Dating a Woman with a Strong or Dominant Personality

Dating a Woman with a Strong or Dominant Personality

If you’re dating a woman with a strong or dominant personality you may  know women with a strong personalities aren’t necessarily the same as women with dominant personalities.

Nonetheless, how to handle a strong and/or dominant woman are much the same.

The most important thing in dating is finding the right woman for you.

If you don’t, your relationships will be chaotic and things could end very badly.

I think we all know what that’s like.

Every man who wants to avoid heartache and misery and instead have a whirlwind romance needs to know how to figure out if a woman he’s dating is worth it.

But first you need to know what the signs of a dominant versus strong woman are.

A Woman With a Strong or Dominant Personality

Both kinds of women know who they are in the world and tend to have a lot of confidence in their place in it.

  • A woman with a strong personality has solid opinions but can compromise or concede if presented with the right evidence in the right way, giving credit to another.
  • Whereas a dominant woman will have a more challenging time compromising or conceding and if she does she’ll typically give herself the credit.

Some women have both dominant and strong personalities.

  • Another difference is dominant women tend to be independent and ambitious while women with strong personalities can be either independent or less so and either ambitious or less so.

Tips for Dating a Woman with a Strong Personality

Women with strong personalities can be a force of nature!

They’re often charismatic, persuasive, opinionated and certain. These qualities make them a comfort to be with for both alpha and beta men.

If you’re going to date a woman with a strong personality you’ll need to be secure in yourself.

You’ll also need to be unselfconscious of how her personality is perceived by others.

You need to be proud of your woman, so you’d better like her—not just lust for her—because she’s not going to put a lid on her personality in front of others for you.

Anna’s Personal Story

I have a strong personality (but not dominant)!

I went out with a guy who also had a strong personality but he was always trying to stifle me in front of others.

He didn’t want me to outshine him.

He lived in L.A. and had been trying to get into TV for awhile. After writing a best-selling book he landed on all the talk shows at the time.

But he was struggling. Hollywood is tough!

Within a week of me moving to L.A. I got asked to be in a commercial. My part ended up getting cut but it was a fun experience.

Instead of being supportive and encouraging he was mad that I got a break so quickly.

My thought process was if I get ahead I can help him get ahead, too.

But he was too busy feeling sorry for himself and bitter at the world to be a team player.

After that, whenever we were around his TV friends he basically told me to be seen and not heard.

Yeah, we broke up. For that and other reasons.

His being self-conscious of my personality and not wanting me to outshine him would’ve been enough in itself, even though I gave him the benefit of the doubt for a long time after that.

Love Her or Let Someone Else

If you don’t want your woman to shine her strong personality you shouldn’t be with her.

Either you’re not strong enough to handle her.

Or whatever she’s outspoken about doesn’t align with your values .

You should never be embarrassed of who your partner is.

Just like you never want to be with someone who is embarrassed or self-conscious of you.

Sometimes, behaviours need to be modified to make your partner feel respected—like not overtly checking out other girls—but there’s a difference between minor tweaks and trying to make them someone they’re not.

If you can’t embrace her personality wholeheartedly then you should walk away.

Now, what about a woman with a dominant personality?

Tips for Dating a Woman with a Dominant Personality

So, while a woman with a strong personality isn’t automatically dominant and doesn’t need to lead, the dominant woman does need to lead.

A dominant woman will feel uncomfortable allowing a man to lead in any area of the relationship she hasn’t delegated to him.

So, while she may be okay with a man leading in certain areas, it’s only the areas she’s expressly given her permission to.

This makes it difficult for uber alpha masculine men to be with a dominant woman.

It will always be a struggle with tension and potential resentment on both sides unless…

Your values, beliefs and goals are in such alignment that she can hand over the reigns.

This can happen but it’s rare.

How to Handle Strong and Dominant Women

Fully embrace and accept that part of their personality “as is where is.”

You can’t make a woman with a strong personality less strong without emotionally damaging her and the relationship.

And you can’t make a dominant woman less dominant unless she’s emotionally damaged and being with you helps her work through her emotional baggage.

She may have developed dominance to protect herself because she was poorly treated as a child.

But helping her work through her trauma is a tall order for any man and there are no guarantee she’ll stay with you if she becomes emotionally healthy.

So, the best way to handle a woman with a strong personality is to truly unabashedly completely accept that trait about her.

And the best way to handle a woman with a dominant personality is to know thyself.

What Do YOU Need?

Know if you’re the kind of guy who can be with a woman taking the lead.

If you can, then make darn sure your values, beliefs and goals align because your relationship will be headed in the direction she aims for.

You want it go the way you choose, so you’d better agree on everything important.

If you can’t hand over the reigns or don’t feel safe handed them over to her, you should walk away.

But remember there’s one time when she may seem dominant but she really isn’t. I’ll tell you about that in a minute.

Men who had dominant mothers with whom they have good feelings toward will do alright with a dominant woman, assuming she’s not emotionally damaged.

Not all men want to lead. Some men like not having the pressure of leading.

That’s ok. Honour your true needs.

Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks you should do. Do what feels right for you.

Will a dominant woman stay with a submissive man?

If you don’t become dependent, yes, it can work.

Non dominant doesn’t mean you don’t have opinions, needs or even boundaries. And it doesn’t mean you don’t contribute to adulting in the relationship.

It does mean you’re not completely co-dependent and completely incapable on your own.

You’re not a child.

Remember, mother mode = non arousal mode. No squeeze and no juice!

It’s important to know what your needs are in the dominance/submissive areas and what kind of woman would best compliment you as a partner.

A woman with a strong or dominant personality may not be in and of itself a dealbreaker and I’m not suggesting it should be.

But, regardless of if she’s got a strong personality or is naturally dominant, you do want to filter out the ones who display real red flags.

When She’s Fake Dominant

Sometimes, you’ll meet a woman who appears dominant because everyone else has let her down and she’s learned to take care of herself.

However, deep down she’s really just waiting to meet a capable dominant man so she doesn’t have to lead. A man who makes her feel safe enough to be submissive.

How to Know if She’s Really Dominant

Shit tests are unconscious ways of a woman discovering where you fall on the masculine dominance scale by how you handle those tests.

To discover if she’s really dominant or not you must handle her tests and gauge her response and the fastest way do that is to test her.

Unless you’re able to do this, you’re going to walk blindly into every relationship.

You could be in for a very bumpy ride and it could end in disaster.

But, when you know how to test her, you can see if she’s up to your standards or not.

And if she is then sparks can fly and you can have a whirlwind romance with the perfect gal for you.

Someone who’s going to support you, treat you right and not come with all the unnecessary drama.

Plus, when you’re able to test her, you become the selector.

She’ll see you’re not needy like other guys and this is very attractive to the ladies.

And all it takes is a few simple steps.



About the Author Anna Jorgensen

Vancouver dating coach for men who love women! ❤️ (Not PC and not a feminist.)

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Stephen says August 11, 2021

My lady of choice has a strong and dominant personality. She likes to make plans ahead of time then tell me about them. And it suits me fine. Sometimes I stand up to her just because. And occasionally stand firm with a no. I never felt I had to be dominate to feel like a man. In fact it turns me on that she can be bossy around her household. I realize it might not be for everyone. She also is the most considerate of my feelings and compassionate, with all, woman I’ve ever known. Love her.

    Anna Jorgensen says August 12, 2021

    I’m so happy for you that you found your right woman! And I’m glad you posted this so other men who feel the same don’t feel shamed into feeling they have to be dominant to be a real man! 🙂

Rodney Glasgow says August 11, 2021

Very interesting & important distinction, & perhaps I have treated the two as much the same, too much in my past. Always something to be worked on to learn about human nature.

Recently I’ve been studying The (18) Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene. There is also a 2-part detailed summary on YouTube by B.C. Marx of Escaping Ordinary. I have wondered if you know of this book – you do have some deep knowledge of human nature.

    Anna Jorgensen says August 12, 2021

    Life is learning. Thanks for the recommendation! Will check it out. 🙂

      Rodney Glasgow says August 13, 2021

      Likely, you know well all these laws already. And perhaps, we all do, in one way or another, more or less, since we are all humans. One of the things I’ve noticed is that these laws deal with things that we can improve about ourselves.

      For me, in the YouTube detailed summary. it was the organization and presentation of the laws along with some details that makes this study informative and enjoyable. Dominance is discussed in Law 3, which regards Role Playing and masks, for example. Perhaps a different take on Dominance, but still of interest, nonetheless.

      The distinction you make between between strong and dominant does ring a bell for me, a distinction that is advisable to ascertain. I haven’t always seen that distinction clearly. To a degree, it seems a subtle knowledge or experience with this distinction, is needed.

      Human Nature is a pretty broad topic, yet it sure is fascinating.

Robert says August 19, 2021

My girl seems to have a strong personality, but I’m a sigma male (I watched ur video about it ;)) So I set boundaries like I ll lead the relationship and she accepted as long as we will discuss any issue first and if we didn’t compromise I ll take the final decision. I find it accurate to let her satisfy her will to plan and express herself by giving her permission to keep her leadership at work or with younger relatives but not in our relationship then I ll balance between what she likes and what’s better for our relationship. I feel she is just acting like a leader because she is the elder of her family so she is used to lead and manage and be responsible but the fact that her parents are traditionalist made her more likely to let her man lead especially that she told me that she is tired of being that way and need someone to lean on. And when I tested her by rejecting some of her basic requests she showed up that “she is a keeper” by respecting my actions as long as I explain.

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