Signs You May Have An Anxiety Disorder

Guest Post by Kate Riley

Everyone may feel anxious every now and then, and it is considered a normal emotion, but what are the signs you may have an anxiety disorder?

Feeling nervous when facing a crowd or before you make a life changing and critical decisions.

Anxiety disorder on the other hand is different, as this situation is considered a mental illness.

The distress this can cause one can keep him or her from living a normal and happy life.

To those who are experiencing anxiety disorder, fear and worry are overwhelming and constant.

But with proper and regular treatment this condition can be treated. Below are 12 signs to assess you have an anxiety disorder. 


If you want some help getting past your fears, Wingmam may be able to help you. If you have an anxiety disorder that requires professional help beyond my expertise, I suggest you find an accredited professional who specializes in anxiety disorders.

You deserve to find love and sometimes that means stepping out of our comfort zones to get help in areas that we can’t fully help ourselves.

No shame in reaching out, I totally promise!

xo AJ

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