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5 CRITICAL Dating Mistakes To Avoid!

5 CRITICAL Dating Mistakes To Avoid | Be The Man She Craves!

Some of these 5 critical dating mistakes to avoid are things that will feel very counterintuitive!

That’s actually good news for you because we all have blind spots, and any one of these mistakes could be what’s preventing you from finding your keeper.

And if three or more of these apply to you that’s likely why you’ve had bad experiences with women.

Or no experience with women!

Dating Mistakes to Avoid (Origin)

Many of these dating mistakes come from a place of self-preservation.

You want to protect yourself and avoid getting hurt.

But sometimes our subconscious is a little overprotective and harms us more than does us good.

Other times it’s simply because men and women are different in some ways, such as…

  1. Overvaluing Physical Attraction

Men instantly know if they would or wouldn’t want to have sex with a woman.

But women only instantly know if they absolutely would not want to get physical with a man.

For a woman, if you’re not an absolute “no,” you might be a “maybe.”

Key Point!

Men and women develop sexual attraction differently.

The fact is at least 70% of women in long-term relationships were not initially physically aroused by the man they’re with.

(True story coming up!)

The men were “maybe’s” and the women only developed strong physical attraction after developing emotional attraction.

Many single women today don’t realize this!

Women often mistakenly think if a spark isn’t there right away it never will be.

Not true!

In the video, I share a recent story about a single (female) friend of mine with this mistaken idea…

…and the shocking solution for men!

But here’s a hint…

You need to discover if she meets your non-physical standards!

And how you do that will seem radically counterintuitive.

You’ll also learn about the other 4 common but sneaky blind spots many men have that are holding them back from finding a true connection with a worthy woman.

And, yes, the not-so-obvious solutions for each of them.

Beyond The Critical Dating Mistakes To Avoid…

I can tell you from a lot of study, coaching, and life experience that if you have three or more of these 5 dating mistakes to avoid, you didn’t feel good enough as a child and you’ve carried some of that lack of self-worth into adulthood.

Bold statement, I know.

And I also know what it feels like to not feel good enough. That’s part of why I do what I do and why I created my WakeUP2Luv program.

So, if you want a personalized step-by-step guide for how to crush low self-esteem and develop the confidence good women need get my WakeUP2Luv Program here… and do. the. work.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Nothing changes if you don’t (change).

I’m here for you if you stumble.

You got this!

xo Anna 🥰


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  1. Anna, You have a lot of natural beauty but not my type and I'm too old for you so I hope these comments are not offensive. Two things I suggest you tweak about your appearance. The easy one is don't make up your eye lashes. Your natural lashes look best on you. Now the hard one. Strait shoulder length hair looks best on you. Even shorter may also look great. I bet long hair makes you feel younger but you can be proud proud of aging. I've watched about five years of your video's and you look more desirable every year. I can't help wondering if lighter hair would….now I'm trying to make you my type. Thanks for all the great advice I just wish I had it two marriages ago. Sex too early in the relationship clouded my judgement about compatibility. Men should try to be in the friend zone for at least a year before sex to determine compatibility. That's almost impossible for men under 60. Too bad we can't turn off our testosterone until we decide compatibility.

    With all your knowledge about relationships you must have a really hard time finding the right guy. We are all a little flawed. I wish I had female friends like you to talk with. . .

    1. Thank you for your candid feedback! I’m glad you found my videos, better late than never. Last year I heard from a viewer who found his love at age 70. Never too late. And yes, no matter what society tries to tell us, men and women are different and testosterone is a big part of that (starting in the womb)! Live and learn and find your perfectly flawed keeper. :))

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