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Project: 50 First Dates―Date #4: Women’s Safety

For Women’s Safety & Your Dating Success… Women’s primary need with men is to feel safe, therefore women’s safety should be at the forefront of your mind when online dating. If you’re new to my blog, several years ago when I had just started blogging about my relationship theories, I “took up” online dating as […]

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What To Talk About on a Second Date!

Project 50 First Dates—First 2nd Date! Just before we get to what to talk about on a second date… If you’re just tuning in, I did a 50 first dates project several years ago when I’d just started coaching. We’re reviewing some of those real fake dates so you can learn from them! Interestingly enough, […]

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Project 50 First Dates―First Date #3: Facetious Financier

Welcome to Date #3! “Project: 50 First Dates.” Let’s go back a few years to First Date #3 of Project 50 First Dates… Dating site: Stats: Mid 40s, no kids Profession: finance He messaged me this: “Hey, did you used to be in real estate? … Never mind, I Googled you … [something about a risqué Halloween […]

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Project 50 First Dates — First Date #2: Slouchy Stargazer

My 2nd Official 1st Date for Project 50 First Dates Many years ago when I’d just started coaching, I launched Project 50 First Dates, and was offering “real fake date” coaching options. Like The G Man from First Date #1 (see blog), SS was another gentleman I was impressed by. He had the balls to […]

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50 First Dates—First Date #1: The G Man

Project 50 First Dates — AJ: Master Dater Several years ago, obviously when I was still “on the market” and single, I embarked on a 50 First Dates project. I thought I’d go back to my first official date for the social study and share the findings in story time format. Yes, I did tell […]

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