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7 Simple Things ANY Guy Can Do To Look BETTER!

Things ANY Guy Can Do To Look BETTER!

alpha m. Video Review

Before we get into the details of the 7 simple things any guy can do to look better, I have to say alpha m.’s energy is off the charts.

Aaron Marino’s channel, alpha m., has almost 6.5 million subscribers—wow! (Link to his video at end of mine!)

He provides lifestyle advice for men on style, dating, relationships, fitness, grooming and whatever else helps you be your best self.

He has a take-charge-of-your-own-life attitude without the negativity we sometimes see on other channels.

As I’ve always said, get better not bitter! ~ Wingmam

So, let’s look at the 7 simply things any guy can do to look better and then I’m going to give you an extra tip that any man can do to look sexier to the lady he likes.

And if you’re feeling like your confidence or libido is lacking, I’ll provide a potential solution.

Things Any Guy Can Do To Look Better

Alpha M says, “The devil is in the details…”

1 Elevate Your Tee Sleeves

Alpha M says t-shirt with sleeves that are too long cover too much of your tricep.

You want to give the illusion of having more muscle.

Simple solution: roll the sleeve up!



2 Expose Your Forearms

Alpha M says if you’re wearing a long sleeve shirt, roll up the sleeves to just below the elbow.

He says women love seeing forearms.



I mentioned this in a video I did several years ago, Things She Notices About You.

Such a simple switch-up that can make a big impact.

Alpha M says if you want to look like a sexy, stylish ninja is…

3 Unbutton…

…the third button on your shirt.


He says to take a few deep breaths and don’t worry if you look like a Guido because you’re going to be that much more sexy.



If you’re at the club or alone with your lady, this might work but definitely not at work…unless you work at da club!

Personally, I wish men’s shirts were designed to position the buttons to halfway between button two and three.

Having the first two buttons undone is a bit conservative, which is great for work.

But undoing three buttons does look a bit Chachi.

So, on this one, do whatever makes you feel the most confident, Guido or not.

4 Upgrade Your Belt

Alpha M provides a specific brand of belt, the Anson Belt, that I assume is a sponsor for the video.

It looks good and comes in a bunch of different colours with different buckles that can be swapped out.

He suggests coordinating your belt colour with your shoe colour.



Unless you’re a metrosexual fashionisto, getting too matchy-matchy with non-neutral colours can look like you’re trying too hard.

But I do agree a decent belt in good condition without stretched out holes—no one likes a stretched out hole—is a must.

It is true that details matter.

Women won’t so much notice if you’ve got a great belt on rather than if you have a worn out belt on or one that unintentionally and unfashionably clashes with your outfit.

To be safe, I suggest owning a good quality leather belt in black and/or brown, preferably with a non-flashy buckle, which allows for some versatility.

Or get a belt that’s brown on one side and black on the other; in which case, always match with your shoes.

As you get more comfortable and confident with fashion, you can explore your creativity and express more of your personal style.

If you have no clue where to start upgrading your style, you may want to hire a stylist.

The Anson Belt is a pretty good deal.

5 Cuff Your Pants

Alpha M says if your pants are too long, cuff ‘em, Dano!

Ok, well, he didn’t say the Dano part but I bet he’d like it. 😉

The cuff shouldn’t be much wider than an inch and should rest just above the top of your shoe.


I agree.

Even if styles change somewhat, this is a classic fashion hack that still works today.

You get to decide if you want to go with the latest trends or stick with a classic style.

Go with whatever is most authentic for you or you’ll feel like a fraudster.

6 Military Tuck

Alpha M says if you don’t have a tailored shirt, make sure to tuck it in so it’s body hugging and flattering.

How to:
  1. Undo pants
  2. Tuck the flaps in first
  3. Pinch excess fabric at sides
  4. Tuck sides in
  5. Do up pants (um, never forget this part)

Or you can get that shirt tailored and not have to worry about it billowing out over the course of the day.


I agree.

7 Straight Bar Laces

Alpha M says to ramp up your dress shoes by threading the laces in a straight-bar pattern to look sexier.



If you work in a corporate office with a lot of boss babes, some of them might notice, but for then average Joe, just having a decent pair of dress shoes for a nice dinner out is a win.

Honestly, how you lace your shoes is ‘extra’ so do it for you if it matters to you.

And if you want to know what men wear to get some action, subscribe because I’ve got a video coming up on the 12 Simple Things Men Wear That Women Absolutely Love.

And, as promised, if you feel your confidence and assertiveness has waned and/or you’re having problems with your plumbing, then you may have low testosterone.


Low testosterone affects many different areas of your life, including mood, Moobs, muscle loss, managing stress, depression and so much more.

So, if you’ve been struggling in any of these areas, you might want to get your testosterone checked.

You can do this from the convenience and privacy of your own home. Just follow the link for details and an exclusive Wingmam discount.

There are solutions, many are non-prescription.

So, if you want to fill out that white tee with some impressive triceps or just feel better, never mind look better, get your testosterone tested.

Don’t delay get checked today! 😉

Thanks for being here and God bless!


simple things any guy can do to look better

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  1. I am no fashionista but I haven’t seen anyone roll up their blue jeans since the 1950s, the socks always match the pants But since I always wear polished cowboy boots when I go out or should I say when I used to go out the color of the socks really doesn’t matter anyway until the boots come off, and wearing boots I don’t have to worry about horizontal laces which I’ve never seen in my life

  2. I’d like to see some, non hormonal, testosterone treatments. They all are expensive, so recommendations appreciated..

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