What Do Women Want? Aka How To Get A Girlfriend, Dude

what do women want

aka You’ll Get Sex (& Cuddles) When … You want sex. If you’re like the average man, this is normal and healthy. But because grilled cheese sammiches and tomato soup taste even better when you’re with that special someone, you also want to get a girlfriend. How to get a girlfriend means figuring out what do […]

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Best Place For Shy Guys To Meet Nice Girls Aka Where To Find A Girlfriend [Video!]

Best Place for Shy Guys to Meet Nice Girls? You might be surprised! Watch this short video to find out the best place for shy guys to meet nice girls… Best Place for Shy Guys to Meet Nice Girls Takeaway Signing up for “this” activity will have you meeting the kind of ladies you can […]

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How to Get a Girl to Like You, Even If You A Geeky Guy ;)

how to get a girl to like you

AKA How to Get Respect Men want respect, appreciation and adoration, but how do you get that from the girl you like? How to get a girl to like you isn’t so much about changing her thoughts about you; it’s about changing how you treat her. Here’s what I mean … As with everything else in […]

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Nice Guys Finish Last and How To Be Less “Nice”

Why DO Nice Guys Finish Last? The question, “Why do nice guys finish last?” is one of the most common conundrums I hear about from, well, nice guys. And many of those nice guys are shy guys, which isn’t a coincidence. More on that in a minute. But first, why do nice guys finish last? […]

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How To Read The 5 Love Languages Signals When Dating

Figure Out Her Love Language Without Asking The reason you want to know how to read the 5 love languages signals when dating a girl is because by you noticing and displaying her primary love language—without having to ask her—you’re miles ahead of other dudes who don’t even have a clue what the hell “love languages” […]

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