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How To Develop True Confidence With Women | You Are The Prize!

How To Develop True Confidence With Women | You Are The Prize!

To have the sexy mindset that you are the prize, you need to know how to develop true confidence with women.

Modern dating sucks for men, no question.

Or perhaps more accurately, dating modern women sucks for men.

So how do you fix it?

Whether she’s testing you or simply overvaluing herself, you handle it the same way…

… never reward bad behaviour and only intermittently reward positive behaviour.

This is how you teach them to treat YOU right.

But if you’re worried that taking a hard line will make them all run, this video is definitely for you, Sir.

Let’s look at what you can do to naturally handle modern women, make them want to submit, and ignite their desire.

You don’t have to be a Chad or Tyrone to develop true confidence and get the kind of amazing woman you desire, but how to do that might surprise you.

Develop True Confidence

Here’s the thing about women… they’re going to test you. It’s what they do until they feel safe with you.

Unless they’re damaged goods.

“But, Anna, how do I tell the difference?”

You handle the situation and her reaction tells you if she’s worth your time, energy, and attention.

But in order to get into the frame of mind to be cool as a cucumber and develop true confidence with any woman, you need to start with you.

The more self-assurance you have in yourself, the less likely you’ll be tempted to put up with bad behaviour no matter how beautiful or sexy she looks…

…because you’ll trust you have plenty of better options and won’t have FOMO (fear of missing out) on any one girl.

Here’s how to develop true confidence with women to teach them how to treat you…

1. Become the best version of you—KEY POINT!—for you!

When you feel good about yourself and feel high-value, you become high-value to high-value women.

Women mirror your feelings about yourself.

When you focus on being the best version of you, all areas of your life improve:

  • Career
  • Money
  • Health
  • Social life
  • Spiritual life
  • Purpose/passion/self-development

When you accept life isn’t easy for 99% of people, you realize fighting that struggle takes energy better invested elsewhere.

Read that again.

Life ain’t easy, embrace the struggle.


You get your ass to the gym and pump some iron.

Not only does your body release feel-good endorphins, but soon you start to see and feel the difference in your clothes and in the mirror.

You carry yourself taller and more confidently. Women notice.

When you invest in yourself, you automatically start to exude sex appeal without trying.

Key Point!

This allows you to take advantage of supply and demand.

The fewer high-value men in the dating market the less competition…

…if you are one of them.


Women will be drawn to you and you’ll get to choose.

So, work on becoming the best version of you for you!

2. Know what you want and don’t want.

In life, for yourself, and in a woman.

Key Point!

Attraction isn’t enough.

Chemistry isn’t enough.

Hot, steamy sex is not enough.

When women start paying attention to you, you need to pay attention to her personality, values, and goals.

She needs to qualify for the best version of you, the version you’re working toward.


You meet a cute little filly and go for coffee together.

But you notice she’s rude to the wait staff, doesn’t say thank you, and acts entitled.

You know you don’t want a Princess, so you say, “There’s no need to be rude. People make mistakes.”

If she apologizes, “I was rude, sorry, lack of sleep.” Ok, we all have bad days.

But if she scoffs or makes excuses for herself, you say, “We all have bad days, maybe tomorrow will be a better day for you.”

And then you get up to leave.

Guaranteed, no man’s done that to her before and she might even say, “Where are you going?”

And you say kindly but firmly, “Being rude to serving staff is a major turnoff. You’re cute but that attitude is ugly.”

And then you walk away. Bam!

Just imagine how good that would feel.

Men are logical until they start thinking with the wrong head!

So know what you want and don’t want beyond physical attraction and chemistry.

This brings us to…

3. Filter filter filter!

Walk away if she doesn’t qualify for the best version of you.

Key Point!

Even though modern women have been reared into their dysfunction, rewarding a bad personality and lack of values only causes more bad behaviour.

If her behaviour would land you on a Dr. Phil or Steve Harvey show with everyone shaking their heads, that’s a hard pass…


Remember, you don’t have to already be that amazing man you’re working toward becoming, but you do have to be taking action toward it.

When you analyze her based on your best you, she feels that.

Women mirror your feelings about you.

If you feel like she’s under review and has to qualify for you, she subconsciously also feels like she needs to measure up to your standards.

A man with high standards is very attractive to a good woman.

She wants to be the one who to win you over.


Let’s say your coffee date really was just having a bad day or at least had enough sense to think about what you said.

She messages you later, “Hey, I thought about what you said, and you’re right, that wasn’t my best self. I’d like to try again.”

Alright, well, no one is perfect and she’s on the right track. But now she’s definitely on probation!

You might even say that, “Ok, fair enough, but you’re on probation! ;)”

If Dr. Phil and Mr. Harvey would say, “That one’s a keeper” then she can pass to the next stage of review, whatever that is for you.

And she might not pass.

This brings us to…

4. Accept the process and don’t take anything personally.

Rejection will be part of the process.

Whether a woman is rejecting you or you are rejecting her.

If she rejects you, be thankful she’s graciously filtered herself out. #herloss


Let’s look back at the coffee shop date.

If she scoffed because you called her out on her bad behaviour and then ditched you, accept it.

And if you ended up having to ditch her, be gracious, but accept it.

Key Point!

When you feel high-value because you are high-value you have more options so rejection won’t sting as much.

Yes, it’ll sting sometimes, especially if you’ve been rejected by someone you really wanted to get to know.


5. Do not be attached to the outcome.

When you’re too invested, especially too soon, she feels that and it lowers your value.

This doesn’t mean you need to be cold and aloof.

Not at all!

Acting cold and aloof shows her you’re not interested at all or it makes her feel like you’re a player or PUA.

Key Point!

High-value, emotionally mature women don’t settle down with men who don’t care about them.

But they also don’t settle down with men they feel smothered by or desperately needed by.

Acting as a desperate, clingy child puts her in maternal mode.

Maternal ⍯ Arousal.

The best way to not be attached to the outcome is to continue becoming the best version of yourself.

That’s your priority, mission, and purpose.

If you do nothing else but this one thing, in a matter of months or maybe even weeks, you’ll develop true confidence and feel like a whole new man.

And if you’re not sure where to start and what to focus on first, then you need to get my wakeup2luv program.

I designed the process to pinpoint exactly what you personally need to focus on first, second, third, and so on so, the only thing left to do is take action.

It takes the guesswork out so you can get on with becoming your best you.


It is not for men who only want to get laid.

It’s not a get-sex-quick program, though that will be a lovely side effect as you complete the program.

I designed it for men who are ready to settle down without setting. Check it out here.

God bless!


develop true confidence

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    1. Excellent, thank you for reading and for investing in my program! A good idea to review every so often! 🙂 Anna

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