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The More You Like Her The More Likely She’ll Reject You!

The More You Like Her The More Likely She’ll Reject You!

The reason why the more you like her the more likely she’ll reject you is something too many guys do.

And the fact is you often miss out on the woman you really like because you do one or more of these 3 things.

The more you want her the faster she’ll reject you.

So, if you’ve been in a situation where you really liked a woman and got rejected…

…then understanding why this happens will help you avoid losing her before she’s even given you a chance.

In this video, we’ll discuss:

  1. The top 3 reasons she’ll reject when you otherwise had a chance.
  2. Why these behaviours are an instant turn-off to her.
  3. What you can do instead to improve your chances.

Why She’ll Reject You

So you meet a girl you really like.

She gives you warm fuzzy feelings.

You imagine:
  • Holding her in your arms.
  • Going places with her hand in hand.
  • Looking into her eyes and kissing her passionately.

Maybe you even play romantic music while you fantasize about being with her.

You think she’s the one.

And you can see yourself in a long-term relationship with her.

Maybe even marriage and kids if that’s your ultimate goal.

Then, when you muster up the courage to ask her out, she rejects you, and all that time you imagined something wonderful happening was for nothing.

Your heart sinks and you feel you’ve missed “the one.”

Does this sound familiar to you?

Ever wondered why this happens?

Well, I’m going to tell you the 3 main reasons why you keep shooting yourself in the foot that ensure she’ll reject you.

Make sure you stick to the end because I’m going to tell you how to stop this from happening so you can finally get the gal.

Top 3 Reasons She Rejects You

3. You get too needy.

Neediness is the biggest instant attraction killer.

If you’re too needy with women, you’ll automatically lower your status.

They’ll think you don’t have any other options and you’re not desired by other women.

“Why does that matter?” you ask.

If no one wants you, her biology automatically assumes there must be something wrong with you.

Women’s primary need is to feel safe. That doesn’t make her feel safe and is a big reason she’ll reject you.

What does neediness look like?

It’s when you feel like you need her in your life.


  • Think about her all the time because you have no life.
  • Feel like she will make you complete because you have no friends.
  • Text her all the time because you need her to pay attention to you.
  • Are too eager to see her again because you’re desperate.
  • Feel in a hurry to kiss her or make her your girlfriend because you’re afraid of losing her.

Essentially, it’s when you put her value above your own in every way.

2. You’re outcome dependent.

You want things to work out so badly, you already set yourself up for failure.

This makes you stifled and nervous when talking to her.

And this is a woman you may not even really know.

She could be crazy.

Remember narcissists are good at appearing like lovely human beings.

What does being outcome dependent look like?

It’s when you care too much about how she reacts to what you say, and you filter everything hoping she’ll like it.

It’s when you’re always seeking her approval.

Or when you tell yourself if she rejects you, you’d be heartbroken.

In short, you’re too attached to the end result.

She can feel it and it’s a turnoff and yes, she’ll reject you.

1. You get too emotionally invested.

Becoming emotionally invested is the core of the problem.

The more emotionally invested you become in a woman without actually dating or being intimate with her, the needier you’ll be.

You will:

  • Care too much about what she thinks.
  • Lack composure around her.
  • Lose spontaneity because you’re all in your head.

And you’ll stop being your attractive authentic self.

This INSTANTLY kills the attraction.

She’ll also start to think you have low standards.

Because how can you fall for someone if you don’t even really know them?

The more emotionally invested you are the more you’ll care about the outcome.

Being overly invested too soon is a sure way to know she’ll reject you.

What does getting too emotionally invested look like?

It’s when you start idolizing her.


  • Start imagining how great you’d be together.
  • Think of the future life you’d have together.
  • Let your emotions get the better of you.
  • Have a relationship with her in your head before you’ve even asked her out.
  • Get addicted to the good feelings you have when you think of her.

You’re sold on her already. Even though you don’t know what she’s really like.

So how can you stop this from happening?

First, you have to be your own hero.

If you think a woman is going to fix all your problems, you’re going to be emotionally over-invested, and super needy.

And you’re never going to attract or keep the woman of your dreams.

Sorry, but it’s just not going to happen.

You need to fix the core issues that are causing you to over-invest emotionally and become so needy and outcome dependent.

A good way of doing this is by getting your life together…
  • Focus on yourself.
  • Join a gym.
  • Take up a hobby.
  • Learn a new skill.
  • Grow your career.
  • Make retirement meaningful.

The more you focus on improving yourself and your life, the more attractive you’ll be and—most importantly—feel.

When you have a life you love, you won’t need a woman to make you happy.

You won’t be outcome dependent because you’re already living the life you want and you’re not depending on anyone except yourself.

And you won’t emotionally over-invest in women too early because you already love yourself.

You’ll go from hoping she likes you to filtering if you actually want her.

This is what I help you to do in my program WakeUp2Luv. Get it here!

Remember: nothing changes if you don’t. (Nothing changes if you don’t change.)

Special thanks to those of you who watch my videos all the way to the end, that really helps out my channel and supports my work!

Remember, be your own hero.

God bless!


she'll reject you

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  1. No…

    Lesson for today!

    Objectify…without Be-Ing…CREEPY!

    One My donut shop sweeties…after much playful banter…with me telling her in several small ways…she was not living up to my expectation’s…

    I told her I was going to leave her with my final parting gift…

    I told her…I was going to make her “blush”!

    First I told her…she had redeemed herself…

    That "with her"!…. bending over was a DEFINITE PLUS!

    Then at checkout..I escalated once again…”Big Smile” on mee face…and asking her “if it worked?”…she blushed again!

    I said “Thanks for the lesson”! How to “Objectify…without Be-Ing Creepy!…
    Can you believe…she blushed AGAIN!

    Well worth the $10 tip I gave…for the $10 meal I had…No?

    No, NO, Badd Dog! At work..serious playful work…mind you!

    Have an Awesome!

    Much Love..

    Be Cool…


    Always Awesome Ana!

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