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Fellas, Do You Have Low Testosterone? (Video added!)

Get Tested for Low Testosterone. It’s Time. Alright, guys. I know low testosterone isn’t a subject you want to talk about, but I’m going to call you out for a minute. If you even think you’ve got a testosterone issue, you need to read this. The ladies in your life will thank you. Why? Testosterone […]

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Alpha Plan for Post-COVID Dating!

Stuck at Home? Here’s the Alpha Plan for Post-COVID Dating! Stuck at home? IT BLOWS…and not in the fun way. 😉 So I’ve been busy working on an alpha plan for post-COVID dating. There are only so many episodes of Tiger King and The Office. It’s time to upgrade your COVID-19 routine – and I’m […]

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How To Write A Dating Profile That Attracts High Quality Women

how women think differently than men

Dating Profile That Attracts High Quality Women When you’re online dating, you can either have a dating profile that attracts high quality women …or one that can leave you hearing crickets when no one responds to your messages.  Ouch! That’s not a position you want to be in.   If you’re new to online dating […]

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12 Tips for Separated Men (+ AJ TMI)

Dating Tips for Separated Men These tips for separated men come from a viewer, Almost Divorced Man (thanks, ADM!), who is at the tail end of finalizing his divorce. Yay for Almost Divorced Man! For the sake of clarity, the indented paragraphs are ADM’s words; the rest are Anna’s interjections. If I haven’t made a […]

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How To Use Sex Toys To Enhance Your Sex Life

How to Use Sex Toys (Guest Post)A house of cards. A car restoration. A fulfilling sex life. What do all of these things have to do with how to use sex toys, you may ask? Well, first, what do they have in common? They’re all difficult endeavors in one way or another, that’s what. While I don’t know […]

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