Dealing with a Narcissistic Woman (25 Signs of NPD)

NPD & Dealing with a Narcissistic Woman

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re dealing with a narcissistic woman, this post is for you!

Have you asked yourself any of these questions:

  • Is she narcissistic or borderline (/BPD: borderline personality disorder)?
  • How many types of narcissistic women are there?
  • What do you do if you’re dealing with a narcissist girlfriend (or dealing with a narcissistic woman at work or in your family or social life etc)?
  • Are there differences between an overt or covert narcissistic woman?
  • What’s the difference between narcissism and BPD?

There are several signs of overt vs covert narcissism (also know as grandiose vs vulnerable narcissism).

Some signs of overt vs covert narcissism overlap, but there are some definite differences between the grandiose and vulnerable narcissist.

Generally, narcissists are people who have an inflated opinion of themselves, even though under that egotistical front of superiority, they are deeply insecure.

Another thing to consider is if you’re dealing with a narcissistic woman or a woman who’s simply insecure.

Even though we all display some of the traits of a narcissist, there are a couple of key traits that all true narcissists have.

Key Traits of a Narcissistic Woman

Most noteworthy, whether she’s a covert or overt narcissist, she’ll display LACK OF REAL EMPATHY; superiority and ENTITLEMENT and the constant seeking of external validation.

Some other signs you may be dealing with a narcissist are less obvious and may only be present in the overt OR covert narcissist, but not both.

Certainly, whether or not you’re dealing with a narcissistic woman, any of these signs are cause for concern and major red flags.

Potential Signs You May Be Dealing with a Narcissistic Woman

  1. Depression
  2. Drama
  3. Grandiose fantasies
  4. Projection
  5. Arrogance
  6. Disloyalty
  7. Inability to apologize or…
  8. Apologizing while passing blame
  9. Excessive confidence or…
  10. Excessive shyness
  11. False humility
  12. Guilt trips
  13. Self pity
  14. Self-centredness
  15. Selfishness
  16. Sensitivity to criticism
  17. Victim mentality
  18. Rage
  19. Tantrums
  20. Chaotic life
  21. Lying
  22. Manipulation
  23. Superficiality / vanity
  24. Charm / charisma
  25. Strings attached philanthropy 😉

The video reveals which signs all narcissistic woman share and which signs indicate she may be a covert narcissistic woman vs an overt narcissistic woman.

There are generally four types of narcissistic women.

1. Grandiose
2. Malignant Grandiose
3. Vulnerable
4. Communal (the sneakiest of them all!)

In the video, I explain which types are covert vs overt narcissists or potentially either covert or overt.

Included are tips on how to handle a narcissistic girlfriend or woman (co-worker, family member, friend) and the risks of leaving a narcissistic woman.

How to Handle a Narcissistic Woman

1. Avoid
2. Manage expectations
3. Set boundaries & follow through on consequences
4. Leave (risky! Watch video to see why!)

Finally and most importantly, the one thing you NEED to know if you’re dealing with a narcissistic woman or already involved with a female narcissist.

If you accept this fact, you may find peace.

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If you stick it out to the end of the video, you’ll get a few tidbits #JustTheTip 😉 on BPD, psychopaths & sociopaths.

You’re welcome!

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