that confuses you then you definitely need to read this blog!

Sex vs Intimacy

Again, sex and intimacy are not the same things. It is so much deeper, more meaningful, and more complex.

In a nutshell, intimacy is a feeling of being close, connected, and safe to be your authentic self.

It creates trust and encourages you to vulnerably share a whole range of thoughts, feelings, and experiences without fear of being rejected or harshly judged.

So why is creating intimacy difficult for so many men and women?

A woman feels an emotionally strong connection with you when she’s able to communicate at a deep level, sharing feelings and needs—and most importantly—feels heard, validated, and understood.

Yes, women are complicated… so high five that you’re here to try to understand us better1

On the other hand, men often view intimacy as a thing you DO (like intercourse) rather than an energy or way of being with another person.

Here’s the thing you need to know about women…

We want to feel special and loved but not quite just as you do.

For women, this goes beyond simply expressing it physically or sexually.

When women complain of feeling taken for granted by their men it’s sometimes because the relationship lacks depth and the emotional intimacy and safety that both women (and men) expect and need in a meaningful, long-lasting relationship.

Again, yes women need to learn how to understand their own needs and communicate them more tenderly and respectfully in a way that inspires men, not demotivates them.

But this blog is about what you can do to understand her better.

Why Creating Deeper Connections With Women Is Challenging

Vulnerability creates a/an…

  • Fear of rejection or being judged (often caused by trauma)
  • Lack of confidence and know-how (from not having practiced)
  • Limited understanding of her emotional needs and expectations (men and women are different in some ways)
  • Lack of communication (usually being unaware of its necessity)
  • Reduction in trust (if you are rejected or judged)
  • Absence of quality time (being too busy too often)

It’s no wonder so many relationships struggle and falter!

So, how do you create intimacy?

Let’s look at…

10 Signs Of True Intimacy In A Relationship

Intimacy… In-to-me-see!

You’ll both have emotional intimacy if you…

  1. Can be vulnerable with your real feelings
  2. Can be honest and trust you won’t be judged
  3. Enjoy and appreciate nonsexual intimacy
  4. Understand and respect each others’ boundaries
  5. Feel totally supported (*some restrictions apply #cheating)
  6. Feel totally in sync and on the same page about important things
  7. Make each other a priority and make each other feel special
  8. Trust the other person explicitly (*some restrictions apply)
  9. Can show your silly, quirky, or taboo side without concern
  10. Know how to communicate and listen respectfully

Yes, there is a lot that goes into making a relationship great!

For many couples, intimacy also revolves around romance. Examples to follow!

To me (Jeanell), when it comes to romance, physical and emotional intimacy are almost identical in their purpose, energy, and behaviours.

You need intimacy to create romance. Or perhaps it’s the other way around!

Let’s look at a few ideas to create a deeper connection with women, and develop trust and intimacy with a woman you desire.

Developing Trust

Let me (Anna) remind you that you can be masculine and strong while building closeness through emotional intimacy if you don’t lose yourself.

(Watch my master masculine vulnerability video below.)

Some of these will sound like Simping, but that only happens when you believe her value is higher than yours or you don’t deserve her.

(Watch my Stop Simping video below.)

If you have healthy self-esteem and are non-needy but self-secure, these suggestions will draw her closer to you, emotionally and physically.

5 Romantic Ways To Build Intimacy With A Woman

  1. Tell her what you admire or appreciate about her. (Not just her hotness! Be specific.)
  2. Surprise her with a thoughtful gesture. (Show her you’re paying attention to her needs and desires.)
  3. Take your time! If you want to create a hot, passion-filled night, start slowly. (Women’s bodies need time to “warm up.” Slow builds desire.)
  4. Think about ways you can seduce her. If you want to “blow her mind” sexually tease her, and make her feel beautiful and confident.)
  5. Keep your promises! (Honour and respect her.)

Bonus! Remind her how much you care and when you’re thinking of her.

If you add just some of these suggestions to your interactions you’ll be creating deeper connections with the women you desire…

…and everything moving forward will be 100% easier and you’ll get much more of the physical intimacy you desire.

This blog was mostly written by Jeanell with a few minor inputs by me (Anna).

If you need some help in your relationship, I invite you to invest in a laser coaching session with Jeanell. Click here.

Also, make sure you’re not simping by watching that video and learning about masculine and non-masculine vulnerability in this video.

Thanks for being here, god bless!


Several years ago when I was looking for the right coach I could refer clients to I found Jeanell.

After a few discussions, and in-person meetings there was no doubt she was the right fit.

Jeanell is a Life and Relationship Coach who works with you to create a life you’ll absolutely love.

She specializes in improving communication, helping struggling couples, goal-setting (and achievement), and developing a growth mindset.

With 20 years of experience in the personal development field, she’s passionate about helping you discover the best and most authentic version of yourself.

Jeanell has been happily married to the man of her dreams for the past 17 years and is committed to helping you heal and grow.

Book a laser coaching session with Jeanell today! Click here to book a session.



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