The Pressure of Valentine’s Day

5 Tips to Say NO to VD and Stress!

Warning: F-bombs. Whether you’re single or not, the pressure of Valentine’s Day sucks and it’s A-OK to say Hello NO to VD and the stress Valentine’s Day comes with.

Jim wrote me: Anna, I know most guys don’t like the pressure of Valentine’s Day, but I’m a romantic and have a lot of love to give. I’m tired of going Valentine’s Day single. What can I do?

Jim, my heart goes out to you. Try not to think of Valentine’s Day as the big deal that people make it out to be. It’s not a big deal. Hear me out.

I’m not some humbug anti-love fundamentalist. I don’t even know what that is! (I just made it up.) But I am a little bit anti-establishment.

Here’s what I mean: Valentine’s Day was a good idea at the time it was invented — for the economy!

You may think it’s society’s little way of reminding men to be romantic with their partners, but that’s a fib.

Valentine’s Day was invented to sell greeting cards, boxes of chocolate and stimulate spending!

I don’t disagree with all of it, just the part where if you don’t buy / give / provide what your sweetheart wants — and somehow expects you to know without asking — then you’re a douchebag.

I disagree with the part that suggests that if you don’t have a sweetheart on Valentine’s Day (or any day) then you’re a loser.

Really? Really, people?!

That is why I don’t like the pressure of Valentine’s Day. Just say NO to VD!

Managing the Pressure of Valentine’s Day if Single

It helps to know these things — or learn to brainwash yourself with these better-feeling beliefs!

  1. You’re not a loser if you’re single! You’re selective. And, you’re waiting for the right girl at the right time. Yeah, that.
    the pressure of valentine's day

    To me (from me). ❤

  2. You deserve to be your own Valentine. What? Yep, fuck it, do something nice for yourself that you wouldn’t normally do. That’s what they tell us to do if we’re not single! Are couples more deserving? No. Go buy yourself some chocolates. Or a pizza, you’d probably like that even more —bonus.
  3. When you do shack up, you won’t be buying pizza and watching shoot ‘em up flicks. You’ll be wearing an uncomfortable dress shirt and buying dinner at a tablecloth-ed restaurant that’s out of your budget and then watching a chick flick, because that’s what your girl will want — and expect — to do. And since you’ll want to do her after, you will place that starched napkin on your lap at dinner and watch that chick flick at home. You’ll watch the fuck out of it.
  4. You’re not the only single dude on the planet. Find other single dude friends and go out for pizza. And a beer (or near-beer), what the hell.
  5. Dude. There are a lot of other things you’re going to miss when you’re no longer single! Do them now while you still can. And guess what? Some of those things that you’ll miss you will gladly give them up without regret because things just change in a relationship.

Should You Stay Single?

It may seem like I’m advocating for staying single. Nah! I’m just saying since you are single, enjoy it while you can! Relationships are awesome, they’re just a different kind of awesome.

xo AJ

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Other Things to do on Valentine’s Day to Make You Feel Better!

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